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Wexner Foundation Cuts Ties With Harvard Over Response to Hamas Attacks on Israel

Wexner Foundation Cuts Ties With Harvard Over Response to Hamas Attacks on Israel

“We are stunned and sickened by the dismal failure of Harvard’s leadership to take a clear and unequivocal stand against the barbaric murders of innocent Israeli civilians”

I imagine that for some people, this was just the last straw. Harvard and other schools have been drifting towards this for years now.

CNN reports:

‘Stunned and sickened.’ Wexner Foundation cuts ties with Harvard over ‘tiptoeing’ on Hamas

A nonprofit founded by former Victoria’s Secret billionaire Leslie Wexner and his wife Abigail is breaking off ties with Harvard University, alleging the school has been “tiptoeing” over Hamas’ terror attacks against Israel.

The Wexner Foundation’s decision to end its relationship and financial support for Harvard is the latest fallout amid criticism from donors who were alarmed by the university’s initial response to the attacks and to an anti-Israel statement issued by student groups.

“We are stunned and sickened by the dismal failure of Harvard’s leadership to take a clear and unequivocal stand against the barbaric murders of innocent Israeli civilians,” the Wexner Foundation’s leaders wrote in a Monday letter to the Harvard board of overseers.

The Wexners, whose fortune is estimated to be $6 billion, according to Forbes, specifically cite the statement released by a coalition of student groups that blamed solely Israel for the terror attacks by Hamas.

“Harvard’s leaders were indeed tiptoeing, equivocating, and we, like former Harvard President Larry Summers cannot ‘fathom the administration’s failure to disassociate the university and condemn the statement’ swiftly issued by 34 student groups holding Israel entirely responsible for the violent terror attack on its own citizens,” the Wexner Foundation letter reads. “That should not have been that hard.”

Summers, a former economic official in the Obama and Clinton administrations, drew attention last week to the “morally unconscionable” student statement and slammed Harvard leaders for their response.

Citing the “absence of this clear moral standard,” the Wexner Foundation said it has determined the Harvard Kennedy School is no longer a “compatible” partner for its organization.


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Playtime in America is over. The actual adult$ are back.


Hate to burst your bubble, but this won’t change a damn thing. Harvard and its ultra-Marxist faculty will continue to bray like the jackasses they are about how horrible the situation is and blah blah blah, but in the end—their leftist hearts will never allow them to do the right thing and truly stop supporting terrorists against Israel (Hamas, Hezbollah and Whoever) because they just can’t stop being idiot leftists. It’s in their DNA in the same way an inheritable disease is written into the genetic code. The Werner Foundation will find another whackademic institution to support and wash, rinse and repeat. I hold out no hope for Harvard but a massive economic crisis that destroys their endowment and forces them into insolvency. Problem is, that would force us all into insolvency. Harvard is a disease in and of itself, endemic and forever present—like lung cancer. We may make some gains on survivability here and there, but in the end—still no cure.

Harvard is woke trash dumpster fire. They don’t teach critical thinking nowadays. Its all conformity CRT, DEI, BLM, LBGT.


These Wexner folks could do so much good if they were willing to think just slightly outside the box.

They could fund deserving young people — one at a time — to pursue their dreams at non-woke, non-insane colleges anywhere in the world.

Imagine the impact they could have.

It’s almost unfathomable how much good they could do.

The deal could be something like: If you become fluent in XYZ language, then we will pay for your college degree in that language, in that country.

Or something along those lines.

(Reminder: Cornell was started by Ezra Cornell. A person. Johns Hopkins was founded with Johns Hopkins’ money. Hopkins was a living human. A person. Same with so many colleges, universities, other institutions. The Milton S. Hershey School was founded by Mr. Hershey and his wife, and still to this day does a lot of good. The list goes on and on . And on. Please — a respectful plea to the Wexner family, and to the Ronald Lauder family, and the Huntsman family … let us all resolve to accept that America’s colleges are not what they once were. Fine. And let’s resolve to put $$$$ where it can actually do good 🙏

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