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Trustee Urges People to Halt Donations to UPenn Over Anti-Semitism and Support for Hamas

Trustee Urges People to Halt Donations to UPenn Over Anti-Semitism and Support for Hamas

“The antisemitic rot in academia is unmistakable.”

This is how you hit higher education where it hurts. Right in the wallet. Marc Rowan is a member of the board of overseers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

He writes at the Free Press:

Marc Rowan: University Donors, Close Your Checkbooks

While Hamas terrorists were slaughtering Israeli Jews, university administrators were figuring out how to spin it. Do not just take my word for it; read their statements. Across academia, administrators issued statements on behalf of their institutions expressing a repulsive moral equivalence between victims of terror and the perpetrators of that terror. The antisemitic rot in academia is unmistakable.

At the University of Pennsylvania, where I sit on the Wharton School’s Board of Overseers, leaders have for too long allowed this kind of anti-Jewish hate, which sanitizes Hamas’s atrocities, to infect their campuses. There must be consequences.

I call on all UPenn alumni and supporters who believe we are heading in the wrong direction to close their checkbooks until President Liz Magill and Chairman Scott Bok resign.

It took less than two weeks to go from the Palestine Writes Literary Festival at the University of Pennsylvania to the barbaric slaughter of innocent civilians in Israel. Foreshadowing Hamas’s massacre, speakers at the gathering—hosted by various university departments and affiliates—advocated ethnic cleansing of Jews, referred to them as “European settlers,” and repeated various blood libels.

UPenn President Elizabeth Magill and Board Chair Scott Bok permitted UPenn to sponsor this conference and failed to condemn its hate-filled calls for violence. This is not a matter of free speech, but University-sponsored hate speech.


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Not to worry — There will always be plenty of moronic Jews who will want to pay tuition to attend Penn. or to work there.

Why? Because they are morons.

Maybe this is why Jews keep getting massacred over the centuries

Maybe there’s a trait that prevents them from recognizing when people despise them.

No other ethnic group or religious group etc would continue to have anything to do with Penn.

Pathetic. It really is pathetic.

The ethnic Jews who hate themselves are no different than the white liberals who also hate themselves and willingly allow ( and cheer on) the destruction of the United States for some reason that apparently only they can understand (assuming that they can understand whatever it is). Unicorn thinking at best. Or perhaps it is just an extension of that psychological stages of developement where kids hate their parents (in order to develop a separation) that is taken to a global level.

    henrybowman in reply to MajorWood. | October 12, 2023 at 3:11 pm

    Inappropriate guilt is a clinical mental affliction, like depression. It produces masochists, abused spouses, blackmail victims, extortion victims. The Catholic Church practically weaponized it. The political left took that same strategy and they run with it today. It works because their leaders — who have little sense of guilt whatsoever — cultivate feelings of guilt in their followers,

The University of Illinois is never going to see a penny from me–from their support for this kind of thing, and their lack of support for the First Amendment and due process–there is no reason to give them anything