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“This is Our Second War of Independence”: Netanyahu Declares Israel Expanding Military Operation in Gaza

“This is Our Second War of Independence”: Netanyahu Declares Israel Expanding Military Operation in Gaza

Netanyahu: “Israel is fighting not only its war, but humanity’s war against the barbarians.”

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has formally announced the beginning of a large-scale ground offensive against terrorist group Hamas in Gaza. The aim of the military operation, which began Friday night,  was the “destruction of Hamas’s military and governing capabilities; and returning the hostages home,” he revealed at a press conference in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening.

After three weeks of operations, the Israeli military was ready to enter Hamas-controlled Gaza. “In first weeks of war, we have dealt severe blow to enemy to ensure safest possible entry for our ground forces,” Israeli prime minister said.

“Our commanders and soldiers fighting in enemy territory know that the nation and the national leadership stand behind them,” he said. “They are determined to eradicate this evil from the world, for our existence and, I add, for all of humanity.”

By taking on the Islamist group Hamas and its terrorist allies, Israel was at the forefront of defending civilization against the forces of barbarism, the Israeli leader declared.

“Israel is fighting not only its war, but humanity’s war against the barbarians,” he said about the military operation launched in response to October 7 massacre in which 1,400 Israelis, mostly civilians, were murdered by Hamas terrorists.

The Israeli news website Ynet reported:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday underscored the significance of the ongoing war against Hamas, calling it a “second Independence War” and his “life’s mission.”

“This is our second War of Independence; we are fighting to defend our homeland, and we will eradicate the enemy from above and below the ground. It will be a triumph of good over evil, life over death. This is our life’s mission – my life’s mission,” he said during a joint press conference alongside Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Minister Benny Gantz.

“We will be victorious. In the first weeks of the war, we have dealt a severe blow to the enemy to ensure the safest possible entry for our forces on the ground, and we are only at the beginning of the path. The battle within the Gaza Strip will be tough and protracted.”

He also addressed the launch of Israel’s ground offensive in Gaza, which he said received unanimous support from members of the emergency wartime Cabinet.

“On Friday evening, additional ground forces entered the Gaza Strip. This marks the second phase of the war. We have decided to expand the ground offensive.” Netanyahu added, “We are determined to settle the score with the murderers as they deserve for the heinous acts they have committed. We’ve always said to the world, ‘Never again – Never again is now.'”

Netanyahu, defense minister vow to bring back hostages

Speaking at the press conference, Netanyahu also vowed to “utilize every opportunity to return our kidnapped brothers and sisters to their families’ embrace.” The IDF estimates that at least 230 hostages, including women, toddler and elderly, were in Hamas’ captivity.

Prime Minister’s promise was followed by the remarks of Israel Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who declared that the freeing of the hostages was one of the primary objectives of the military operation and “not a secondary mission.”

The Gaza-based jihadist group only understand the langues of force, the defense minister said. “Hamas is suffering shocks it has never suffered,” Gallant assured.

The Times of Israel reported:

Speaking after Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant says there is not one moment he is not thinking about the hostages.

“Over the last day, we advanced to a new stage” in the war, he says. “The strength of the fire shook the ground in Gaza, and it’s different from anything Hamas has experienced since its creation.

“IDF forces are maneuvering in the relevant places, and are striking Hamas arrays right now, above ground and underground.”

“Hamas is suffering shocks it has never suffered,” he says.

Gallant says Israeli forces in Gaza are receiving all the intelligence and supportive fire they need, adding the operation is precise, lethal and extremely powerful.

Gallant says he “has full faith” in the IDF chief of staff, the heads of Shin Bet and Mossad, and the soldiers in the field.

He stresses Israel doesn’t want to expand the war, but is ready if anyone else gets involved.

Gallant also says the country is taking care of the reservists, those living near the combat areas and those who have had leave their houses.

Turning to the hostages, Gallant says Israel is doing everything it can to bring the hostages back. “It is not a secondary mission.”

“Let’s not delude ourselves, our enemies are not looking for humanitarian solutions.”


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It is their war of survival—a fight to death. They must not listen to those calling for a ceasefire, for he who hesitates is lost.

I bet when squirrels get together on their major holidays, they all have sad stories to tell of family members that became road kill because they hesitated when they got to the middle of the road.

Never again is now. Bless and keep them.

    mailman in reply to amwick. | October 28, 2023 at 6:24 pm

    It must remain NEVER AGAIN and not never again until the next time!

    Because if they worry about what the West thinks of them then there will definitely be a next time.

    Also, show their enemies around them that Israel is quite prepared to get dirty. Might actually make hesbollah think twice before doing something stupid.

      Frogger42 in reply to mailman. | October 29, 2023 at 5:05 am

      Thomas Sowell wrote that If cease fires brought peace, the ME would be the most peaceful place on earth. It is a difficult pill for a civilized people to swallow, but the only answer to the savagery is annihilation. Survival is a moral imperative, and annihilation of this threat, once and for all is the price. Otherwise we’ll be here again and again, without end. Hamas bears responsibility for all of the consequences. All of them.

Cease fire. The Purgatory position of elites and th0se who can’t find a way to condemn Hamas, Israel and back ‘Palestinians’.

Subotai Bahadur | October 28, 2023 at 6:05 pm

Your Humble Servant is neither Jewish nor Christian, but allow me to add this prayer for the Israeli people and their Sword and Shield, Tzahal

Sh’ma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Eḥad

And I must note that Biden went to Israel on the 18th of this month to try to get Israel to moderate its response to the attacks and mass murder of Israelis. He, or those pulling his strings, forced the Israelis to lift the wartime blockade that they had imposed on Gaza and HAMAS of food, fuel, and water; supposedly in the name of humanitarian aid. The aid is in the hands of HAMAS and not in the hands of its people. If the blockade was continued, HAMAS would be severely weakened and at least some of the deaths of Israelis in this war will be because of Biden and his handlers.

Subotai Bahadur

Time to roll the sleeves up and get dirty Israel. You can no longer worry about the Wests reaction because if they don’t then this will continue to be a vicious cycle and more people will die needlessly.

From the river to the sea. That is where Israel should push the terrorists.

It would be bold for Netanyahu to claim — not without legitimacy — that Israel is also going to liberate Gaza from Hamas’s rule; save Palestinians from their terrorist regime. After all, if the Hamas Islamonazi thugs allegedly don’t represent the average “Palestinian” on the street, as Biden and the Dhimmi-crats have told us, they should support this effort.

Godspeed, Israel!

With all due respect to Netanyahu, this isn’t a war of independence, it’s a war of survival. I should think that every Israeli should realize that the goal of Islam is to kill them all and wipe Judaism from the face of the Earth – along with Christianity. If it wasn’t clear before, it certainly should be after the events of the past few weeks.