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The DEI Complex in Higher Education Won’t Ever Protect Jewish Students

The DEI Complex in Higher Education Won’t Ever Protect Jewish Students

“Young Jews have never felt more alone on American campuses as they have during these past two weeks.”

The DEI racket was never really about protecting anyone. It was about weeding out the people that the left doesn’t like.

Armin Rosen writes at Tablet Magazine:

The DEI Complex Will Never Protect Jews

The vast diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) complex has sucked away incalculable sums of money and institutional energy and now all but defines the purpose of American higher education. For this industry to overlook the needs and anxieties of Jewish students during the toughest times they’ve ever faced would invite hard questions about what campus DEI is even for.

Surely, there’s no way the DEI establishment, a former oddity of higher education that rose to shape the morals, sentiments, and business models of the mainstream corporate, entertainment, and cultural world—would botch something so simple as providing basic moral or rhetorical support to a besieged minority group when the stakes are this high. If the DEI offices’ hearts aren’t in it—Jews being rich white people whose near ancestors just happened to have been the Nazis’ chief targets—they could at least feign a strategic interest in Jews, thus protecting themselves from future accusations of willful neglect.

Young Jews have never felt more alone on American campuses as they have during these past two weeks. Classmates and soon-to-be-former friends have rallied in large numbers to celebrate the burning and torture of 1,400 Israelis. Professors have announced their glee at the redemptive spilling of settler blood. University administrators who treat every scratch of racist graffiti as a kind of communitywide soul-murder have discovered a newfound sense of nuance when faced with the 21st century’s worst butchery of Jews.

The nation’s army of campus DEI staff presumably exists for moments like this one, where an already unpopular minority group confronts an unanticipated surge of stress and potential danger. Yet DEI offices haven’t even bothered with pro forma expressions of fake concern. This week, I called or emailed over a dozen equity divisions at prominent colleges and universities to ask whether they had released any statements, held any events, or created any new programming for Jewish students since the Hamas rampage of October 7 and the wave of campus unrest that followed. The answer is no—of course not.


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” Adapt to reality and move on” writes Joel Siegel. Should the German Jews have done that during Kristallnacht?

    German Jews (and Christians) with a lick of common sense departed Germany before Kristallnacht. Many did. Certainly after Kristallnacht, many more did emigrate. But many millions did not get out, for a variety of reasons.

    Today, American Jews, Christians, Natives, Buddhists , and Hindus and Sikhs and others of good will … have a choice: either

    (1) organize and resist what has been happening now for years and years;

    or (2) emigrate.

    Hakim’s Philadelphia Bookstore has been promoting and selling MEIN KAMPF and THE PROTOCOLS …OF ZION openly since the 1980s.

    Jacob Siegel is obviously correct.

    Unfortunately it is impossible to help those people , and their families, who find comfort living with their eyes and ears closed with their heads buried in the sand.

    – – –

    My own view is that if you’re reluctant to live under Sharia, you’d better get out of America asap, while you still have the chance to hopefully keep some of your assets.

      NG in reply to NG. | October 26, 2023 at 11:12 am

      PS. A lot of people seem to hold the belief that WWII was primarily a war on Jews. But WWII killed roughly 9 or 10 non-Jews for every German Jew killed by Nazis.

      Repeat: Tens of millions of non-Jews were killed during WWII. If you think your religion is going to somehow exempt you from what’s coming, you’re sadly mistaken.

      What the Hamasniks are going to do in the months ahead is going to be much worse than WWII — they’re going to take more and more hostages, they’re going to kill rape and pillage, they’re going to form stronger alliances with street gangs and drug cartels.

      Again, if you think you’ll be able to sit this one out, (“not my fight”) you’re sadly mistaken.

      Don’t believe me?

      Don’t agree?


As I told my rabbi (long story) several years, straight white christian conservative males are the “New Jew.” There are days when I get yelled at simply because I check no boxes, and the person who was yelling was angry at someone else, but I was the target of opportunity who could not complain.