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Teacher Quits Jobs, Complains She Can’t Pay Back Student Loans

Teacher Quits Jobs, Complains She Can’t Pay Back Student Loans

She quit “without lining up a new job”

This is just crazy.

The College Fix reports:

A teacher who quit her job is now struggling to make her $200 a month student loan payments.

But she is just one of the people the mainstream media has made the face of the student loan restart, which began yesterday, after a three and a half year freeze.

Parvanae Abdi, without lining up a new job, “decided to give up [her teaching career] in search of employment that would allow her to pay rent, bills and student loan payments.”

Abdi, who has a graduate degree in education, “doubts she will be able to meet her loan obligation,” according to NBC News. Her LinkedIn shows she has not worked as a teacher in five years, and even then that was as a substitute teacher.

Another is Patrick Donohue, who quit his 20-year career with AT&T along with his wife, a dental assistant. The 67-year-old took out loans for his kids and “still works part-time to bring in extra income.”


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I don’t get it about Abdi. Isn’t substitute teaching sort of like casual work, you put your name on a list and if they call you you work that day? So she started refusing those phone calls while looking for a new job 5 years ago?

Or she spent the time learning to code. Right.

    vinnymeyer in reply to artichoke. | October 4, 2023 at 6:59 pm

    I had no debt when I started medical school. When I graduated residency I was $237,000 in debt. The payments were a lot more than the $50/week they’re complaining about. I don’t make a lot of money, but the student loans and the mortgage are always paid. I really don’t want to hear from someone with an advanced degree and minimal debt complaining how impossible it is to come up with $50 a week.

    A lack of life skills shouldn’t obligate the rest of us to assume her debt. Oh, and during that break due to Covid, we still had to pay our student loans. Instead of complaining be thankful for the three year break, and do some serious budgeting. Time to start adulting again.

    Oh, and I did indeed know how to code, it paid my living expenses through med school for my family.

      WindyHill in reply to vinnymeyer. | October 5, 2023 at 8:17 am

      I agree with you, except I’m confused about what you said about having to continue to pay during COVID. Was that because you had private loans?

Here in Illinois they’re so desperate for substitute teachers, you don’t even need a teaching certificate, just a degree of some kind.

I have no sympathy for people complaining about being unable to pay when they quit jobs before they got another one.

NBC News is choosing to spotlight people who are just too stupid to live?
Hey, maybe they could work for NBC News — they hire those.

Examples such as this should subject themselves to an independent critical audit before anyone gets the notion to “fix” the system. They have made certain choices that might not be the best. We should not take at face value their story or assume that the media is critically reviewing their story and providing us with all relevant facts.

Uh….turn that new Lexus back in, drop that giant phone bill and IPhone, cancel your 4000 channel cable, get a used car and pay the $200 you owe. Goodwill has decent clothes so stop the online shopping at Macy’s. She just doesn’t want to pay back money she borrowed.