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Skokie, IL: ‘Pro-Palestine’ Protesters Attack Solidarity With Israel Rally

Skokie, IL: ‘Pro-Palestine’ Protesters Attack Solidarity With Israel Rally

Pro-Hamas people are trying to say a man suddenly opened fire on them. The whole video shows self-defense. Even the police agree and won’t charge him.

Skokie, IL, has a large Jewish population.

So I’m not shocked that these anti-Jew people chose to show up in Skokie.

The protesters attacked two Turning Point staffers as they escorted an elderly couple to the pro-Israel rally.

Skokie’s grocery stores have large Kosher sections due to the Jewish population. I miss working in a Kosher bakery!!

So Laura is wrong. It’s not a Kosher market and Jews do not make up most of Skokie’s population.

This is awful.

Remember how everyone framed the Minneapolis story as, “Man Drives Through Rally,” and it was wrong?

Well, a man opened fire in Skokie after anti-Jew protesters swarmed and attacked him. No one was hurt, and the police won’t charge him:

“After reviewing the evidence, which includes surveillance video and witness statements, we have determined the individual … acted in self-defense upon being surrounded by a crowd and attacked by some of those individuals,” according to the statement.

A crowd of approximately 200 pro-Palestinian protesters had gathered about 4 p.m. Sunday outside an event that was called to show solidarity with Israel at Ateres Ayala, a banquet hall in Skokie, but were kept some distance away from the property by police.

Shortly after 5:30 p.m., a smaller group of protesters moved south across Touhy Avenue after seeing the man exit his sedan and chase a woman who appeared to take an Israeli flag off his car, according to nearby camera footage.

He was surrounded by protesters, according to a chaotic video of the incident provided to the Sun-Times by a witness, and then a gunshot could be heard on the video.

People scream and the crowd scatters, and the man can be seen holding the gun as someone screams, “Get him! Get him!”

Lincolnwood police confirmed the man fired a weapon into the air, and he was arrested at the scene.


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And the police arrest the victim attempting to defend himself. Professional level stupid on so many levels.

    Dathurtz in reply to Concise. | October 24, 2023 at 1:51 pm

    Police aren’t your friend and they sure as hell aren’t on the side of freedom or the constitution.

    angrywebmaster in reply to Concise. | October 24, 2023 at 7:01 pm

    First this is Illinois. People legally owning guns is all but verboten.

    Second, and this is one I have an issue with, he fired a warning shot into the air. Who knows where that bullet might have landed? If you feel that you are so endangered that you need to draw your gun, you don’t fire warning shots.

    diver64 in reply to Concise. | October 25, 2023 at 3:34 am

    He is not being charged. Most likely the police arrested him not only for his own safety but for discharging the firearm into the air. If you are threatened enough to pull you sidearm, do not discharge it into the air, use it to defend your life

      SamlAdams in reply to diver64. | October 25, 2023 at 10:45 am

      Though he may not be charged, I assure you that some leftist bureaucrat in Springfield is already processing the paperwork to revoke his FOID (requirement in IL)

Time to ask KJP about this one.

    guyjones in reply to healthguyfsu. | October 24, 2023 at 2:11 pm

    Her dutifully slavish response in total service to dhimmitude, Islamic supremacism, bigotry and violence is as predictable as the day is long:

    “We condemn all acts of ‘Islamophobia’ and anti-Muslim bigotry that are being instigated and provoked by those belligerent, dirty Zionist colonizers and oppressors.”

    diver64 in reply to healthguyfsu. | October 25, 2023 at 3:36 am

    “Today, peaceful protesters gathering to condemn the Israeli genocide and war crimes of attacking children and a hospital in Gaza were fired on by a gunman”

Do you know why this is happening? It isn’t because people are pro-Hamas terror, but because we let it happen during the summer of riots. Now the thugs think they can do anything without consequence. Do you know where this isn’t happening? Detroit, because Detroit put a swift end to the summer of rioting in their city. The thugs know not to do this in Detroit. And the Detroit Metropolitan area is not insignificant when it comes to Muslim populations.

    guyjones in reply to NotCoach. | October 24, 2023 at 2:16 pm

    I slightly dissent. You’re correct about the lax, non-existent state and federal law enforcement response to the Dhimmi-crats’ nationwide arsons, looting, occupations, murders, assaults and synagogue desecration during the bulk of year 2020 — no question that not aggressively prosecuting domestic terrorism and assorted crimes encourages more brazen criminality.

    But, I’d point out that these Dhimmi-crats absolutely, 100% are pro-Muslim supremacism/terrorism. The alliance between Leftists/Dhimmi-crats and Muslim supremacists/terrorists goes back at least to the 1980’s, when the KGB’s pro-PLO/”Palestinian” propaganda began to receive widespread deference, legitimacy and support in western academia, “human rights” groups and in Leftist/Dhimmi-crat political parties.

    So, the institutional rot that has given indefensible credence to contrived and fallacious Arab Muslim “Palestinian” victimhood/grievance propaganda mythologies and attendant anti-Israel venom, is close to fifty years old, now.

“Lincolnwood police confirmed the man fired a weapon into the air, and he was arrested at the scene.”

Rookie move. NEVER fire into the air. That’s public endangerment, and they can gig you for it without admitting any of the political evidence. Firing a gun is lethal force. If you feel the situation requires lethal force, it had better be directed at your threat.

“Remember how everyone framed the Minneapolis story as, “Man Drives Through Rally,” and it was wrong?”

Remember even further back, when everyone was frantic to frame the Waukesha story as anything BUT “Man drives through parade of kids?”

Remember even further back, when everyone was frantic to frame the Waukesha story as anything BUT “Man drives through parade of kids?”

If you recall that was very shortly after the Rittenhouse acquittal just down the road. The media was afraid the two were connected.

Which side is almost always doing the attacking? Not just here.

Look at the boys in blue just watching a man get pummeled by a mob. There were at least 5 of them spectating until the victim fired his weapon to scatter the ferals.

So much protecting and serving in this video!

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to Paddy M. | October 24, 2023 at 6:11 pm

    They serve and protect whoever gives the orders. I shudder at the mentality it takes to be a LEO. Being that loyal, and that willing to turn against good people.

Remember, folks — the problem isn’t the supremacist, totalitarian, belligerent and fascistic ideology of “Submission” and its bullying, intolerant and goose-stepping adherents and dhimmi/Dhimmi-crat enablers/collaborators/cheerleaders.

Nor is the problem Muslim supremacists’/terrorists’ 1,400-year, uninterrupted exercise in visiting warfare and atrocities upon Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims in the middle east and around the world.

No; the problem is the Jews and their unbelievable audacity to want to live in their ancestral homeland, where Jews have been residing for millennia before Submission’s wretched founding; millennia before such a thing as a “Muslim” ever existed.

Yes; this comment is sarcastic.

By the way, it must be said — I hope we don’t see more such crimes, but, the vile Dhimmi-crats and their media lapdog allies have, since the tenure of vile, Jew-hating Muslim supremacist/terrorist sympathizer and enabler, narcissist-incompetent, Obama, created a climate where American Jews and their synagogues are now open targets for violent attacks perpetrated by the Dhimmi-crats’ goose-stepping Muslim brownshirts and their non-Muslim, dhimmi allies.

Don’t be surprised at these scenes resembling National Socialist Germany, in the 1930’s. With a total absence of resolute presidential leadership standing up against Jew-hate and a cowed and feckless DOJ that refuses to punish and prosecute the Muslim bullies, thugs and terrorists in our midst, expect things to get a lot worse. American Jews and their allies need to be on their guard.

Just a priori it sounds like a rally designed to attract a counter-rally, its premise being pretty mainstream except for the opposing people it wants to attract.

No town in America should tolerate these terrorists

The Supreme Court has held on a number of occasions that the police have no duty to protect you. Some of these videos demonstrate the police exercising that right to watch you get beaten half to death.

Obviously, this is only going to get worse. The ground offensive hasn’t even started yet. I can’t imagine where we’ll be in another 6-weeks.

I hate Illinois Nazis (Hamas supporters.)

This is where my parents lived and they lived there when the nazis marched through there in 1978…I’m glad they are not here to see this….

Ahh, yes, Skokie which is so famous for the nazi marches. I see things haven’t changed much.

I’m still waiting for the “good” Palestinians to speak out against these violent anti Israel protests.
The media insists that “most” Palestinians are against what’s going on in Gaza.

This IS Illinois, but…
Every pro-Israel rally should have a core of armed folks within it (or everyone). When approached by pro-murder/pro-terror groups, those folks should immediately move to the outer edge of the rally. And a spokesperson (or any of the now visibly armed folks) should simply state, “We won’t let you do to us what your fellow travelers did to Israel.”

    JohnSmith100 in reply to GWB. | October 25, 2023 at 4:02 pm

    I have been predicting for years that we would eventually have to Muslims in America, but had no idea that we were on the cusp of that fight. I can’t say that I am happy about being right.

My Lutheran parents built their first house in Skokie when they decided to move out of Chicago. Some of my earliest memories were of walking “downtown” with my mother to shop at the local stores. So I have always been interested in the news from this small suburb. This attack by Palestine supporters is just sickening. The cowards cover their faces and attack old people. I mean, really! And they think they’re men??? They’re pathetic..

    creeper in reply to CincyJan. | October 25, 2023 at 9:41 am

    When I left home in Iowa at twenty I went to work in the Loop but being intimidated by metro Chicago, I rented an apartment in Skokie. I had no idea at the time that Skokie was then majority Jewish. It was just a nice suburb and the people were really friendly. I left Chicago after a year and have never missed it but often think of the Village of Skokie and how it welcomed a girl from the prairie.

I have a modest proposal (and it’s crossing the streams a little):
I will be all for a ceasefire… on ONE condition. All of Gaza disarms in the manner proposed by the most honest of the anti-gunners in America. (After all, gun violence seems to be the problem, right?) Every firearm (using gunpowder) is outlawed and every air-powered weapon above .17 caliber is gone. No explosives (or pre-cursors thereof) of any kind. No fuel of any kind that can be used to power rockets. No knives longer than a 2 1/2″ blade. No slings/slingshots. Turn ’em all in to be destroyed and accept a total embargo on all of those items. [Did I miss anything?]

Everyone in Gaza should be safe then, right? I know Israel will be safe from Gazans then. So we can have a ceasefire, right? And all the leftists go home happy and smugly satisfied. Right?

Laura didn’t say Skokie was majority Jewish::

“….but today the Palestinians relocated to Skokie, which is very close to West Roger’s Park, the largest orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Illinois…”