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Pro-Life Groups Condemn Democrat AGs Letter Supporting ‘Misinformation’ About Pregnancy Centers

Pro-Life Groups Condemn Democrat AGs Letter Supporting ‘Misinformation’ About Pregnancy Centers

“Notice all of the AGs who signed onto this letter are in abortion states. Clearly, Big Abortion is pulling the strings on their political campaign dollars.”

More proof that Democrats don’t support choice. They support baby murder, aka abortion.

Pro-life groups have spoken out against the 16 state attorney generals who signed an open letter supporting Yelp after the company “put consumer warnings on their pro-life pregnancy center listings.”

Yelp is a website where you can visit and read reviews of local businesses.

From Fox News:

“Pregnancy centers exist to help women in need by providing free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, medical exams, counseling, parenting classes, financial classes; items such as food, diapers, and clothing; and financial assistance for housing and utilities,” Kelsey Pritchard, Director of State Public Affairs for Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America said.

“The twisted attempts to hinder pregnancy resource centers’ ability to serve women prove that Democrats are not pro-choice, they are pro-abortion. Today’s Democrats view success as more abortions and with the help of Yelp and Big Tech, they are concealing the options that exist for women,” she added.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued Yelp “for putting ‘misleading’ warnings on crisis pregnancy center listings.”

Paxton said: “Yelp cannot mislead and deceive the public simply because the company disagrees with our state’s abortion laws. Major companies cannot abuse their platforms and influence to control consumers’ behavior, especially on sensitive health issues like pregnancy and abortion.”

Rob Bonta, California general attorney, authored the letter while fifteen others signed it: Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia.

Where is Illinois? Weird.

The attorney generals lie right away about crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs):

Abortions and abortion services are healthcare. CPCs, however, actively aim to prevent people from accessing abortion care and do not provide abortions or abortion services. Accordingly, CPCs are, by their very nature, limited reproductive healthcare facilities—to the extent they provide healthcare services at all.

The “studies” the AGs cite only took place in nine states.

Unless the center or group is affiliated with a religion, especially Catholic, they give you information about ALL options, even abortion.

The AGs also claim that the CPCs “use deceptive tactics to lure in patients seeking actual reproductive healthcare.”

In other words, the AGs want a woman to have a doctor murder her unborn child. Disgusting.

This is why I label them pro-abortion.

Gah. I want to puke. Because, you know, Planned Parenthood is totally non-deceptive.

The phrase “reproductive healthcare” is deceptive!

Anyway, others spoke out:

Jeanne Mancini, President of March for Life said, “The more than 3,000 pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) across our nation are on the frontlines every day helping women who want to keep their children do so. These centers enjoy overwhelming support (91%) from Americans of every demographic, providing tangible resources like food, clothing and housing assistance as well as the emotional support and encouragement women who have chosen life are often seeking.”

Unlike abortion centers like Planned Parenthood, these centers are not operating with a “financial interest,” she argued.

“[P]RCs have no financial interest at stake but benevolently and generously come alongside women facing an unexpected pregnancy. It is simply unconscionable that any politician would endeavor to rob such freedom, choice and true support from these women,” she added.

Heartbeat International pointed out that the abortion groups all support these AGs:

“Notice all of the AGs who signed onto this letter are in abortion states. Clearly, Big Abortion is pulling the strings on their political campaign dollars,” President Jor-El Godsey said. “Pregnancy help centers continue to help women access alternatives to abortion at no cost. Every woman should be loved and supported in her pregnancy. Unfortunately, these AGs are ignoring a woman’s choice to choose life in favor of supporting abortion profits.”

Please. I’m begging you guys. Do all you can to help your local pregnancy centers. Follow them on social media because many will let you know what they need.


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In Florida, I don’t see this problem with Yelp.

This notion to “put consumer warnings on their pro-life pregnancy center listings” was about during the period between the leak of Dobbs and its final release, so this really is nothing new, except perhaps the involvement of Yelp.

Senate Democrats are asking the country’s largest network of anti-abortion pregnancy centers to provide information about how the organization gathers, protects, and shares the personal data of pregnant people who seek out its services, spotlighting concerns that the data could be used in abortion-related prosecutions.

The letter, led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and first reported by TIME, requests a response from the anti-abortion organization Heartbeat International by Oct. 3 [2022].

“Abortions and abortion services are healthcare.”

Oh, really. Who gets healthier after an abortion:

1. The mother? Women who have the most abortions are the healthiest? I don’t think so.
2. The baby? Dead babies are healthy? Obviously not!
3. The abortionist? From the age of 50, the wealthiest men analyzed could expect another 31 healthy years of life – compared with the least well-off, who could only expect another 20 years. More money means good healthcare for the abortion provider!

Ken Paxton is invaluable, which is probably why the Texas RINOs tried to Impeach him. Paxton, along with Kris Kobach of Kansas, are the two best AGs in the country. If a Republican is lucky enough to win next year, Paxton & Kobach would be great choices to be AG and Director of the FBI…presuming it’s not possible to disband the FBI.

IMO, there a a few simple changes that would resolve many problems ‘on line’.

1. Consumer data must be presumptively owned by the consumer.
2. That data must not be collected,.shared or sold without the permission of the consumer. The permission must be separate from the use of the platform. The permission must by atomized to only a particular set/instance of data.
3. Libel/Slander/false statements must have far more severe consequences than at present. As long the statement is provably true that is the defense but if not then don’t offer a published opinion that is easily disproved unless you wish to be successfully sued.

Hard and fast limits without wriggle room have unfortunately proven necessary. It isn’t censorship b/c no one is preventing the publication of falsehoods, just holding the liars accountable. Alternatively bringing back legal dueling would also work if coupled with sanctions for failure to submit to showing up for the duel or making a public apology. Don’t show up then you and your employer are bared from federal contracts. If a media outlet then they don’t have to fire the offender but that media outlet forfeits all ‘press passes’ with federal govt so if the NYT goes that route they don’t get to attend briefings. State govts could do the same. As could corporations and individuals. IOW a 21st century form of societal condemnation.

Come to Michigan and murder your unborn children, the gov, ag and sec of state encourage the murders.
Trifecta of evil women.