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Pete Buttigieg Chased Off Stage by Climate Change Protesters Calling Him ‘Petro Pete’

Pete Buttigieg Chased Off Stage by Climate Change Protesters Calling Him ‘Petro Pete’

“Petro Pete is a coward. As we write he is ramming down our throats the Sea Port and GulfLink oil terminals – each worse than Keystone”

Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was speaking at an event in Baltimore this week when a crowd of climate change activists showed up and took over the stage.

Buttigieg tried to play along at first but got chased away as the event broke into chaos.

FOX News reported:

Pete Buttigieg chased from event by climate protesters chanting ‘Stop Petro Pete’

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was chased from an event in Baltimore on Tuesday evening after left-wing climate activists stormed the stage and demanded he stop fossil fuel infrastructure projects.

Buttigieg was forced to depart the event — a Maryland policy forum at the city’s Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall hosted by local outlet Baltimore Banner — after more than a dozen activists with the group Climate Defiance stormed the stage yelling slogans. The protesters called on Buttigieg to reject two proposed oil transport projects, the Sea Port Oil Terminal and Texas GulfLink, under review by his agency’s Maritime Administration.

“Petro Pete is a coward. As we write he is ramming down our throats the Sea Port and GulfLink oil terminals – each worse than Keystone,” Climate Defiance tweeted following the event. “We must resist him with all we’ve got. And we will.”

“Your DOT just approved the Seaport Oil Terminal, a project that will have 80 coal plants’ worth of greenhouse gas emissions and will worsen air quality in areas that already live in cancer clusters,” one of the Climate Defiance activists told Buttigieg on stage. “This is about environmental racism and it’s about climate impacts this project will have. Will you commit to stopping these projects?”

Climate Defiance proudly shared the video on Twitter/X:

One America News has more background on what the protesters were complaining about:

After the activist finished his remarks, Buttigieg maintained that he did not want to say anything “off the cuff” but that he still “respected” the climate activists’ agenda.

The Seaport Oil Terminal project, proposed several years ago, would consist of an offshore pipeline network along the Gulf of Mexico’s Texas coast that would reportedly facilitate increased U.S. oil exports.

It is slated to commence operations in 2025.

The project secured initial approval from the Maritime administration last year, however it is still pending a license. Similarly, the Texas GulfLink crude oil export terminal is also situated off the Texas coast and is awaiting approval from the Maritime Administration.

Environmental advocacy groups have been vocal in their opposition to both projects, primarily due to concerns regarding the anticipated indirect greenhouse gas emissions associated with oil transportation.

While this is slightly humorous, consider the following. These people are basically saying that Pete Buttigieg is too right wing for them on this issue. That is disturbing.

Also, note that by hijacking this event, these folks are following the same game plan as the climate protesters who block roads. It’s obnoxious and endlessly annoying.

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When your enemy is committing suicide, don’t stop them.

The likelihood of either facility being completed during a Dem Administration approaches zero.

Since the globalist tell us we are at/past peak oil and that NG is evil maybe our National policy should be to keep our oil and LNG at home v sending it for export? If the EU nations who push all the climate change nonsense don’t like fossil fuels so much that they won’t develop their own resources why should we sell them ours? Let them figure out how to get moderately priced oil/LNG elsewhere. Of course they will need to build, equip and deploy the Naval power to protect it in transit instead of free riding off the USA.

    healthguyfsu in reply to CommoChief. | October 12, 2023 at 8:11 pm

    Agreed….about that SPR, let’s put back all that was plundered from it by the current regime for political cover.

      CommoChief in reply to healthguyfsu. | October 12, 2023 at 8:34 pm

      The SPR is at it’s lowest level since Reagan. One problem seems to be that the engineers are warning that by removing the contents it has weekend the structure housing the oil. I believe the storage sites are hollowed out, old salt mines. Might have to build new facilities at least in part, not a bad idea anyway to increase capacity while were at it. Gonna cost more though. As.will the cost of the oil if we begin buying at much higher prices. Total capacity is just over 700 million barrels but due to Biden selling it off we.are now at about 350 million barrels. By increasing total oil demand by one million barrels per day it would take a year to refill and b/c world price is set at the level of demand for the last barrel it would jack prices up even more.

“Also, note that by hijacking this event, these folks are following the same game plan as the climate protesters who block roads. It’s obnoxious and endlessly annoying.”

I’m sure it’s a crime–some sort of trespassing or disturbing the peace. Even for interrupting Buttigieg, these people should get actual prison time.

It’s a catchy name … gotta hand them that. I love the alliteration.

Petro? I’m pretty certain those climate protesters were chanting ‘Stop Backdoor Pete’…

This is what you get when you convince people the Earth is dying because of America.




I get where they’re coming from…if you truly believe we are killing the planet with fossil fuel use and that this is an existential crisis, why wouldn’t you have already killed these projects?

For that matter, why would you be riding in automobiles, and wearing clothes made of oil derived fabrics and using modern technology? Why aren’t you living in a mud hut, getting your water from a well, spring or river by hand, recycling your waste into combustibles for cooking and fertilizer for the garden that is your sole source of vegetables and fruits and wearing clothes made only of natural fibers and skins?

In other words, if you truly believe that humanity is killing the earth with technology, why aren’t you living at the stone age level? Or, at least, at the technology level of the Amish? Or, better yet, just kill yourself and relieve the planet of the burden of supporting your life altogether.

And if you’re not willing to take those measures, I submit that you really don’t believe what you’re preaching after all…you’re just virtue signaling.

    jolanthe in reply to Sailorcurt. | October 12, 2023 at 4:11 pm

    If you press your local hard core, anti ICE, anti fossil fuel, anti car (it’s all cars, including EVs) climate activists, it’s very revealing.

    “But wouldn’t banning all vehicles, including trucks resupplying supermarkets and people commuting to jobs, cause a humanitarian crisis?”

    Response, “Yes.”

    Once would be, that’s just one nut. It’s not just once though.

Gee, Pete — looks like all the demon spawn your cult has been breeding aren’t going to eat you last after all!

Progressives do support a nuclear power energy alternative , but only in Iran, for some reason.

The left always eats their own. Always.