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Penn State Students Arrested After Flipping Table at Riley Gaines Event

Penn State Students Arrested After Flipping Table at Riley Gaines Event

“Don’t f**king touch me like that.”

Riley Gaines, the female college athlete who has been speaking out against men competing in women’s sports, held an event at Penn State this week only to have a table for the event flipped over by left-wing students.

It’s astounding that college students across the country have held rallies to support the terrorist actions of Hamas but will try to silence Riley Gaines.

See the video below:

This event almost didn’t even happen.

FOX News reported:

Riley Gaines says Penn State canceled her Real Women’s Day speech, calls out school’s hypocrisy

Riley Gaines was set to speak at Penn State University on Tuesday for what she’s dubbed “Real Women’s Day.”

The Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute has made a movement to make Oct. 10 “Real Women’s Day” – the date, in Roman numerals, is X/X, which is the chromosome pairing of biological females.

However, Gaines posted on X, formerly Twitter, on Monday that the school canceled her speech.

The former college swimmer, though, caught the university in its tracks, posting a video of Penn State president Neeli Bendapudi explaining that as a public university, the school is “bound by the First Amendment” to bring in speakers “that many will consider controversial, either because their views are not widely held or because a speaker espouses ideas that are actively hateful.”

Bendapudi also provided a second “moral” reason.

“Higher education has fought against censorship, believing that the best way to combat bad ideas is with better ideas…” she says in the video. “Restricting the speech of one group or individual jeopardizes everyone’s rights because the same laws or regulations used to silence bigots can be used to silence you.”

Gaines posted the video of Penn State’s president to Twitter:

Here’s a video of Gaines responding:

Progressive college students have no idea how much they have already damaged their cause this week. America is watching in disgust as they rally for terrorists.

Many of these people are the same ones who claim to need a safe space when someone like Ann Coulter sets foot on campus. They’re not going to have it both ways.

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Who would have thought that, in 1966 the University of South Carolina would morph from five frat guys drinking draft beer and penning the hit “Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy” to green-haired transvestites threatening us to not dare threaten them by thinking mean thoughts.
I think they got the young and foolish part right, but happiness to them is no warm puppy, it is a warm Kalishnikov.

Apparently the need a safe space, with safe air. SMH
Ty Mike..

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

The American Nazi Party membership drive is in full force. Penn State Chapter.

Really need to return to enforcing the anti KKK laws, particularly the no mask law where they exist. That alone stops a good portion of the goons and cowards from gaining power over an event with a hecklers veto.

Capitalist-Dad | October 11, 2023 at 4:47 pm

“Anybody over there want to ask a question,” Riley inquires. But of course everyone over there is to ideologically twisted and therefore too stupid to even begin to formulate a question, or even have the desire to. All they know are Brownshirt tactics.

Riley needs to speak about the real issue

Men playing womens sports is trivial

She and everyone else should condemn the belief that you can cure a mental illness by mutilating the human to the point that the afflicted no chance to return to normal ife.

The recent events at Penn State are a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining a cool head and open dialogue, especially on contentious topics. While the situation there may not directly relate to peristaltic pumps, it is a valuable lesson in the need for precision and control in various aspects of life. Just as a peristaltic pump ensures the accurate flow of fluids, clear communication and respectful discourse are essential in any community.

We need to name every one of these people so that employers don’t make the mistake of hiring them–like Wall Street has about the Harvard supporters of terrorism–doesn’t the left always tell us that speech and actions have consequences?