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Miami University Experiencing Low Enrollment for Degrees in Social Justice and CRT

Miami University Experiencing Low Enrollment for Degrees in Social Justice and CRT

“Miami University is facing unprecedented fiscal, societal and political challenges that are prompting very difficult decisions about our curriculum”

It’s amazing that anyone was willing to pay for these degrees in the first place.

The College Fix reports:

Miami U. tells ‘social justice’ and CRT degrees to fix lack of interest

Low-enrollment degrees at Miami University need to adapt or die, according to a memo from school officials.

Majors in “social justice, “critical race and ethnic studies” and “art history” are among those that must adapt their offerings in order to survive. The Oxford, Ohio university is facing a $36 million budget deficit.

Students are generally not interested in majors in these programs, according to five-year averages pulled from university data. For example, the critical race major has averaged 2.6 graduates in the past five years.

“Miami University is facing unprecedented fiscal, societal and political challenges that are prompting very difficult decisions about our curriculum,” a document from university officials stated, according to The Miami Student. “Tragically, we no longer have the resources to support the current portfolio of academic programs, particularly our lowest-enrolled degree programs or majors.”

The newspaper reported:

Along with [Latin American Studies], 16 other majors were identified as low-enrolled. These include American studies, art history, critical race and ethnic studies, classical studies, French, French education, German, German education, health communication, health information technology, Italian studies, Latin education, religion, Russian, East European and Eurasian studies, Spanish education and social justice.


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Any bets they decide to combine them with high interest stuff to sucker people in? Soon there will be degrees in things like Critical Race Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Prompt Justice Engineering.

Wow, just imagine that! People are more interested in things like being able to make a living, owning a home and being able to provide for yourself, so they are getting STEM degrees instead of a Degree in Activism that will have you living in an apartment 5 roomies, sharing ramen with the group, and showering infrequently.

    artichoke in reply to Gremlin1974. | October 1, 2023 at 3:22 pm

    I’m not sure STEM is more employable, certainly not biology unless you get into med school. The country is littered with bio majors who tried and didn’t get into med school, and recent events and anger over things related to Covid and the vax won’t increase the number of jobs in the field.

    I thought DEI was very employable. Do they end up unemployed? There seems to be big demand for DEI cretins and enforcers in all sorts of WEF compliant organizations.

I haven’t understood why there are majors in a foreign language. You don’t have to major in it in college. Just rent an apartment where the language is spoken and take some probably very cheap lessons when there, and stay there a couple years. Then major in something that provides an employable skill. They don’t have to pay people to speak French. There are whole countries full of people who can do that for free.

It’s interesting that Critical Race and Ethnic Studies has been so unpopular. The race industry has been in a big growth mode, and I’d expect those people could have looked forward to promising careers as DEI dweebs. Maybe that isn’t working out anymore and the race industry is in decline? One can hope.

Maybe those people wanted to work for the State Department overseas, but what were their chances of getting such a job?

    JDFlanagan in reply to artichoke. | October 3, 2023 at 2:31 pm

    Most programs involving a foreign language are language and literature programs, meaning you study not only the spoken language, but also the language in its highest written form.

    You’d have a difficult time finding many apartments in Oxford, OH where you could be immersed in a foreign language. I don’t know if even the paper science program draws much of an international student population. Miami U isn’t as cosmopolitan as Oxford, MS or Manhattan, KS.

Many colleges have figured out that the only way to get students to take useless “social justice” and CRT courses (and keep their minority faculty employed) is to require them as “distribution” credits. I credit Miami U for being more honest and not forcing students to take virtue-signaling credits.

stella dallas | October 1, 2023 at 9:42 pm

So the university has some professors teaching courses with low enrollment. Easy solution, make some of the courses part of their distribution requirement. If that doesn’t work, develop courses with other departments, e.g., Racism in American Literature, Racism in the Political Process, Economic Impact of Racism, on and on.