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IDF Rescues Female Soldier Taken Hostage by Hamas on October 7

IDF Rescues Female Soldier Taken Hostage by Hamas on October 7

IDF identified her as PVT. Ori Megidish.

Excellent News! The IDF rescued a soldier:

A female IDF soldier who was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists during the massacre of October 7 was rescued and returned to Israel during an IDF ground operation in Gaza, the IDF and Shin Bet announced this evening (Monday). The rescue occurred overnight.

The soldier, who was identified as PVT. Ori Megidish, underwent a medical examination and was found to be in good condition. She then met with her family.

The IDF and Shin Bet stated that they will continue to make every effort to bring about the release of the abductees.

This is the first time one of the approximately 240 people who were kidnapped by Hamas and other terrorists in the Gaza Strip has been rescued by the Israeli military. Hamas has previously released four hostages.


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I’m glad to see a little bit of good news. Welcome home! Prayers for her recovery, because those animals probably did unspeakable things to her.

Great news! Keep it up IDF!

HE who keeps his people Israel will neither slumber or sleep.

Israels Shepard will keep her.

Very good news for her and family

I wonder if this means a large group of hostages has been located? I have seen the term ‘rescued’ and the term ‘freed’ used for this story. Hopefully the Israeli rescue teams have some good info.

Fox is reporting that the soldier was “released” which is a nice way of saying all the terrorists surrounding her are in Hell but it is very misleading

“Good condition”? She might not be in fear of death but given how Muslims have historically treated female captives from dar al Harb I doubt she is in any reasonable sense in good condition.

She is this soldier whose picture being captured was published in many newspapers

OK, I’m just gonna say it:


In fact, I’m pretty sure the Mosaic Law makes this pretty clear …