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Greta Thunberg Slammed for Photo with Pro-Gaza Sign next to Antisemitic Image

Greta Thunberg Slammed for Photo with Pro-Gaza Sign next to Antisemitic Image

The social media heat was so intense, Thunberg used the “autism” defense.

We recently checked in on 20-year-old climate cultist, “Dr.” Greta Thunberg, who had been arrested in London during an eco-activist protest of a oil industry conference.

“Big Sister” took a break from her climate antics to offer her thoughts on the situation in Israel, in the wake of the Hamas terrorist attacks and its horrifying atrocities.

It did not go well.

Greta Thunberg was accused by Israeli officials of being a “terror supporter” Friday after posting pro-Palestinian messages — initially featuring a toy octopus, a known antisemitic trope.

The 20-year-old eco-warrior posted a photo of her holding a “Stand with Gaza” sign alongside three friends — one holding a “Free Palestine” sign — while calling a strike “in solidarity with Palestine and Gaza.”

With them was a toy octopus — a symbol often used in anti-Jewish propaganda since being used in a Nazi-era cartoon.

The Holocaust Encyclopedia contains one image of an octopus that clearly is smear of Israel and the Jewish people. If she did not know the reference, then it is likely someone in her posse did.  I think that means, at a minimum, that she is “antisemitic adjacent.”

The social media heat was so intense, Thunberg used the “autism” defense.

“It has come to my knowledge that the stuffed animal shown in my earlier post can be interpreted as a symbol for antisemitism, which I was completely unaware of,” she wrote in an accompanying post.

“The toy in the picture is a tool often used by autistic people as a way to communicate feelings.”

Her statements were also roundly criticized on social media for essentially ignoring the slaughter of the innocents glossing over terror attacks by Hamas which killed 1,400 people in Israel.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism said: ‘Greta Thunberg has a lot to say about a lot of things. But, judging by her social media output, expressing sympathy for the biggest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust does not appear to be among them.

‘This post directs followers to a series of odious organisations, some fringe Jewish groups but all deeply hostile to the Jewish state. Ms Thunberg spends her life campaigning for greater awareness about the future of our planet.

‘Given the organisations that she is signposting here, she might want to take a moment to reflect on what kind of human society will live on it.’

Investigative journalist David Collier tweeted: ‘Not a word about Israeli victims… not a word about the terrorist attack… not a word about the hostages….’

John Aziz, who describes himself as a British-Palestinian musician, said: ‘Greta Thunberg called for a ceasefire, but did not call for the release of the innocent Israeli hostages.

So while the post is deleted…

. . . the internet is forever.

This provides another data point showing how closely extreme progressive activists are tied to antisemitism.

It might be worthwhile for some to reassess just how accurate her climate science assertions are.


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2smartforlibs | October 21, 2023 at 3:07 pm

Talk about a useful idiot.

She’s just showing her true colors like all of the other terrorist=supporting libtards.

You know, I don’t think she does her own thinking 🤔

I’m going to have to say as someone who pays attention to things that I had no idea what that octopus meant. Much like Pepe The Frog people might want to take a breath on this

    xleatherneck in reply to diver64. | October 21, 2023 at 5:18 pm

    Take a good look at the picture. The octopus is not sitting on the edge of the couch. The person behind Greta is holding some type of cushion, pillow or something similar, and the octopus is propped up on that.

    It’s placement is very deliberate for the camera., and might I also suggest, it’s symbolism also….

      BlueThunder in reply to xleatherneck. | October 21, 2023 at 8:49 pm

      I think that is the girl’s leg and the octopus is on her knee. Very deliberate indeed

        henrybowman in reply to BlueThunder. | October 22, 2023 at 2:02 am

        “The toy in the picture is a tool often used by autistic people as a way to communicate feelings.”
        Horseshit. Don’t autistic people have feelings other than “My brow is furrowed and I’m angry?”

Who knew there was a Holocaust encyclopedia.

I’m surprised it hasn’t been mined for handy insults already. It’s hard to think up things your enemy will be offended by without a guide.

I know when AP reported a native American had been subjected to a racial slur, I was at a loss. You have to make up imagined slurs, like hey wampum-nose.

    rhhardin in reply to rhhardin. | October 21, 2023 at 4:04 pm

    Back in the old days, the common computer terminal room had a Votrax robot-sounding speech producer that you could send text to and everybody would hear it. It announced phone calls among its official duties, but it had a /dev address and any text could be sent there.

    It was necessary, among decorum fans, to prevent offensive words, so there was a stop list of words it would refuse to say.

    The stop list was a gold mine.

Sure, Greta…and my ass is a big ole moon pie. Wanna take a bite?

did you see the editorial cartoon that the Philly Inquirer had to apologize for?

Greta needs a stroll through the Palestinian she thinks she loves

Somebody told Greta Jews cause global warming and she believed it.

nordic prince | October 21, 2023 at 5:27 pm

This is the first I’ve ever heard of “octopus” being an “antisemitic trope.” I haven’t exactly led a sheltered life, either.

Guess I don’t hang out in the right circles.

    Christopher B in reply to nordic prince. | October 22, 2023 at 7:46 am

    An octopus has long been used to illustrate conspiracies or hidden controlling interests. I’m not surprised that examples of it can be found in anti-Semitic propaganda but I agree that it’s hardly specific to anti-Semitism.

    I don’t think it was necessarily included as an anti-Semitic dog whistle. I do think the takedown excuse was more along the line of the well-worn “I’m not anti-Semitic, I’m anti-Zionist” false dichotomy, modified in this circumstance by Greta’s mental health issues.

The image goes back to at least Nazi Germany and perhaps to the turn of the 20th century (at least, but I’m too lazy to research that right now). The octopus implied that the “International Jewish Conspiracy”, largely through banking, reached into every country and had evil intentions to “choke” non-jewish businesses, and, of course just generally do bad things.

The original concept of evil Jewish bankers goes back to the darkest middle-ages where Christians were supposed to be in the lending business (see Bible apparently) but Judaism had no such restrictions. So Jews became the Bankers of Europe. Whenever a King/Mayor/Somebody big couldn’t pay his debts, they accused the bankers of “insert evil whatever here” and ran them out of town (or worse, much worse) so they didn’t have to pay their debts. Naturally everybody who owed money benefited from the “debt cancelation so it be cam a popular practice and became so ingrained that the affects lingered into modern times among “progressive” Europeans

I’ll bet Biden would love to sniff Greta. They are both always completely wrong on any issue they take a position on.

Scoldilocks and the Three Boors.

The Furies, in Greek mythology, were female deities they were often depicted as three sisters: Alecto (unceasing), Megaera (grudging), and Tisiphone (vengeful destruction).

ThePrimordialOrderedPair | October 21, 2023 at 7:38 pm

Greta is a despicable POS moron … but an octopus is not an anti-Jew smear. That’s just nutty.

Put their hair in braids and dress them in black and you’ve got 4 potential concentration camp guards right there. Or maybe 3 and a capo.

ThePrimordialOrderedPair | October 21, 2023 at 9:08 pm

Why would anyone think that Greta needs some super-secret symbol to show that she hates Jews? She’s openly supporting the wholesale slaughter of Jews by the most savage and backward people on Earth. She doesn’t need some stupid doll to “secretly” express her hate of Jews. She’s screaming it out loud.

Its not a super-secret symbol. Why persist in insisting upon it? You’re wrong. Who cares. It’s not the end of the world.

Greta is isolated by ignorance and luxury. She’s a political insider play-acting that she’s an outsider. It’s a childish fantasy world of her own construct – bumping up against adult reality. She’s an ordinary idiot; not a nerd-hero Idiot Savant.

The realist adults who manager and use her understand her limitations.

Greta is a wayward brat in need of serious parenting, but she jumped the shark on this one, even by her low standards.

They are all liars. Don’t bother trying to read anything else into them.
msm isn’t any better either.

The Holocaust encyclopedia needs to be updated with a picture of Greta Thunberg as a symbol of anti-semitic trope.

Geta says hamas can save the world from global warming??

Such a fraud.

Morning Sunshine | October 22, 2023 at 9:46 am

I do not understand the Jewish octopus thing; I have never heard/seen it before. Although I have seen tentacle cartoons around, some with Jews, some without, so i was not aware of it being a anti-semitism symbol.

What I do understand is that in not one other picture of St. Greta the Puppet, have I seen a stuffed animal. She is in hundreds of pictures, videos, etc. She has spoken to world leaders and at protests, and at NOT A SINGLE ONE has she had a stuffed animal for her autism.

That fact tells me that the placement is most likely on purpose. Whether or not she knew (she is like Biden and probably knows and understands little of what is going on) about the octopus, SOMEONE in her guiding circle DOES KNOW, and placed it on purpose.

She is a sanctimonious little brat. It’s a sad commentary on the state of our world that anyone has ever taken her rants seriously.

Those girls in that picture all look just as vacant, vague and without volition as Greta Garbage does. As for her “not knowing about endorsing terrorism”? Amish exhaust! She knows exactly what she’s endorsing.