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Fox News: Two Israeli Hostages Released From Gaza

Fox News: Two Israeli Hostages Released From Gaza

They’re with the Red Cross.

Fox News reported that two Israeli hostages have been released from Gaza. They’re currently with the Red Cross.

I’m watching Fox News. Trey Yingst said the hostages are two elderly women. Hamas still has one of their husband’s in Gaza.

Hamas claimed the group released the women for “humanitarian reasons.”


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Watch for them n ow to start releasing hostages one at a time to buy time to defend against the ground invasion–Biden made a huge mistake holding Israel back

This is exactly what I said would happen

Drip drip drip

Hold back Israel

Release all the hostages and unconditionally surrender or STFU.

If Shaun King wants to be in the rescue business, let him help these two bipartisan birds of a feather who need his help badly:

George Santos
Robert Menendez