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Former Prime Minister Urges Israeli Government to Give Guns to Locals

Former Prime Minister Urges Israeli Government to Give Guns to Locals

“Give guns to the communities, immediately.”

People can’t defend themselves and their communities if they’re not armed.

Israel National News reports:

Bennett to govt: Give Israeli towns and cities guns now

Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett called on the government to act and arm local security squads in Israeli cities and towns to improve their readiness to deal with terrorist attacks and infiltrations such as those committed by Hamas terrorists on Saturday.

“Give guns to the communities, immediately. I try not to make public demands to the government and to only do so through quiet channels, but this issue is essential for saving lives and unfortunately, I can hardly move: the Israeli government must immediately equip every town and every neighborhood in Israel with rifles and long rifles so that the local security squads will be able to fight,” Bennett said.

He added, “I’m afraid of attacks from less predictable directions. It could be in Kochav Yair, Mishgav, or Revadim. We have citizens who were regular soldiers, brave and ready to fight, but without weapons and ammunition, they couldn’t fight back. Of course, prioritize towns close to the fence in the north and south, towns close to the Judea and Samaria security fence, the communities of Judea and Samaria themselves, towns in the Galilee, and more.”

“Here is a fact worth knowing: those who actually fought and repelled the enemy in the settlements were the local security squads. In some cases with complete success: Nir Am, Alumim, Sa’ad, Mefalsim, and more. In some, unfortunately, the local security squads fought and fell in battle (Kfar Aza, Be’eri, and others). It was the residents of the communities who stopped the terrorists with their own hands. Bravely. The IDF forces arrived much later. Sometimes at 12:30 sometimes at 14:30 (the attack started at 6:30 in the morning). There is no more successful, experienced force that knows the community better than the residents themselves. Give us guns, today,” Bennett said.


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We can’t trust our governments to ensure our safety. As soon as the cartels are targeted by our military the US will experience such horrors as Isreal just went through. Arm yourselves. The enemy is here all around us and more are pouring over the borders every second.

Um…they should have never been prevented from acquiring and possessing guns to begin with. It’s mind boggling that a country who’s people are an ongoing prime target of determined and bloodthirsty terrorists discourages those targets from being properly equipped to defend themselves.

Perhaps the Israeli government should consider adopting a constitution. Maybe then they could add a second amendment to it.

I found myself astonished watching videos of terrorists walking across streets in the open.

Yes, do this now.