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Column: How the Educated Elites Became Hamas Apologists

Column: How the Educated Elites Became Hamas Apologists

“Israel Derangement Syndrome is a condition that is found across the best colleges in America.”

If you’re wondering how this happened, Jenny Holland of Spiked Online has written an interesting piece about it.

How the educated elites became Hamas apologists

It cannot be overstated how important American Jewish culture has been to modern American life. American Jews helped shape their nation’s psyche. So to see the violent deaths of Jewish men, women and children in Israel being blamed on the Jews themselves, and by the American left no less, is a watershed moment in US history. American Jews have long felt that America was, outside of Israel, the safest and most welcoming country for them. After the events of the past few weeks, that looks to be no longer the case.

Unfortunately, I was not surprised when, just days after the Islamist terrorists of Hamas murdered over 1,000 Jews, Harvard students published a letter in which they announced: ‘[We] hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.’ Like a wife-pummelling husband who blames his actions on the woman for talking back, the supposedly best and brightest of American young people apparently think those Jews had it coming. After all, they also believe, without evidence, that Israel is a ’fascist’ and ‘genocidal’ state.

Israel Derangement Syndrome is a condition that is found across the best colleges in America. At Cornell, history professor Russell Rickford called the Hamas attacks ‘energising’ and ‘exhilarating’. He told a rally that ‘Hamas has shifted the balance of power’ – because apparently that’s what killing babies achieves. Ironically, for someone openly espousing such extreme thuggery, he looks like he could get taken down in a fight by a drunk teenage girl on any British high street. The glib celebration of violence by the kind of people who probably have never experienced a whiff of it in real life is demoralising in the extreme.

Read the whole thing.


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Professor Russell Rickford is an excellent example of a once-great university going overboard to meet and exceed DEI expectations by hiring a vocal (I refuse to employ the word anti-semitic; it’s far too nuch of an understatement), Jew-hating retarded person to conduct classes (and review and revise students’ grades based upon his ideology).
And my alma mater has the nerve to ask me to donate!

Your last sentence struck me right between the eyes. My alma mater routinely reaches out” to me for donations all the while using “assigned male at birth” to describe men and so forth. They use they/ their to describe singular people because it is so “ just”.
As you , I decline to even consider donating.