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California Gov. Gavin Newsom Visits Israel on His Way to China Meeting

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Visits Israel on His Way to China Meeting

Either Newsom is “President-in-Training” or the clean-up hitter for the Democrats.

The last time I checked on the antics of my governor, Gavin Newsom, he had quietly killed a measure that punished doctors for “medical misinformation“…as defined by “experts” and the current political narratives.

The news suggested to me that Newsom is methodically positioning himself as a centrist voice of reason, in anticipation of a future presidential run.

Is the future is nearer than we think?

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is planning a one-day visit to Israel this week to meet people affected by that country’s war with Hamas, stopping over en route to China where he will discuss policies to curb global warming.

The Democratic governor is set to arrive Friday in Israel with plans to depart later that same day for Hong Kong. His office didn’t immediately answer questions about his schedule and activities in Israel.

“I’m on my way to Israel,” Newsom confirmed in a message posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. “I’ll be meeting with those impacted by the horrific terrorist attacks and offering California’s support.”

Newsom’s visit comes a few days after Biden’s visit to the region.

During his visit to Tel Aviv, Biden negotiated a deal to allow some aid into Gaza and affirmed his administration’s support for Israel’s war on Hamas.

The governor’s trip comes as Democrats seek to navigate deep fissures in the party over the conflict, with many centrists pledging broad support for Israel and many progressive members calling for an immediate cease-fire.

Biden in particular has faced criticism from more liberal Democrats over his support for Israel’s attacks in Gaza as he calls on Congress to provide more funding to bolster Israel in the war.

Newsom’s itinerary was full.

He then visited Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center – Ichilov Hospital, where he received updates about the ongoing situation and met with wounded soldiers alongside Ronni Gamzu, the hospital’s CEO.

Following the hospital visit, Newsom sat down with President Isaac Herzog and discussed California and Israel’s economic and cultural connections. The governor expressed his condolences to the president for the victims of Hamas’s terrorist attacks, the press readout stated.

Newsom’s second-to-last stop was at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, where he had a private meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer.

Legal Insurrection readers may recall Biden had planned to meet Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Jordan King Abdullah, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi. Those meetings were cancelled.

There are continuing signs of Biden’s deterioration.

…Biden appeared to read his teleprompter instructions during his Oval Office address Thursday evening, reading out the words ‘make it clear’ as part of his sentence. The president, discussing the wars in Israel and Ukraine, declared: ‘We’ll have something that we do not seek – make it clear we do not seek – we do not seek to have American troops fighting in Russia.’

Biden hardly seems cognizant during a recent press gaggle on Air Force One.

Now Biden is heading to his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home as the crisis continues in the Middle East, to rest from his recent trip and to snark at Republicans.

In the Middle East, Israel is readying a ground invasion of Gaza, while U.S. troops have been targeted in Iraq and Syria, all the while the clock is ticking to get more U.S. hostages back as the first two were relaesed.

On Capitol Hill, Rep. Jim Jordan’s third try for the speakership failed, prompting even more uncertainty about when the House GOP would elect a new speaker.

At a fundraiser Friday evening in Washington, D.C., before Biden flew to Delaware, the president joked about Jordan’s bad fortune.

‘He just got his rear end kicked,’ the president commented.

I suspect either Newsom is “President-in-Training” or the clean-up hitter for the Democrats.


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Israel is not engaged in a fight to survive as a nation.

The last thing Israel needs is a busybody diverting their attention from the war effort.

“posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.”
I am getting tired of seeing this construct.
Here’s looking forward to it dying of an overdose of counterfeit Vicodin laced with fentanyl.