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West Virginia University Cutting Programs and Faculty Despite Protests

West Virginia University Cutting Programs and Faculty Despite Protests

“voted today to slash 143 faculty positions and 28 academic programs”

There are some problems that you can’t protest your way out of. This is one of them.

Inside Higher Ed reports:

Despite National Pushback, West Virginia Will Cut Faculty, Programs

Despite pleas from students, faculty members and academic organizations to change course, and despite student protesters disrupting its Friday meeting, the West Virginia University Board of Governors voted today to slash 143 faculty positions and 28 academic programs from its flagship Morgantown campus.

WVU will lose all of its foreign language degree programs and its math graduate degree programs, among other offerings.

Some students wept, and assistant math professor Ela Celikbas said, “God bless WVU” and stormed out of the meeting room Friday morning as board members approved cut after cut. Only the student body president, the Faculty Senate president and another faculty representative consistently voted no.

Board members approved the reductions with no debate among them Friday. Taunja Willis Miller, the chair, was the only vocal one; she responded to interrupting audience members and tried to continue the meeting after roughly 25 students, who had been sitting uncharacteristically silent on the floor with protest signs, leapt to their feet and began chanting, “Stop the cuts!”

Student protesters had swelled the crowd in the small meeting room to more than 100, including board members, WVU officials and others.

Just after the board members took their first voice vote to approve cuts to the first department, an audience member asked that they at least raise hands when voting. When Willis Miller resisted, someone said, “I would like to see some transparency” and the students began their disruption.

The chanting students eventually left the room, but Mai-lyn Sadler—a senior philosophy and political science dual major from southern West Virginia who has helped lead the opposition—re-entered and chanted through a megaphone.


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Quartermaster | September 16, 2023 at 1:23 pm

The President of WVU should be fired. He started at WVU and left a trail of destruction through Ohio State, and at least one other University before returning to WVU. He hasn’t been good for any institution he has been at.

I assume cuts were necessary because of budget shortfalls. How bad were those??

Or perhaps the cuts were eliminating courses that have high and objective standards, because of claims they are “unfair to blacks”? If so, every staff member endorsing or calling for the cuts should be fired and blackballed as a racist.

artichoke | September 16, 2023 at 10:00 pm

They’re keeping the retard programs. I think that’s what “completion degrees” means. Such are excluded from consideration for cutting.

How programs are excluded from consideration:

Non-terminal master’s programs attached to doctoral programs (only reviewed if the associated doctoral program is identified for review)

Pathways and completion degrees, such as multidisciplinary programs

Programs with three or fewer years of data

Potomac State and WVU Tech programs

healthguyfsu | September 16, 2023 at 11:22 pm

Money talks.

If the school doesn’t have it, then your feelings don’t matter.

I’m old enough to remember a time when people actually gave some serious thought to pro’s vs con’s, risks vs benefits …….. before committing themselves to anything that involves 4+ years of their lives and thousands of their families’ dollars.

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