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Space Force Personnel Chief Walks Back General’s LGBTQ+ Personnel Assignment Policy

Space Force Personnel Chief Walks Back General’s LGBTQ+ Personnel Assignment Policy

Space Force civilian head of personnel walks back Space Force Operations Chief Lieutenant General Deanna Burt’s statement that she would put “less-qualified” personnel in command positions rather than send them to a red state

In June we reported on a Space Force three-star general, seen above, who attended an LGBTQ+ pride month event and stated that she takes into account, in her words, “more than 400 anti-LGBTQ-plus laws that have been introduced at the state level” when reassigning personnel, including for command positions:

Space Force Three-Star General Sacrifices National Security on Transgender Altar: Space Force Operations Chief Lieutenant General DeAnna Burt intentionally selects “less-qualified” Squadron Commanders rather than make an LGBTQ service member move to a red state:

Now we find out that [new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs] General [C.Q.] Brown’s colleagues are already placing competence and merit below concerns about transgender issues, as Politico recently reported:

Senior Defense Department leaders used an event celebrating Pride Month at the Pentagon on Wednesday to sound the alarm about the rising number of state laws they say target the LGBTQ community, warning the trend is hurting the armed forces…

Space Force Chief Operating Officer Lt. Gen. DeAnna Burt, specifically referenced “more than 400 anti-LGBTQ-plus laws that have been introduced at the state level” since January.

“That number is rising and demonstrates a trend that could be dangerous for service members, their families and the readiness of the force as a whole,” Burt said during the event. “Transformational cultural change requires leadership from the top, and we do not have time to wait.”…

Burt said that when she looks at potential candidates for jobs in the Space Force, she must now factor in whether the position will put their family in harm’s way.

“If a good match for a job does not feel safe being themselves and performing at their highest potential at a given location, or if their family could be denied critical health care due to the laws in that state, I am compelled to consider a different candidate and perhaps less-qualified,” she said.

Burt specifically referenced that she places “Squadron Commanders” in positions of authority, and that if they are “LBGTQ+” or have “LGBTQ+” family members, she will put a less-qualified (her words) military member in Command rather than make an LGBTQ+-affiliated service member move to a red state.

You can watch General Burt say this here:

But now Space Force this is not true, and said so at a Congressional hearing last week.

From The Daily Caller: Space Force Smacks Down General’s Claim They Assign Personnel Based On Red State Abortion, ‘Anti-LGBTQ’ Laws:

The Space Force’s top civilian human resources pushed back at a hearing Wednesday against a Space Force general’s prior suggestion that LGBTQ laws factor into decisions on where to station personnel…

Deputy Chief of Space Operations for Human Capital Katharine Kelley denied that Space Force policy permits superior officers from dictating assignments based on state laws, appearing to contradict the general’s claim.

“It certainly doesn’t reflect what our processes are,” Kelley told the House Armed Services Committee at the hearing Wednesday.

In fact, Deputy Chief Kelley flatly stated that the Space Force does not take state LGBTQ+ laws into account when reassigning personnel:

“What was she talking about?” Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz asked.

Kelley said her understanding was that “her intent behind those comments is that she was describing the assignments matching process.”

“I get that, that’s pretty evident. In that assignments matching process, should a state’s abortion policy come into play?”

Kelley declined to speak for Burt.

“What we take into account in the Space Force is the needs of the service, the guardian themselves and whether they’re qualified for the job. We take into account the preference of the individual if they’re interested in the particular job,” Kelley said.

“OK, fascinating. I’m not asking about any of those things. I’m asking if you take into account a state’s abortion policy, or a state’s LGBTQ policy,” Gaetz retorted.

“We do not,” Kelley said.

So, does Space Force have a General gone rogue on its hands? Kelley denied that:

Florida’s views on critical race theory would not be an acceptable reason to reassign personnel, nor would bans on abortion or owning firearms, Kelley said. The Guardian would have to clearly prove such state laws or positions create a hardship in order to be placed in a different assignment, but those issues are unlikely to meet the Space Force’s standard for approving a hardship exception.

“If General Burt has gone rogue and engaged in some [sic] act to create a secret list of 400 policies that she deems discriminatory, I would like to see them,” Gaetz said.

Kelly defended Burt, saying that the general used language she was “compelled to consider” rather than claiming to have actually made assignment decisions on the basis of access to transgender treatments. The general remains in her post, according to Kelly.

“I certainly see how that could be construed” to undermine public trust in the military, Kelly conceded.

The Space Force did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

So General Burt has never actually made assignment decisions based on how states treat transgender personnel? That is certainly not the impression that she gave at the pride celebration speech she gave. So was she lying, or just grandstanding for the transgender crowd at the speech she gave earlier this year?

Hopefully Representative Gaetz will continue to press on this issue, as it is utterly unacceptable for the military to assign personnel on any basis other than having the best, most qualified person for every job it fills, especially for command positions.


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A rocket ship would require extra boosters were General Burt added to its payload. Also, I would fain not be in the direct line of fire of the brass buttons of her uniform coat.

And honey, do something with that hair!

    Her rack looks impressive (not that one you perverts) but it consists of a whole lot of “You done good in school” ribbons. Take a look at her CV. Climbing the ladder and going to schools. I am less than impressed. My Top never went past high school but graduated from Vietnam and was a Leader. From the front I might add not from a classroom or base in New Mexico.

    Is Burt “packing”, if you know what I mean.

She needs to get the big boot and Congress needs to make it very clear that the Constitution does in fact apply to DOD.

Without question, having the correct number of minorities, involving LGBTQ individuals, and using proper pronouns will be the deciding factor for winning the next major war.. We obviously need to guard against too much toxic masculinity in our military because nothing wins battles like understanding soldiers armed with sensitivity training. (sarc)

I don’t think it’s possible for non-LGBTQTIA+Space Force personnel to BE ‘less-qualified’ than a person with a severe psychological or physical handicap.

She could have said ‘If a delusional person is required to move to a red state, I’ll send a non-delusional person instead.


If a person with a fixation on their sexual orientation is required to move to a red state, I’ll send a non-fixated person instead.

The personnel chief who is willing to send delusional, sexually fixated people is not doing anyone any favors.

Where do they dig these people up? Seems every position in this Administration is run by the lowest form of do-nothing and/or demented human being.

Correction, leave off the “seems”.

I’m concerned about her statement “transformational cultural change requires leadership from the top”. I didn’t realize that was a mission of the military services. When I was in the Navy you were rewarded with a general discharge if you were in on of these categories. This change did not originate with leadership from within the military but from political/societal dictates.

Is the Department of the Air Force/Space Force Human Resources chief claiming that the CG has no input into selection of commanders in the chain of command? I find that very hard to believe.

No matter how many jeremiads we write about the military being infused with political stupidity, along comes a ranking uniform with vocal chords to out do all previous stupidity. What’s next, political officers on Navy ships like the CCP does?

Can you imagine being stuck in space with two transgenders for six months? Other than their gross behavior, they require a boatload of medicine to keep from going further nuts. So how would they ever get approval for that mission?

    In the medical field it’s like broadway everyday working with the queer population
    They have gotten more aggressively sexual in the workplace. I put a stop to a few outrages clowns but times have changed, pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to, hence left hospital jobs.

>>>Transformational cultural change requires leadership from the top, and we do not have time to wait.”…<<<

Who in hell does this douchebag think she is?

Buzz off, bitch.

    Gosport in reply to CDR D. | September 29, 2023 at 11:36 am

    That quote needs to be made absolutely famous and trotted out every single time the progressive marxists attempt to use military for their forced social engineering efforts. Maybe engrave it in the cornerstone(s) of the Pentagon.

    Come to think of it, it works for countering their indoctrination efforts in education as well.

I think before any military officer gets a promotion of any kind he should have to do something of extreme valor. For a general, that would involve winning a major battle or a war. Based on that criteria, there would be very few two, three and four star generals. I highly doubt this woman became a general based on winning a war or a decisive battle. She seems to be a diversity promotion and not on any real merit.

    Well, since we have not fought any wars in space how would that work for Space Force? I agree that she is a diversity promotion and our military is rife with them. Daughter is an E7. You should hear some of the stories she tells us of the incompetence in the Officers. She has one black, female Captain that can not read but has awesome hair braids.

      txvet2 in reply to diver64. | September 29, 2023 at 1:11 pm

      “”She has one black, female Captain that can not read””

      That’s a long time problem. I had a 2lt way back in the ’70’s with the same problem. Couldn’t read the manuals and regulations that governed our operation, and had to have another officer proofread and correct everything he wrote. Helluva nice guy, as was his wife, but absolutely destined for failure.

      not_a_lawyer in reply to diver64. | September 30, 2023 at 8:27 am

      While we have instituted a ‘space force’ in theory, there is no space force in reality, unless our military has launched satellites equipped with nuclear warheads capable of being launched against a target from space. I think there is a treaty that forbids such things. Have we violated that treaty?

      Am I missing something? Can a US satellite destroy an adversary’s satellite, either through physical destruction or electromagnetic interference? What sort of ‘force’ can the ‘space force’ project?

      The whole notion is nonsense.

      “That number is rising and demonstrates a trend that could be dangerous for service members…”

      What is this ‘danger’ that LGBTQ service might face? Does the military not have a police force? Why, yes they do! They are called MPs, or Military Police. There is a prison in Kansas called Leavenworth in which military personnel who have been court-martialed are incarcerated.

      Insofar as the military is a government institution, can we see statistics regarding offenses against LGBTQ personnel, offenses that have been committed for the specific purpose of being anti-LGBTQ? Please publish those statistics.


ThePrimordialOrderedPair | September 29, 2023 at 12:21 pm

“If a good match for a job does not feel safe being themselves and performing at their highest potential at a given location, or if their family could be denied critical health care due to the laws in that state, I am compelled to consider a different candidate and perhaps less-qualified,” she said.


So says the Affirmative Action gender general …

This is about the only time that competence is considered in today’s military – when they are trying to push their queer agenda and are trying to argue that some token queer pick might be kept out of a state because the military is so scared of their delusional, lying claims about state laws they don’t like.

This is pathetic.

Unfit for Command comes to mind as does Loss Of Confidence In Leadership Ability.

Should be easy to see if she practices what she preaches. Take a look at who she appointed to what and who else was available.

What you see here is political advancement taking precedence over competence that is destroying our military. It comes from Milley on down.

I wish a general would take into account a state’s 2nd Amendment laws before sending people to a station.

Subotai Bahadur | September 29, 2023 at 5:03 pm

First, under the current regime being LGBTQRSTUV is vastly more important than professional competence.

Second, professional competence is deemed racist and sexist.

Third, I don’t know if y’all have noticed but there have been an awful lot of commercials on TV of late by the military aimed at getting parents to support their children in enlisting. Given the collections of fools, miscreants, maladroits, and unindicted co-conspirators from the National Command Authority on down, could you justify placing the lives of your children in their hands. They intend to lose to any enemy and have our kids pay the price.

Subotai Bahadur

I watched Buttplug on Hemmer’s show this morning and whenever he was asked about Eadt Palestine and when Biden was going to visit it, he went into a litany of how the Republican shutdown would harm the citizens there. Hemmer tried again but he went back to the same recording as before. He is like interviewing a tape recorder and no matter what you ask him he plays back the same lie.