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Racist Graffiti Causes Uproar at Tufts University

Racist Graffiti Causes Uproar at Tufts University

“When incidents of this kind occur, we all suffer, because our aspiration of being a welcoming community for all is undermined”

There is a story like this every few months, and a lot of times, it ends up being a hoax. reports:

Racist graffiti found on Tufts campus after Africana Center event

Racist graffiti was found on the campus of Tufts University this week, prompting anger among the student body and an official investigation.

The graffiti was found on and near the Tufts cannon, a replica based on those from the USS Constitution. Over the years, a tradition emerged where students paint over the cannon at night and guard it until daybreak. Those messages traditionally stay until someone else paints over them on a subsequent night. In 2018, thousands of pounds of paint were removed from the cannon.

On Sept. 16, the university’s Africana Center held its annual retreat for first-year students, which culminated in a painting of the cannon. The next morning, students found “messages invoking anti-blackness” defiling their work, the Tufts Pan-Afrikan Alliance said in an Instagram post.

“The over-painting of the cannon is unacceptable and very clearly an attack on the Black student body,” the organization said.

In addition, there was graffiti that “was potentially anti-Asian,” according to a message sent to the Tufts community from Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Monroe France.

Images obtained by show the words “Asian Invasion” spray-painted on the cannon, around its base, and on a nearby tree. The message “F— U” was also painted on the cannon.

“When incidents of this kind occur, we all suffer, because our aspiration of being a welcoming community for all is undermined,” France wrote.


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The Gentle Grizzly | September 23, 2023 at 3:40 pm

Yet still another further different hoax.

Want to catch the perp fast? Check the security videos at the local Subway for any black people buying a tuna sub.

So now FU is “anti african”? Why does another hoax come to mind and why in the hell does a major university have an Africana Center, whatever that is? Isn’t that racist in and of itself?

When you can’t find the racism you claim exists, manufacture it.

After they identify the black “transgender” student responsible, the administration will say the incident “raised awareness.” If the perp is fat they’ll have a sweet gig for Dove soap when they graduate with their Africana Diaspora Studies degree.