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Hamas Stages Riots on Gaza Border; Bombs Hurled at IDF Soldiers

Hamas Stages Riots on Gaza Border; Bombs Hurled at IDF Soldiers

“During the violent riot, several explosive devices and grenades were hurled at IDF soldiers.” 

While Jews across Israel mark the start of the ten-day holiday season, fighters of the terrorist group Hamas in Gaza launched attacks on Israeli border posts and security barrier.

Hamas terrorists used the rioting mob as a cover to throw bombs at Israel soldiers, news reports say. “During the violent riot, several explosive devices and grenades were hurled at IDF soldiers,” the Israeli news website Ynet reported Friday evening.

Video clips on Twitter/X show Hamas rioters screaming “Allahu Akbar” and throwing explosives at Israeli positions.

Friday’s violence follows days of similar rioting on Gaza border incited by Hamas. “No injuries or casualties were reported among Israeli forces. Palestinian media reported that at least 12 Gazan rioters were injured during the riots,” the Jerusalem Post reported Saturday. “It also comes after a host of other riots held on the Gaza border, where a handful of Palestinians were killed in clashes with the IDF on Wednesday.”

The Times of Israel reported Friday:

In a statement, the Israel Defense Forces said hundreds of Palestinians rioted on the Israeli border on Friday afternoon, including setting off explosive devices on the security barrier and hurling grenades at troops.

The IDF said soldiers stationed in the area responded with riot dispersal means and live fire in some cases.

As the protest dispersed, the military said it carried out a drone strike against a Hamas observation post near the border. No injuries were immediately reported.

The terror group, which rules the territory, appears to have resumed regular provocations along the frontier. The strike was seen as a warning to Hamas.

Footage from the rioting showed tires set on fire along the Israeli security barrier, and troops responding with tear gas.

The Hamas-backed attacks come as the terrorist group is planning to re-launch the ‘‘Great March of Return.” During these marches, last held between 2018-19, Hamas has used mass-rioting to target Israeli troops along the border.

“In the past, these marches have been marked by violence and clashes with Israeli security forces on the other side of the border: stone-throwing, explosive charges, shoot-outs, sabotage of the border fence and attempts to penetrate into Israel’s territory,” i24News recently noted.

As Hamas fighters attempt to breach the Gaza security fence, Jews in Israel mark the High Holidays amid threat of renewed terror attacks. The Israeli security services are on heightened alert and have undertaken counter measures.

“The Israel Defense Forces announced a general closure of the West Bank and Gaza Strip over the Rosh Hashanah holiday, according to a statement Thursday,” the i24NEWS TV channel reported earlier this week. “This comes as Israeli security forces are coping with a wave of terrorist attacks. In Jerusalem, one of the hot spots for attacks, Israel Police are set to post officers at synagogues to prevent further acts of terrorism.”

Synagogues in Jerusalem have been given armed protection following terror threats from Palestinian and Islamist groups. “The armed individual in each synagogue — a police officer, a volunteer police officer, or a citizen with a gun license — will be specified ahead of the holidays,” The Times of Israel reported.


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“”several explosive devices and grenades were hurled at IDF soldiers””

They should respond with artillery and bombs, but they won’t. They don’t want to kill a bunch of “civilians” and look like the bad guys.

    CommoChief in reply to txvet2. | September 16, 2023 at 5:23 pm

    Snipers deployed to target anyone raising their arms in a throwing motion or setting foot over a given distance from the fence would do the trick as well. Do a media blitz explaining exactly what the ROE is gonna be a few weeks out and then implement it without apology or remorse in an unrelenting manner. We used similar tactics in the sandbox and they were very effective. When you get the ‘bad guys’ know in advance that 2+2 = 4 neither they nor their apologists have any excuses for the consequences of their actions.

“While Jews across Israel mark the start of the ten-day holiday season”

Jews are famous for holidays, indeed it’s a stereotype. Not many victim points in that one.

    alien in reply to rhhardin. | September 16, 2023 at 7:24 pm

    Israeli leaders should celebrate fewer holidays, thus giving the terrorists fewer opportunities to stage attacks. Cancel all holidays and the region will immediately become peaceful.

    That’s a bold strategy, Cotton.

JohnSmith100 | September 16, 2023 at 8:16 pm

I agree with the first 2 posts, but to bring an end to this there should be much more vigorous responses, when a Synagogue is attacked respond with a Mosque being ground zero for a thermobaric bomb. That is something that trash in Palestine will understand. A majority of people in Palestine approve of terror, they deserve a bit of terror.

Kill them all. Muslim supremacists/terrorists and their vile, useful idiot, European Leftist dhimmi and American Dhimmi-crat collaborators and enablers will never change their Jew-hating attitudes. Might as well exercise the right to self-defense in unabashed terms, without restraint.

In Portland they describe that as a “mostly peaceful” protest.

By the way, let’s observe that the usual Leftist dhimmis and Dhimmi-crats have attacked the biographical film, “Golda,” for the usual Jew-hating and Israel-slandering reasons, yet, these vile and dishonest reprobates are incapable of acknowledging that fifty years after the events depicted in the film (the 1973 Yom Kippur war), Arab Muslims are still engaging in their genocide-aspiring belligerence and predations.

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