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Eric Adams Warns New Yorkers That Cuts Are Coming to City Services Due to Illegal Immigrant Crisis

Eric Adams Warns New Yorkers That Cuts Are Coming to City Services Due to Illegal Immigrant Crisis

“The simple truth is that longtime New Yorkers and asylum seekers will feel these potential cuts and they will hurt”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams released a video this weekend in which he speaks directly to New Yorkers about the reality they are facing due to the illegal immigrant crisis.

Adams makes it very clear that unless the federal government or the state come forward with more money, the city is going to have to cut services and that this will be felt by everyone.

The New York Post reported:

Adams warns cuts of up to 15% coming to every NYC agency over migrant crisis is ‘detrimental’

Mayor Adams warned Saturday that all New York City agencies may have to slash up to 15% from their budgets by the spring in response to the ever-rocketing costs of the migrant crisis.

All departments were told they will need to slash 5% from their budget by November, amounting to a several billion dollar haircut from the city-funded portion of Adams’ $107 billion spending plan.

But if the city doesn’t get enough financial aid from the Biden administration or state legislators by early next year, Adams warned additional 5% cuts could come in both January and April.

“The simple truth is that longtime New Yorkers and asylum seekers will feel these potential cuts and they will hurt,” the mayor said in a video released on YouTube announcing the plan.

“New Yorkers are angry and frustrated, and they are right to be. I am too.”

“I want to be clear: these tough decisions are a direct result of inaction in Washington and in Albany,” added Adams.

“But the die is not yet cast, and we can still avoid these cuts if Washington and Albany do their part by paying their fair share, and coming up with a decompression strategy that reduces the pressure on New York City, so we are not forced to manage this crisis almost entirely on our own. “

Here’s the video. If you watch it, you may notice one name that does not get mentioned. Joe Biden. Adams is still trying to navigate this issue without coming right out and telling Biden to shut the border. He instead references a lack of help from ‘Washington’ while calling this a national crisis.

We’re probably about three to six months away from outraged New Yorkers screaming at Adams in a tense public town hall meeting. When the city starts cutting services, all bets will be off.

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It was great as it was NIMBY but when the consequences fit the policies the tune changes.

    “longtime New Yorkers and asylum seekers will feel these potential cuts and they will hurt”

    Adams continued, “And I would ask New Yorkers to remember that those who did not contribute to the status of this city, who never paid any NYC real estate tax or NYC income tax, who have no skills and who will be dependent on you for decades and who basically have no skin in the game, that these people are better and more important than you.”

    And I’m sure cutting services has nothing to do with the declining tax base due to the flight south out of that blue hell hole

    I object to my tax dollars being spent in NY or any other to encourage illegal immigration. I do not object to my tax dollars being spent to prevent illegal immigration including removal of illegal immigrants from where they have illegally placed themselves either to their actual home country or a willing recipient, but I object to spending my tax dollars in declared sanctuary zones, which brings us back to my first objection. No, you don’t get to engineer a catastrophe and then send me the bill.

Not to mention NYC existing debt plus new debt is being subjected to far higher interest rates. Plus bloated public pension costs. Those two things alone really impact the ability to maintain operational spending on services. Then add in the tax base declining. Not just income taxes either but property taxes revenue is going to drop due to lack of occupancy, lower sales prices, lower comps and lower tax value in commercial real estate.

You wanted to have a sanctuary city.

I’m watching this with great interest. One of the five boroughs is talking of secession, and Adams is worried that NYC may break apart.

The first thing they’re going to do is save $467 by suspending all processing of concealed carry permit applications.

AF_Chief_Master_Sgt | September 10, 2023 at 12:53 pm

Boo FUCKING Hoo Adams.

Your ass was one of the mouth breathers who claimed “migrants are wonderful people.!!!!!!!! They pay taxes and use fewer public services than other people (read that as those awful white folk).”

So big shot, where is the tax money these wonderful people pay? Why do you have to cut services when these wonderful people were NEVER a drain on services.

Why are New Yorkers bitching about their kids being forced out of their classrooms because the “wonderful people” filled schools to the brim similar to the shït these people dump on the sidewalks?

Why are the wonderful people complaining that they can’t afford the school supplies all of the other New York school children are required to bring to school? Aren’t these wonderful people self sufficient and not a drain on public services?

Why are the stupid taxpayers of New York forking out billions of dollars to house these wonderful people in city hotels, feeding them, and kissing the asses of these wonderful people?

I thought you said these wonderful people were self sufficient and not a drain on public services. So why pay for their lodging and food?

How did a moron like you get to be mayor? Never mind. I already know.

New Yorkers voted for you.

Now I hope they choke on the demands these wonderful people make on them.

Just stop complaining will you? You got the sanctuary city you asked for.

Fucking racist. Yeah. I’m pissed. Because I know there are enough GD Republicans in Congress who will vote to bail your sorry ass out.

irishgladiator63 | September 10, 2023 at 12:57 pm

“…we can still avoid these cuts if Washington and Albany do their part by paying their fair share…”

Note that “paying their fair share” means people who have no stake in NYC paying for NYC to avoid the consequences of NYC’s bad decisions.

What all of this demonstrates is simple: the progressive have no answers.

Dealing with illegal immigration is conceptually easy but is hard in practice: border patrols, fencing, judges, holding areas, shipping people back, dealing with legitimate asylum petitions, and, very importantly, all the logistics behind each of those. It’s not easy to do and it certainly isn’t cheap.

Being a real sanctuary city also is conceptually easy but is hard in practice: housing, food, transport, security, medical care, education for the children, dealing with legitimate asylum petitions, and, very importantly, all the logistics behind each of those. It’s not easy to do and it certainly isn’t cheap.

What the progressives wanted by being sanctuary cities was, of course, virtual signaling, which is supposed to be both easy and cheap. Mayor Adams is now discovering the hard part of being a mayor. I’d have some sympathy, but he specifically asked for both — being a mayor and running a sanctuary city.

JackinSilverSpring | September 10, 2023 at 1:14 pm

Mr. LaChance correctly observes that the one thing Adams did not criticize is Brandon’s open border policy, and as of this date, he’s made no mention of it. What is it about DemoncRats that makes it impossible for them to state the obvious? And Brandon now wants to keep the illegals restricted to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in an attempt to force those states to bear the burden of his idiotic open border policy. That policy is a purely political one because it would serve to relieve pressure on cities where his voters are found, and which would then relieve their political pressure on him. The icing on the cake with a blueberry on the top would be if the illegals ultimately turned those states blue. The fly in the ointment, at least as far as Texas is concerned, is that Governor Abbott will continue to ship illegals out of state, and there’s not a damn thing Brandon can do about it.

Crisis? What crisis? New York City is in trouble because of a few thousand illegals in a city of several millions?

Try being a Texas border town of maybe 2,000 people dealing with several thousand illegals every week.

Full disclosure: Born in New York City (Jamaica, Queens). Been a Texas resident for 36 of my 66 years. NYC can go Detroit for all I care.

The solution, of course, is simple. Biden just needs to give New York like $50 B a year. Problem solved.

Let the Biden border crisis make the sanctuary cities squeal like pigs.

The asked for it; they got it. Good and hard.

I love it when Dems talk about paying fair share

Watch the moving vans LEAVING NYC
And the for lease signs going up in store fronts…

Pop corn get ha hot butter pop corn here

    AF_Chief_Master_Sgt in reply to jqusnr. | September 10, 2023 at 4:42 pm

    Yep… and when the “services” slow down to a trickle (read freebies), you will see riots that will make BLM and Antifa look like church picnics.

    Communists don’t like being ignored when it comes to free stuff, and they will start taking.

Hey Adams:

If you don’t want busloads of undocumented immigrants illegal aliens showing up in NYC, shut your yap instead of declaring yourselves a “sanctuary city.”

Otherwise, kwitcherbellyaching, put up, and shaddup.

    And also don’t vote for the guy that promised to let them in the country

    They didn’t, or didn’t only, declare them a sanctuary city. They have a consent decree requiring them to be, enforced by judges. They have no way out that I can see, other than following the bare terms of that consent decree in the minimal way possible and encouraging the migrants to move on to Colorado or anywhere else.

    Hot potato!

Conservative Beaner | September 10, 2023 at 3:53 pm

You get what you vote morons.


Hey Eric, short of funds? ,..Why don’t you just tax the rich? LOL

“It’s just obvious you can’t have free immigration and a welfare state,” – Milton Friedman

Insofar as the Biden administration has unconstitutionally decided to ignore immigration law, the states must dismantle the welfare state.

You come here as an immigrant, legal or no, you get nothing.

Book hooo, all because the Marxists wanted no borders

The most appropriate response, of course, is to point, tell them to enjoy getting what they voted for and then roll on the floor laughing uncontrollably.

    artichoke in reply to Ironclaw. | September 11, 2023 at 12:12 am

    The didn’t necessarily vote for it, at least not directly. Some lefty politicians sued each other and did a pillow-fight in federal court over it, resulting in a consent decree that the city must provide shelter to anyone in the city. Now the legislature can’t even overturn it with new legislation.

    Obama facilitated a number of these during his time in office, fundamentally changing America indeed. NYC is basically screwed.

It sounds like the cuts will come from those who have been on benefits. This is Adams’ base and of course he wants to appeal to them, but like it or not the cuts are going to make things less comfortable for the migrants. That’s as it should be. The only rational thing NYC can do, given its court-ordered consent decree requiring the right to shelter, is to fulfill that obligation as cheaply as possible. It’s still more than the illegals deserve, but it’s the right first step.

    In short, Adams is running out of Other People’s Money and was going to have to make painful cuts somewhere and blame somebody else. So with clever footwork (and lots of help from the media) he’s going to blame the illegals he previously praised (when they were elsewhere, not in NY) and point to Texas and Florida (both with Republican Governors, imagine that) as the meanies who are causing the issue. Any discussion about the Trump border wall and enforcement will be completely missing from the stories, as well as the Biden open gate policy.

The folks in Eagle Pass might have some ideas about how to stretch a buck.

New Yorkers should remember this: “Stupid is as stupid votes!”