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Elon University Now Offering ‘Gender Inclusive’ Housing

Elon University Now Offering ‘Gender Inclusive’ Housing

“You can’t just make the gender inclusive housing, you have to actually put in effort for that to be a thing”

It’s very difficult to keep up with the progressive glossary of terms.

The Elon News Network reports:

Elon University LGBTQ+ students seek acceptance in gender inclusive housing

When Elon University freshman Grace Luebbe applied for housing this past spring, she had one request.

“Please, please, please, give me a safe environment,” Luebbe said.

For the first time this year, students could opt into Elon’s new gender inclusive housing program on the general housing form. As a transgender woman, Luebbe was excited to opt into gender inclusive housing on the freshman housing form. Students were given the option to answer if they were interested in living in gender inclusive housing. If they indicated yes, they were given a couple additional questions.

Twelve percent of the class of 2027 identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ communities — the largest portion of a class at Elon to date, according to the class of 2027 admissions profile. Luebbe said she chose Elon in part because the university is tied for highest rated university in the south on Campus Pride Index, a benchmarking tool created by national nonprofit Campus Pride regarding safe and inclusive campus initiatives and policies for LGBTQ+ students, staff and faculty. Before she even stepped on campus as a student this fall, Luebbe said she felt welcomed and included.

“You can’t just make the gender inclusive housing, you have to actually put in effort for that to be a thing,” Luebbe said. “So it tells me that you actually put effort into helping me stay safe.”

According to Gender and LGBTQIA Center Director Luis Garay, gender inclusive housing previously existed as a process, but it wasn’t easily accessible to students.

“There was nothing really visible about this process,” Garay said. “It kind of almost felt like a backdoor. You only knew to ask for it if you kind of had a semblance of, ‘This is possible.’”


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I suspect that we are going to find that the gender inclusive housing is a bit nicer than the housing available to the riff raff (think Baldwin at Oberlin, People would kill for those upper corner rooms. Some kids are smart, and they will then start to indentify as gender “needy” in order to qualify for this nicer housing. With a 12% subpopulation already in this pool, I suspect that the strategy has already caught on. This is nothing new. Who hasn’t specified Kosher back in the day when airlines offered meals, because the Kosher food was always better.

As an aside, I am a bit confused by what it terms as “safe.” My definition of safe includes me packing heat, so I am guessing that I would never feel safe on that, or pretty much any other campus. My guess is that their definition of safe is really “I want to have no responsibility for my well being, because for all intents and purposes, I am still a child.” But I also demand that you treat me like an adult.

caseoftheblues | September 6, 2023 at 8:57 pm

Safe…. Hilarious…. No one cares if any females are safe in any space or any sport.., but big hulking males wearing wigs and makeup…, who are literally menacing and threatening females are who we all need to be concerned with being “safe”