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University of Michigan Threatens to Replace Grad Student Workers on Strike

University of Michigan Threatens to Replace Grad Student Workers on Strike

“A lot of people cannot afford to pay their rent. A lot of people cannot afford to pay for food.”

Wouldn’t you love to see this happen just once?

Click On Detroit reports:

‘We are pushing for a U-M for all’: University of Michigan threatens to replace striking grad workers

As some University of Michigan graduate employees continue their months-long strike, U-M officials say it’s time to move on as the strike and demonstrations have hit a crossroads ahead of the start of the new school year.

Organizers and members of the Grad Employees Organization at the U of M, or Geo, said they are asking for better pay and opportunities.

“We are pushing for a UM for all,” said Lina Alam, a Ph.D. student and Communications Committee Co-Chair for GEO.

The strike and ongoing contract dispute began in March when many GEO members walked off the job. Members said pay and affordability remain top of mind.

“A lot of people are in a serious amount of debt,” Alam said. “A lot of people cannot afford to pay their rent. A lot of people cannot afford to pay for food.”

Union leaders said they are reviewing a package of new terms that U of M administrators allegedly issued on Aug. 2 while urging GEO and its members to consider before a deadline.

According to an email from the provost, that offer included a 20% wage increase over three years, with a $1,000 bonus in the first year for Graduate Student Instructors and Grad Student Staff Assistants.

“The University of Michigan admin passed us a comprehensive package, and gave us a deadline of 48 hours to respond, hoping that we as leadership would recommend membership to ratify the comprehensive package,” Alam said.


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as the value of hte dollar decreases, the cost of everything increases.
if the staff economists at a university are unable to understand this and are unable to pay their graduate student instructors and grad student staff assistants, perhaps the U should consider reducing the non-productive admin positions

    What’s not mentioned are the additional benefits.
    Free or reduced tuition.
    Free or reduced healthcare (for part time work)

    A friend’s child got past the out of state tuition by working 12 hours a week in an office. Year 2, she got free tuition, free housing and health insurance. She finished her Master’s degree debt free by having a part time job.

I’m with the grad students on this one. The professors who rail against “exploitation of the proletariat” have no problem screwing over their grad assistants.

It won’t happen, and certainly not in Michigan.
The useful idiots don’t get ground up for fodder until AFTER the revolution succeeds.

    Thad Jarvis in reply to henrybowman. | August 9, 2023 at 5:39 pm

    Lina Alam, the Samuel Gompers of grad students, is earning her PhD in art history. Her areas of interest are:

    Race, Empire, Nation & Diaspora
    Postcolonial studies
    Political Economy / Capitalism studies
    Black studies

    What a truly productive and valuable contributor to humanity. I think the government should pay off her loans and give her a six figure stipend.

This is a bunch of spoiled brats. THEY are the ones who made the choices of their present situations, not the university. This reminds me of a young lady I dated many years ago…. She CHOSE toearn an MA in… Operetic Voice… Beautiful voice, talented, but the degree was useless – no backup, just voice. Music Ed? Nope. Music therapy or comp? Nope. AND she was $30k in debt… in late ’80’s!!! She couldn’t get a job singing, was living with a friend, finally started working as a TA at a grade school…
I worked while I was in school, and took care of my school debts while raising a family, too.

While most of the Grad Students demand is for more money, they’ve come to the table with a ton of woke nonsense, as one would expect: Transgender healthcare, abortion access and funding, defunding the UofM police, etc.

Powerline has an interesting article on exactly this today.

The grad students should be looking right at the University as to why it’s so expensive.

    coyote in reply to diver64. | August 11, 2023 at 7:13 am

    How about not going to the U until they can either afford it or work their way through it? I buy toys and foods today that are a good deal pricier than what I could afford when I was in college.

    You’re ~supposed~ to be poor when you’re in college. Otherwise you’d be a capitalist right out of the starting block.