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University of Connecticut Mandates Diversity Training for All Employees

University of Connecticut Mandates Diversity Training for All Employees

“within the first six months of being hired”

The campus left continues to double down on DEI policies.

Campus Reform reports:

EXCLUSIVE: UConn mandates diversity training for all employees

Materials recently obtained by Campus Reform reveal that the University of Connecticut (UConn) requires its newly hired employees to complete diversity training.

A copy of the guidelines is below:

DAT Spring 2023 by Campus Reform on Scribd

DAT Spring 2023 by Campus Reform

Newly onboarded employees will have six chances in the upcoming semester to meet the diversity training obligation: on August 16 and 29, September 13 and 25, October 19, and November 13.

Each session is expected to take about three hours to finish, and these training sessions are mandatory by state regulations for all employees within the first six months of being hired.

A public records request for the materials the university uses for the training was submitted on July 25.  UConn’s response to the request included the guidelines posted  above along with links to two Youtube videos, one on intersectionality and another on microaggressions.


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So? The entire American “education” establishment – from pre-K through post-doc – is a lost cause. Burn it. Burn it all.

My company just forced an hour+ of mandatory DEI training on us. I’m seriously considering quitting after suffering that insult to my time and intelligence.