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The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Lost and No One Cares

The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Lost and No One Cares

“Sweden beat ’em and eliminated them 5-4.”

People might have cared about this if the team wasn’t known for kneeling during the national anthem. They have no good will left with the public.

Don Surber writes at Substack:

How dare Americans not cheer for a team that hates the country

In girls’ soccer news, the detestable USWNT lost to Sweden on a missed penalty kick by the detestable Megan Rapinoe. Down goes the Alphabet Team! Down goes the Alphabet Team!

Real Americans cheer the news that these detestable people will no longer represent our great nation on the world stage. They are crass, ignorant and disrespectful. When one of their players scored a goal against Britain’s team in England a few years ago, she faked drinking a cup of tea.

The team rallied the world against them because they are mean, petty and obnoxious. In other words, liberals.

Matt McDonald wrote, “The U.S. women were already widely disliked internationally for appearing cocky — many fans hadn’t forgotten their wild over-celebrations of the thirteen goals they put past Thailand at the start of the last World Cup. The Fox Soccer promotional adverts promoting the tournament didn’t exactly help matters — with actors hamming it up to play national stereotypes of the U.S.’s chief rivals brainstorming ideas to beat America.

“‘The entire world is gonna do whatever it takes to stop the US,’ one woman says.

“‘Good luck with that,’ replies Alex Morgan to camera.”

Sweden beat ’em and eliminated them 5-4. Down go Fox Sports ratings! Down go Fox Sports ratings!

AP said, “U.S. goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher fruitlessly argued she had saved Hurtig’s attempt, but it was ruled over the line by VAR. The stadium played Abba’s Dancing Queen in the stadium as the Swedes celebrated and the U.S. players sobbed.”

The game was played in Australia, not Sweden. But we were all Swedes at that moment.


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This reminds me of Mark Twain who said, “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” The Women’s National Team, and especially the rainbow-coiffed narcissist, don’t deserve my support.

I’m no soccer expert, but I have seen adult club players who are consistently more accurate than Woke Megan. For someone of her experience and alleged skill, she should have been on target with her shots on goal. Two come to mind… against Vietnam, she has an uncontested shot and punts it into the stands. The penalty kick — same thing. Methinks she could have practiced a lot harder instead of being concerned about her wokeness. Great athletes are able to carry their team — and work to be able to do that, even as their skills start to decline. Pretty clear she isn’t a great athlete.

Megan Rapinoe is a terrible person.

She actively dislikes the country that made her famous.

Lets hope she gets to experience life in other countries, so she can appreciate what she has here.

Individualism is great in normal life, but on the field in a team sport it becomes a liability.

The USWNT wasn’t a team. They were a group of individual players who showed up wearing the same shirt. Game after game, it showed. They were lucky to make it as far as they did.

Massinsanity | August 8, 2023 at 4:18 pm

I was watching live. I wanted the US to win but I have to admit I was happy when Rapinoe missed so badly. She is loathsome and it goes beyond her disrespect to the country that made her rich and famous. The constant whining about pay, the lack of support for real girls/women in sports by her embrace of men in woman face participating in girls/women’s sports. The whole package is just so whiny, spoiled and entitled.

The US should have won after the Rapinoe miss.

It did my heart good to see that despicable broad miss that penalty shot. She is loathsome. Karma is going to wreak havoc on her!

“The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Lost and Patriots Jeered”
There, FIFY.

I actually played soccer in high school, and yet am extraordinarily indifferent to it (and all team sports) in general. However I have noted these unpatriotic, greedy, harpies for the last 2 or 3 years and did not wish any of them well.
Perhaps they can emigrate to a nation more simpatico with their hatred of their host country.