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The Border Crisis Comes to Massachusetts Week at Legal Insurrection

The Border Crisis Comes to Massachusetts Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

Massachusetts is starting to experience what towns along the border have been going through for months.

This also just happened in MA.

Democrats are busy treating Trump like an emergency.

Hunter Biden’s troubles are also growing.

This is ridiculous.

Crime is an ongoing issue.

At least this ended well.

This is just absurd.

You don’t say.


Getting results!

World news.

More green insanity.

Is this still America?

Oh great.

He was doing crowd control.

She really needs to retire.

This is not good.

They never stop.

Of course.


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Leftist morale utterly broken after 30 migrant families cross Massachusetts border. Governor declares state of emergency. Boston social service agency falters after third day of rendering social services to non-Irish citizen-immigrants.

Irish-Catholics perfectly stunned by influx of inscrutable “Roman” Catholics.

Very funny watching Liberals dealing with the consequences of their vote

The Gentle Grizzly | August 13, 2023 at 9:39 am

Variation on a theme of the screaming crowds in “Southie” about bussing “them” to their schools, conveniently forgetting who they voted for.

Love the lead photo.
“New England Democrats Identified As Original Genetic Pool of RBF.”

Oh, look, NIMBY Democrats upset when they have to pay the costs. But then it’s always been like that. So much so that even the NY Times has written articles and done YouTube videos about it:

“For some of these foundational Democratic values of housing equality, progressive taxation, and education equality, Democrats don’t actually embody their values very well,” Harris says.

Applebaum is even more blunt.

“Blue states are the problem,” the economics writer says. “Blue states are where the housing crisis is located. Blue states are where the disparities in education funding are the most dramatic. Blue states are the places where tens of thousands of homeless people are living on the streets. Blue states are the places where economic inequality is increasing most quickly in this country. This is not a problem of not doing well enough; it is a situation where blue states are the problem.”