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Rep. Cori Bush Made Thousands Teaching Graduate Course on Reparations

Rep. Cori Bush Made Thousands Teaching Graduate Course on Reparations

“reported earning a $15,000 salary from George Mason University in 2022 on her financial disclosure report”

Well, it’s certainly a subject she is passionate about.

FOX News reports:

Cori Bush pocketed thousands to teach graduate-level reparations course at George Mason, disclosures show

Democratic Rep. Cori Bush pocketed thousands of dollars to teach a graduate-level reparations course at a Washington, D.C.-area university last year, filings show.

The Missouri congresswoman, perhaps the most outspoken federal lawmaker pushing for reparations over what she calls a “moral and legal obligation” for the “enslavement of Africans” to atone for the harm it caused, reported earning a $15,000 salary from George Mason University in 2022 on her financial disclosure report.

Bush received the compensation to co-teach a summer class at the university titled “The Public Pedagogy of Truth and Reparations,” according to a May 2022 press release from the school.

“This course will look at the creation of interrelated mechanisms: truth telling processes, participatory critical pedagogy and reparations as political and moral practices that can help address state sponsored violence against African Americans and other targeted groups while opening space for to imagine possibilities for greater racial justice in the United States and abroad,” the university wrote of Bush’s course.

“Students will meet other practitioners working on these issues from across the country and learn about cutting-edge practices being employed to address long running issues of structural violence and systemic racism,” the press release continued. “As a result, students will gain insight into the challenges and opportunities of building grassroots initiatives that support communities directly impacted by violence and gain greater fluency and competence in engaging larger policy debates and legislation at the Federal level.”


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Gotta be among the highest-paid adjuncts ever. Shame on GM for promoting this crap.

    For proof that reparations are signaling hypocrisy and self- righteousness just ask, ‘do you have to know yourself to think for yourself?’ and remind them that the soul is colorless, and watch the lunacy begin – but bc this is a recipe with ignorance of their own soul, and money, ego and political correctness, race and relativism, added, there will be attacks.

    If you pray, please do because these reparations aren’t sacrifices, but punishment, and nobody in human history ever got even…

    A life of penance is a life of privilege!

“Made Thousands…”
When you wrote this headline, did you plant your pinky on the corner of your mouth?
$15K is less than most Democrat grifters make for a single speech.
In fact, it’s so lowball that it’s a well-deserved insult to Cori Bush’s intellect.

Suburban Farm Guy | August 14, 2023 at 8:27 am

All these black people yapping about how much I owe them over slavery may actually turn me into a racist. It’s so dumb a concept and they push so hard — wow, okay, maybe blacks are indeed stupid and unreliable. Not good citizens at all.. I don’t want to believe that, but dayum. It’s getting harder to escape the conclusion every day.