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Ohio State University Med Students Required to Read ‘Anti-Racist’ DEI Literature

Ohio State University Med Students Required to Read ‘Anti-Racist’ DEI Literature

“Acknowledge that you see what’s happening and share your solidarity in dismantling racism”

The politics of the left now come first in absolutely everything.

Campus Reform reports:

OSU med students required to read ‘antiracism’ docs, warned against asking Black colleagues ‘How are you doing?’

Ohio State University College of Medicine (OSUCOM) students are required to read a slew of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and antiracism literature, including an opinion piece that recommends a White colleague not ask a Black colleague how they are doing.

“This opinion piece … informs the reader of ‘things to be mindful of with not only Black friends but also Black Colleagues in the workplace.’ One recommendation is to stop asking, ‘How are you doing?’ Its reason is that the situation ‘for Black People (and all People of Color)’ is to ‘experience racism every day,’” the July 2023 report published by Do No Harm, a medical nonprofit, states.

The report’s author, Laura Morgan, is a former registered nurse and nurse residency coordinator at Baylor Scott & White Health in College Station, Texas. She was involuntarily terminated for refusing to take the annual implicit bias training.

The author of the opinion piece, “6 Questions to Stop Asking Your Black Friends Right Now,” recommends coworkers “use statements and just say you are thinking of us,” is Daisy Hunt Harris, a DEI consultant.

“Acknowledge that you see what’s happening and share your solidarity in dismantling racism,” Hunt Harris writes. “And then, say up front that you do not expect a text, a call, a response back. Take the burden off.”

A Black person who receives a “How’re you doing” text is akin to someone who recently lost a loved one receiving the same message, Harris also writes.

second piece written by Harris and that OSUCOM students must read recommends that White people ask their Black colleagues if they need to make space before beginning a discussion.

“It is important that you ask Black people (not White people) if they would like further discussion space, as not everyone is comfortable, ready, or simply willing to discuss at work,” Harris writes.


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I don’t think that she understands what the word “dismantle” means. I know that when I am dismantling a house, the last thing that I do is reinforce the structure.

I wish I could say U of Michigan Med School was less woke (less racist) than OSU, but that is unfortunately not the case.
The Communist/Socialist/ Racists are fully in charge and nothing short of bankruptcy and administrative purging is going to change it.
Sorry, I tried for decades to change the sinking ship and finally UofM was a lost cause.
Buckeyes? I pray you have better luck kicking those parasites out.

My one hope in life is that Lucky Hank returns with season 2 dedicated to Hank taking on the DEI forces at the college. Just so much material out there to work with.