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July 2023: Border Arrests Jumped 30% , Biden Admin Allowed in Almost 50,000 Migrants

July 2023: Border Arrests Jumped 30% , Biden Admin Allowed in Almost 50,000 Migrants

Yes, it’s still a mess.

Geez, Louise!

Title 42 ended in May. Apprehensions at the border dropped by 42% in June.

The Washington Post issued a scathing article about the Biden administration’s failures at the border in July 2023. The preliminary data from the Customs and Border Protection (CBP):

  • Border arrests jumped 30%
  • 130,000 arrests along the border
  • 40,000 arrests alone in the Tucson sector (highest one-month total in 15 years)
  • Around 50,000 migrants waived through

The Washington Free Beacon‘s data says the administration waived through 45,662 migrants.

So anywhere between 45,000 and 50,000.

All of those migrants had the CBP One mobile app the administration has bragged about for months.

But large groups started coming back to the border in July despite the extreme heat. Those people came from Mexico, Central America, and Africa:

Smuggling organizations have shifted traffic to those areas because they know U.S. authorities have limited detention space and migrants who cross into Arizona are more likely to be quickly released, according to two CBP officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to reporters.

In CBP’s Rio Grande Valley and Del Rio sectors, tens of thousands of migrants crossed the Rio Grande into Texas, skirting concertina wire, floating barriers and other obstacles deployed by Gov. Greg Abbott’s “Operation Lone Star” campaign, the latest figures show.

Family groups increased in July as well, causing more problems. The administration eliminated the family detention centers in 2021:

Parents with children comprise about half of the migrants currently held in CBP custody, according to one official, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak to reporters.

To accommodate more families and provided better conditions for children, the Biden administration is expanding its use of temporary “soft-sided” facilities with steep operating costs. The large tent structures provide more amenities than brick-and-mortar Border Patrol stations whose austere holding cells were designed for adults.

The numbers make sense because the Sanctuary City of New York City is running out of room. Mayor Eric Adams has even pleaded with migrants not to come to the city.


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The question is “how many”… how many are needed to permanent rig elections for the Party forever versus how many needed to join the ranks of the street army of the Party to enforce whatever decrees are made by the Hidden Junta… the Dem Politburo. Cloward and Piven on the threshold.

    And the answer is, “Take the average difference in votes between the two main candidates, and multiply it by a large enough factor to mitigate any statistical anomalies.”

    The 2016 election had a difference of about 3 million votes between Trump and Hillary (yes, Hillary had the popular vote, but still). 2012’s difference was about 5 million, 2008’s nearly 10 million. Averaged out, that’s about 6 million.

    Migrants statistically vote ~80% Democrat, so at minimum they’d need 7.2 million (6 million x [100/80]) for Republican-favored Presidential races to instead be neck-and-neck.

    But to virtually guarantee Democrat rule in perpetuity, they’ll probably shoot for about 10 times that; ~70 million. And they’re well on their way, now they just need to let them vote.

Thank you for the article, but do we have to keep calling them “migrants” instead of illegal aliens?

We are so screwed

“The people come across are now indentured servants to the cartels and they’re working off their payment in the American cities (to which they are flown at taxpayer expense)… So, we now have the cartels who are running our immigration policy in this country and they’re bringing, you know, in three years seven million people have come across illegally.”

Please. For God’s sake, NO MIGRANTS were “admitted” to the US.

OTOH, almost 50K illegal aliens were admitted to the US. To go along with the 50MM or so who are already here.

Expect further and larger waves of illegals soon. They see that Biden is in trouble politically and will want to get into the USA before things change.