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Ivy League Universities Have an Anti-Semitism Problem

Ivy League Universities Have an Anti-Semitism Problem

“Take, for example, the report on Ynet this past Sunday, which revealed that a new course at Princeton this fall includes a book in its syllabus which claims that the Israeli army harvests Palestinian organs.”

This has been going on for decades and it needs to be addressed at some point.

Michael Freund writes:

Ivy League universities are poisoned with antisemitism

Thirty-three years ago, I stood amid the ivy-covered architecture on the campus of Princeton University and proudly tossed my cap in the air along with my fellow graduating students.

The feeling of elation upon completion of our studies at the august institution, which was founded in 1746 and was the site of a famous battle in 1777 during the American Revolution, was hard to contain. We all felt a sense of accomplishment, and I was proud to call myself a Princetonian.

But in recent years, amid rising antisemitism at my alma mater, as well as other Ivy League colleges, I am sorry to say that my youthful sense of school pride has unfortunately withered.

I may still be a Princetonian, but I am first and foremost a Jew, and I grieve over the rise in anti-Israel and antisemitic sentiments on campus and the school administration’s failure to curtail them.

Take, for example, the report on Ynet this past Sunday, which revealed that a new course at Princeton this fall includes a book in its syllabus which claims that the Israeli army harvests Palestinian organs.

The course, titled “The Healing Humanities: Decolonizing Trauma Studies from the Global South,” is scheduled to be taught by assistant professor of Near Eastern studies Satyel Larson.

Part of the required reading is a book called The Right to Maim, which alleges that Israeli soldiers deliberately shoot Palestinians with the intention of maiming rather than killing them so as to make use of their organs.

This is nothing less than a modern-day version of the medieval antisemitic blood libel. Incredibly, when contacted by Ynet, Princeton University refused to comment, as though the fact that blatant Jew-hatred will be taught on campus is not worthy of a reaction.

And yet, we all know how different things would be if the book in question was directed at African-Americans, Latinos, or any other ethnic group. But when it comes to Jews, reviving an age-old slander is apparently considered acceptable in the halls of academia.


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The Gentle Grizzly | August 14, 2023 at 11:33 am

The Ivies (Ivys?) have had a Hew problem for decades. I’m not surprised.

It appears that the European Jew-haters didn’t wipe out enough of the world’s Jewish population 80+ years ago, so they’re pushing the initiative to do a better job this time, starting in this country.

It’s warfare by other-than-violent-means


And big money. From places like Qatar etc.

The Pals and the Iranians intend to destroy Israel. They say it over and over and over again. They write it over and over again. And they aren’t going to give up voluntarily. Truth be damned

Money talks loudly at universities etc

Not much difference between a university administration and an opiate-addicted homeless hooker in withdrawal. They’ll both say and do most anything for $

Steven Brizel | August 15, 2023 at 8:37 am

The Ivies have had issues involving anti Semitism for decades

Do these courses mention blowing up of buses full of passengers and lifetime pensions for the families of terrorists who perform such acts against Jews (and others who might happen to be nearby)?

Oh they forgot. Princeton really seems to have gone down. Maybe it was never that great anyway. They got Einstein in the 1930’s (long after he had written all his famous papers) and have ridden that horse for a long time. Also they were big a long time ago and Alexander Hamilton was denied admission, which it seems he never forgot. And it was still important when Woodrow Wilson was university president before becoming US president. Now Princeton is trying to erase the memory of Woodrow Wilson, as if they have so much else. What other important things are there to say about Princeton?