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House GOP Wants All Unredacted Documents Associated With Then-VP Joe Biden’s Email Burner Account

House GOP Wants All Unredacted Documents Associated With Then-VP Joe Biden’s Email Burner Account

Oversight Committee Chairman Comer claimed Robert L. Peters’ email “[email protected]” belonged to Biden.

House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer has demanded the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) hand over all unredacted documents that include then-Vice President Joe Biden’s email burner account.

Yes, the committee identified an email account for a “Robert L. Peters” as a pseudonym for Biden:

In a four-week period in 2016, for instance, John Flynn, who worked in the Office of the Vice President, sent Joe his official daily schedule to his private e-mail address [email protected] and copied Hunter.

There were 10 such e-mails copied to Hunter between May 18 and June 15, 2016.

In one e-mail from Flynn to Joe, a k a Robert Peters, on May 26, 2016, and copied to Hunter, the schedule includes “8.45am prep for 9am phonecall with Pres Poroshenko.”

The documents belong to Case Number 2023-0022-F, which is called “Email Messages To and/or From Vice President Biden and Hunter Biden related to Burisma and Ukraine.” The documents include an email with Biden’s pseudonym (emphasis mine):

These records have been redacted for public release pursuant to the PRA and FOIA. For example, an email bearing the subject “Friday Schedule Card,” is withheld in part under a “P6” and “b(6)” restrictions, denoting personal information regarding the subject under the PRA and FOIA respectively. Attached to this email, and made available on the NARA website, is a document that indicates at 9:00 a.m. on May 27, 2016, Vice President Biden took a call with the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. It is concerning to the Committee, however, that this document was sent to “Robert L. Peters”—a pseudonym the Committee has identified as then VicePresident Biden. Additionally, the Committee questions why the then-Vice President’s son, Hunter Biden—and only Hunter Biden—was copied on this email to then-Vice President Biden.

But Comer wants NARA to hand over “all documents in which a pseudonym for Vice President Joe Biden was included either as a sender, recipient, copied or was included in the contents of the document or communication, including but not limited to Robert Peters, Robin Ware, and JRB Ware.”

The committee also wants communications associated with Hunter Biden and his former associates Eric Scwerin and Devon Archer along with drafts of Biden’s speech to the Ukrainian parliament on December 9, 2015.


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Comer is like a pit bull that has his jaws locked on Biden’s you know what.

2smartforlibs | August 17, 2023 at 1:17 pm

The left has become skilled at dodging the FOIA. Obama. Clinton even the left-minded Romney.

Government employees are cautioned not to use personal email accounts for government business, because if even *one* email touches that account, the whole thing can be subpoenaed. Unless (D) of course.

    Correct. It’s not that personal accounts can’t be used for official business, but there’s a whole approval process (which should address things like security, authentication, device access, encryption [if applicable], what messages and tasks will it be used for, etc.), and yes, it does carry the risk that if records get subpoenaed, the entire account is open to scrutiny.

    That’s what you agree to if you want to use a personal email account for official government business.

    Thus, it’s not illegal, and it does happen, but it’s strongly discouraged in favor of official accounts.

      Olinser in reply to Archer. | August 17, 2023 at 6:01 pm

      Hillary already wiped her ass with that law by deleting tens of thousands of emails, and nothing happened.

      What a shock nobody else is afraid of any consequences.

        Agreed. And it’s not like they couldn’t do anything. Forensic technicians have some really crazy tools and techniques for data recovery.

        (Fun IT fact: Just hitting “Delete” doesn’t get rid of anything; it just tells the computer to: 1. stop indexing that data so it doesn’t show up in files, and 2. mark those memory sectors as “writable” and available for new saves. The data is still there, and data recovery tools are built to find and read those areas. Even if it’s overwritten with new data, enough traces of the old data remain that really good forensic data tools can STILL read it.)

        All the Committee Chairs had to do was write the order to get her server and BlackBerry and have them analyzed. But they didn’t.

        At the end of the day, Hillary got away with it because the Committee let her.

        And then they wonder why nobody trusts Congressional Committees to do anything real and tangible.

He’s going to have to go to a subpoena. There’s a strong chance that one will be ignored but it has to be tried.

Does Comer want all documents unreacted, or just the documents that haven’t been redacted/

    Ironclaw in reply to MarkS. | August 17, 2023 at 3:23 pm

    I would think redactions would be completely unacceptable since it’s not a government email address

      p1cunnin in reply to Ironclaw. | August 17, 2023 at 4:51 pm

      I duuno about that. “” appears to be a government domain, although it doesn’t map back to any agency or website, but it does appear to be under the control of the feds. There’s an interesting line of questioning there about what exactly these email addresses in this domain are supposed to be used for. Maybe it is a secure, personal use email system for top dogs following Hillary’s email debacle, but I would be curious to know what policies and rules surround it.

        Ironclaw in reply to p1cunnin. | August 17, 2023 at 11:57 pm

        It was described in the story as a private email address

        PCI = Presidential Community of Interest (source: GitHub .csv file of .gov domains. You’ll have to Ctrl+F; the file is too large for the interface’s built-in search.)

        It is a government entity, but not an agency, and probably doesn’t have a website.

        But the name, “Presidential Community of Interest”, sounds a bit like it’s there to give official-looking credentials and email addresses to non-government employees — or give government employees a second address separate from their official one.

        Whether that means they are “private” email addresses remains to be seen, but just having a second address under a pseudonym looks pretty sketchy on its own.

Fat_Freddys_Cat | August 17, 2023 at 2:24 pm

It figures that Biden would use a pseudonym with “Peter” in it.

I quote the Ace of Spades:

“They’re not hiding their above-board conversations with an alias, but the sketchy ones. The colluding ones. The weaponization of government ones. The subversion of the IRS ones.

“The changing-US-policy-regarding-Ukraine-to-collect-a-bribe-through-your-bagman-crackhead-son ones.”

That’s exactly right and should be the exact presumption in law: the use of personal or burner email accounts by government officials is being done to avoid disclosing what are illegal acts.

The GOP is correctly known as the “Stupid Party”; watch how they handle this and you’ll see why.

Comer can “want”. He won’t “get”.
If the GOP was serious, they would start cutting off funding for non cooperative agencies. First thing — no funds for black redaction markers.
Until they do, it is a uniparty Kabuki dance.
“Director Bumble, I understand it is your agencies policy to not comment on such matters. You need to understand it is the House policy that questions are answered, fully and clearly. You either comply or we defined your agency. Your move.”

It thanks the question, why would the vice pedophile need to use a pseudonym?

Now for the million-dollar question:

Will they be demanding the deleted e-mails and unsent drafts?

Steven Brizel | August 17, 2023 at 5:15 pm

Let’s get the subpoena out for this burner account and the bank records.Burner accounts and anonymous email addresses are used to hide and conceal one’s actions and motives .

Obama: Luckily for us, Joe already wiped all his personal emails.
Hillary: You mean, like, with a Baby Wipe?