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Gretchen Whitmer Creates New Department to Pursue “‘Tuition Free’ Michigan”

Gretchen Whitmer Creates New Department to Pursue “‘Tuition Free’ Michigan”

“the Michigan Department of Lifelong Education, Advancement, and Potential (MiLEAP)”

Democrats are in a mad dash to set up programs for ‘free’ college tuition. This issue is very important to them and more importantly, their voter base.

Campus Reform reports:

Whitmer launches new department in quest for ‘tuition-free’ Michigan

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive order on July 11, creating a statewide department that will assist with educational resources to ensure that K-12 students are on a path to “tuition-free” college.

In a state that already has an education department, the Michigan Department of Lifelong Education, Advancement, and Potential (MiLEAP) will share Whitmer’s goals of universal and state-funded pre-K over four years, as well as tuition-free college.

“I’m establishing MiLEAP today because we need to get every kid started early, in pre-K, so they succeed in kindergarten, have paths after graduation to get higher education tuition-free, and forge strong partnerships with our employers so they can get a good-paying, high-skill, and in-demand job,” Whitmer said.

MiLEAP’s stated goals include accelerating progress toward the state’s “Sixty by 30 goal” (of increasing the number of “working-age adults with a skill certificate or college degree from 50.5% today to 60% by 2030”) so that everyone in the state can “earn a skill certificate or degree after high school, tuition-free.”

Effective Dec. 1, MiLEAP “will ensure all available resources, data, and funds are aligned around a single vision—building an education system that can support the economy of the future and help anyone make it in Michigan.”

Jakob Loutzenhiser, a senior at Ferris State University and president of FSU College Republicans, said he is concerned about how Whitmer’s education goals will be funded.

“I really like the idea of having [parents] send their kid to pre-K for free, but my concern comes from where this money is coming from and how much it will cost the people of Michigan,” Loutzenhiser said. “It seems like there isn’t a ton of knowledge of what the price tag is.”


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An important question:
Does she have the authority under Michigan’s constitution to set up a new department? That’s not usually the case under a republican form of gov’t.

This is more of the Progressive belief that knowledge elevates all people and providing this knowledge automatically makes all the good things happen. Just like writing laws reduces crime. People are widgets, always inherently good and inherently capable when regulated properly. If everyone goes to college, then everyone will become a highly paid professional! And that’s good (to them) because they worship the mind (“Reason”) and “experts” are their clerisy.

And they really can’t even see how it won’t work – because they are blind to true human nature.

The philosophy behind the $15/hr minimum wage as applied to post-high school education or “Everybody is entitiled to a trophy.”

Just another reminder that “tuition free” really means publicly funded. Many faculty I know cheer that on but when they experience it they won’t like it very much.

Nothing is as expensive as “free”. Tuition is the only thing restraining university budgets. You might think there isn’t much restraint now given you can get into six-figures debt paying it, and you’d be right, but “free” removes all restraint whatsoever.

Ugly, UGLY woman’s husband is a dentist. Too bad he is not a gynochiatrist. Vapid cretin harlot desperately needs some depravity in her life to divert her contempt from the people of Michigan.

Waste money on government run daycare also known as Pre-K which has no evidence that it amounts to any long term improvement on test scores then throw in free college which is not a gurentee of a job. All while increasing taxes and accelerating the move out of that state for all who can leave. Good Job, Cruella Whitmer.
BTW: why does she always look like a coke addicted psychopath trying to talk you into coming inside her kitchen?

She looks like evil incarnate in that photo…very apropos

No sane American should have anything to do with Michigan. It really is that simple.

“Free College” will become very difficult to qualify for. Expect screening testing to ‘path’ kids between College and coleg. Political testing as well.

The European states don’t allow you to just go wherever your little heart desires – you gotta pass tests to get the choices.