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Court of Appeals in Michigan Upholds Ban on Campus Carry

Court of Appeals in Michigan Upholds Ban on Campus Carry

“We are planning to appeal.”

This is actually a very interesting case. The ruling is a shame, though.

Campus Reform reports:

Michigan Court of Appeals upholds ban on campus carry

The Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court decision Thursday that prohibits firearms on the University of Michigan’s campus on the basis that it is considered a “sensitive place.”

In Wade v. University of Michigan, Court of Appeals Judges Mark Cavanagh and Deborah Servitto ruled 2-0 that the government can regulate firearms at the University of Michigan because of its “sensitive place” status.

“I am disappointed in the ruling because the court used the broadest expansion of ‘sensitive place’ ever,” Steve Dulan, the attorney of plaintiff Joshua Wade, told Campus Reform. “That’s what this case is about: definitions. We are planning to appeal.”

The story began about nine years ago in Ann Arbor when a “kindhearted” University of Michigan police officer told Wade not to cross the street or else he would have to arrest him for open carrying, Dulan told Campus Reform.

“[Wade is] an open carrier in part because it spurs conversations about the Second Amendment,” Dulan said. “He enjoys it and he’s an activist.”

Wade told the police officer that Michigan has a preemption statute that prohibits local units of government from establishing their own limitations on the purchase, sale, or possession of firearms. The police officer responded, “We have a law. No guns on campus,” Dulan told Campus Reform.

The police officer then explained that he would have to arrest Wade for stepping over “an invisible line that’s not marked in any way,” Dulan continued.


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U of M’s culture is best understood when one considers that a former “general counsel” was the Oberlin College president who started the Gibson’s fiasco, and then bolted.

In alcoholics anonymous this is called a “geographical.” Create a mess, and then take the behavior to a new location and repeat. I wonder how much this will cost his current employer down the road. Something about leopards and spots.

Chris Wray visited U of Mich campus several months ago yes?

Now this ruling makes U of Mich community completely defenseless yes?

And so if past is prologue, ,one can reasonably anticipate a mass shooting on the U of Mich campus within a year or so yes?

Before the Nov 2024 election. Like they usually do it Yes?

And the perpetrator will have been “on the FBI radar” yes?

Rinse and repeat yes?

Don’t fret the ruling. Nobody expected better from the court of appeals of that state. Now comes the real fight.