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California Mom Claims She Lost Her Job After Speaking Out Against Gender Ideology Taught in School

California Mom Claims She Lost Her Job After Speaking Out Against Gender Ideology Taught in School

“We are alarmed that gender identity is now being discussed in math classes”

This is a classic case of cancel culture. People engaged in a campaign to destroy this woman’s life.

FOX News reports:

California mother claims she lost her job for opposing sexual ideology in schools: ‘Absolutely devastating’

A California mother of three who claims she was fired for speaking out about education curriculum at her local school board meeting told Fox News Digital that she has been unfairly branded as racist, homophobic and transphobic by members of her community in letters sent to her employer and printed in local news outlets.

Janet Roberson spoke at a Benicia Unified School District (BUSD) meeting on April 20, where she expressed concerns about the district’s sexual education curriculum that she said taught “gender confusion, not gender clarification” because it told 10-year-old students they could choose their own gender and receive puberty blockers. She said teaching “vulnerable children that lifetime dependence on medical care is a viable option is completely unacceptable and evil.”

“Children are being asked to identify their pronouns and this is now part of the ten-year-old curriculum,” Roberson said of the curriculum. “This forces a gender discussion beyond the scope of the state requirements and complicates an already overburdened classroom environment.”

“We are alarmed that gender identity is now being discussed in math classes,” she added. “This takes time from core learning and does not benefit the students who are in our community. Teaching kids that there isn’t standard or truth and that you can believe anything that you want to believe is not scientifically accurate or medically correct. For example, the notion that a girl can decide to be a boy, or a boy can decide to be a girl is not true and should not be taught.”…

In a letter to the editor published in the Benecia Times-Herald, community resident William “Billy” Innes called Roberson’s speech a “bigoted diatribe,” and likened her beliefs posted on her website and Facebook page as “racist, homophobic, transphobic” with “anti-COVID safety, and anti-COVID vaccine writings, along with content that favors Eugenics.”

Innes compared her beliefs to those of doctors who worked at concentration camps during World War II and suggested that as a local realtor, Roberson’s “unapologetic bigotry might well affect a marginalized person’s ability to purchase a home, contingent upon whether or not that buyer passes Janet Roberson’s racial/sexual purity test.”


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Nice realtor’s business you have here, it would be a shame if something happened to it.

Racist? Homophobic? Neither one makes sense here. The Left is just making stuff up. The only part of their trifecta of blame that even approaches the issue around the edges is transphobia, but the phobia is about what the schools and government are doing, not of the smidgen of a fraction of a percent of actual trans affected persons.

Now, what can we do about William “Billy” Innes of Benicia? Any idea what his business is?

    Ex-Oligarch in reply to Tel. | August 21, 2023 at 6:21 pm

    Based on 15 seconds of research, it looks like he’s a retired school teacher with political ambitions. Also, a batshit crazy lefty who rants about the Jan 6 “insurrection,” “white rage,” and similar foolishness.

      drsamherman in reply to Ex-Oligarch. | August 21, 2023 at 9:21 pm

      Don’t they all?

        Exactly. All those “individualists” who say kids need to “express themselves” and “be who they are”, are really all about enforcing conformity in both lifestyle and thought.

        The public school systems, particularly in Blue states, are less about education and schooling, and more about indoctrination and compliance.

        “Be who you are” … as long as it’s not a critical-thinking, fact-checking, freedom-minded, or hard-question-asking free citizen.

So she was fired because someone might be affected? What’s wrong with her cowardly employer that they should cave in to this?

    She was fired because she expressed her personal views on her personal Facebook page, and an anonymous third party doxxed her and her employer, made that link public, and started a harassment campaign to pressure them into terminating her employment.

    These “people” are sick.

    (And I agree, her employer did the easy thing instead of the right thing. OTOH, this is California, so corporate survival probably means having to appease the mob — fire one person, or go bankrupt and have to lay off everyone? I don’t envy them; that’s not a choice I’d want to have to make.)