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Boston University Hires ‘Disinformation Expert’ Who Was Fired by Harvard

Boston University Hires ‘Disinformation Expert’ Who Was Fired by Harvard

“I’m very excited to be working on producing events, colloquia and series that are about informing the public about technology being used to harm society”

Joan Donovan is a left wing activist who claims to be a disinformation expert. Naturally, the media loves her.

The Washington Post reports:

Boston University hires Harvard disinformation scholar Joan Donovan

Boston University has hired prominent disinformation expert Joan Donovan to a tenure-track position in its College of Communication after her dismissal as a Harvard University research director stoked fears about attacks on academic freedom.

The private Boston university said Donovan would start as an assistant professor on Sept. 1, a day after Harvard’s formal termination of her role at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. She will teach in the journalism department and the division of emerging media studies, which offers the only doctorates in the college.

Donovan, a critic of big social media companies who has kept a low profile since Harvard said it would end her contract, told The Washington Post she planned to return to the public stage.

“I’m very excited to be working on producing events, colloquia and series that are about informing the public about technology being used to harm society,” Donovan said. “Our goal is to be helpful within and beyond the university.”

Donovan had been director since 2019 of Shorenstein’s Technology and Social Change Research Project, where she had raised more than $5 million for a team of faculty, staff and students studying disinformation and media manipulation.

Donovan has studied how false medical information spread, including that which led to excess coronavirus deaths; the use of automated social media accounts in influence campaigns; the role of social media in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot; and the evolution of the QAnon web of conspiracy theories.

She has consistently made her evidence and conclusions public to a broad audience through workshops and television interviews, making her more recognizable than many tenured Harvard faculty members and bringing outsize attention to her work. She has also given congressional testimony about deceptive media campaigns.


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I take it from her picture that her specialty isn’t nutritional and weight loss information?

body positivity, Very, very positive

Her specialty is investigating
all-you-can-eat buffets to make sure it is not false advertising.

BU puppies wag their tails to get Harvard’s table scraps.
Reheated leftovers are never as good the second time around, but puppies never complain.
Ask Howard U how Nikole’s been working out for them. No complaints!

She is the reason that Hometown shut down, not the WuFlu.

Come on, I like Piling on as much as she does.

OK, time to put a fork in it, like shes does to everything she encounters.

I really should do better than go after low hanging fruit, much like she doesn’t.

OK, time to give my pacemaker a break. Yeah, that laughing does drain the battery faster, and replacing it involves a scalpel.

“Disinformation expert” must be the new term for “liar”.

B.U. is the Bud Light of academia.

B.U. is what the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team is to International Soccer.

A lot of hat. Not much cattle.

Per Collins Online Dictionary, a “FOOL (noun) is a silly or stupid person; a person who lacks judgment or sense.”

In 2023, if you choose to spend time or money at B.U., then you really are the embodiment of the dictionary definition of a fool.

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Gentle reminder: We only get one chance at Life.



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It looks like Chris Farley faked his own death to retreat from the spotlight but ran out of drug money.