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Another Trump Decision Reversed by Biden: U.S. Space Command is Staying in Colorado

Another Trump Decision Reversed by Biden: U.S. Space Command is Staying in Colorado

Decision may also be related to a hold by an Alabama senator on Biden’s military confirmations.

The last time I reported on the US Space Command, President Donald Trump had decided to move it to Alabama from Colorado.

“Huntsville compared favorably across more of these factors than any other community, providing a large, qualified workforce, quality schools, superior infrastructure capacity, and low initial and recurring costs,” the Air Force said in a statement. “Additionally, Redstone Arsenal offered a facility to support the headquarters, at no cost, while the permanent facility is being constructed.”

Biden has just reversed that decision.

…Biden has determined that Colorado Springs will be the permanent headquarters of U.S. Space Command, reversing a Trump administration decision to move the facility to Alabama, the Pentagon announced Monday.

The decision will only intensify a bitter parochial battle on Capitol Hill, as members of the Colorado and Alabama delegations have spent months accusing each other of playing politics on the future of the four-star command.

The command was reestablished in 2019 and given temporary headquarters in Colorado while the Air Force evaluated a list of possible permanent sites. With an eye on Russia and China, its job is to oversee the military’s operations of space assets and the defense of satellites.

Pentagon spokesperson Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said Biden notified the Department of Defense on Monday that he had made the decision, after speaking with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and weighing the input of senior military leaders.

“Locating Headquarters U.S. Space Command in Colorado Springs ultimately ensures peak readiness in the space domain for our nation during a critical period,” Ryder said in a statement. “It will also enable the command to most effectively plan, execute and integrate military spacepower into multi-domain global operations in order to deter aggression and defend national interests.”

Part of the rationale may be the decision to keep the Space Command where it is may be sensible.

Adrienne Watson, a spokesperson for the National Security Council, said in a written statement that Biden made the decision after consulting with the secretary of defense and reviewing the advice of military leaders.

“…U.S Space Command headquarters is expected to achieve ‘full operational capability’ at Colorado Springs soon in August. Maintaining the headquarters at its current location ensures no risk of disruption to Space Command’s mission and personnel, and avoids a transition that could impact readiness at a critical time given the challenges we continue to face.”

But this is Biden we are talking about. Vindictiveness against Trump and Red State citizens is generally the hallmark of what remains of his decision-making apparatus. Additionally, there is a struggle occurring between the Biden Pentagon and a US Senator.

The announcement comes as the Biden administration has been battling with Sen. Tommy Tuberville, a Republican from Alabama, over a Pentagon policy that pays for women to travel to other states to obtain reproductive healthcare, including abortions, if the state to which they are assigned doesn’t allow access to those services.

Tuberville has placed a hold on all U.S. military senior officer confirmations—more than 280—as a way to pressure the Pentagon to suspend the policy. As a result of the hold, the Marine Corps doesn’t have a sitting commandant for the first time in 100 years.

Talks between Tuberville and Austin and others haven’t yielded results.

I suspect this move is not going to enhance cooperation. But fewer Biden military appointments might actually be better for our national defense anyway.

In conclusion, Biden’s stunt may result in a complete win for this nation. It may be his one and only win.

I can only hope that wherever it is, the men and women serving at Space Command stay focused on the mission and not woke policies and racialist agendas.

U.S. Space Command, working with Allies and Partners, plans, executes, and integrates military spacepower into multi-domain global operations in order to deter aggression, defend national interests, and when necessary, defeat threats.


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Politics aside, Huntsville is the proper place for it.

    Concise in reply to starride. | August 1, 2023 at 9:53 am

    If you’re looking for a decision that puts the best interests of the country at front, you’ve come to the wrong administration.

One more example of why executive orders are worthless in the long run. If Trump wins in 2024, will he have the ability to work with Congress to make laws and not executive orders? He is already insulting McConnell and it doesn’t appear he has learned anything about dealing with other elected people.

    starride in reply to inspectorudy. | August 1, 2023 at 12:27 pm

    McConnell has publicly stated that he hates Trump, and if you look at McConnell’s history during 45’s administration you will se that McConnell and his minions did everything they could to thwart Trump

    Painful Reality in reply to inspectorudy. | August 2, 2023 at 8:35 am

    Sadly, both your comment and starride’s are true. Trump is terrible about picking the right person for the job (if he/she even exists) and has a terrible time owning up to his mistakes. On the other hand, if you work with the present politicians it means you must go along with the corruption and graft. A real world catch-22.

Not the first time Bama had a base or basing decision pulled out from under them. LBJ closed Brookley Air Force Base in Mobile. It was a logistical Dream location; deep water port facilities of Mobile Bay, Interstate access to I-10 E/W and I-65 N/S, major rail lines and adjacent civilian airports.

As the cost of Vietnam increased LBJ was looking to shave some expenses. When Alabama voted for Goldwater in ’64 instead of Johnson Brookley AFB was put on the closure list despite all the inherent logistical advantages of the location.

It always amazes me with what glee it is posted when Biden reverses a Trump decision

No matter how wrong it is

As if Biden does anything right for America

Mind blowing actually

brightlights | August 1, 2023 at 9:41 pm

I’ve talked to retired USAF and USN guys who know about these things. Who also can’t share many details due to what jobs they did. “Oh yes I did do a tour on the E-4B doomsday 747”.. It is the right decision to keep things where they are now. Mostly because that is where everything is and would be staying even if the HQ moved to Alabama.

A excellent reason why this happened is because the Pork King Richard Shelby finally quit the senate. The NASA boondoggle called the SLS? He was one of the chief reasons it exists cuz it gives the Marshall Space Center a reason to exist.

    Painful Reality in reply to brightlights. | August 2, 2023 at 8:40 am

    Many organizations including the U.S. Military make large moves. This is done for strategic as well as economic reasons. There are many practical reasons the Huntsville Alabama was chosen and Colorado was fifth. This decision was purely political.