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University of Chicago Offers Course Called ‘Queering God’

University of Chicago Offers Course Called ‘Queering God’

“Progressive actors seek to conquer and remake God into some crude mockery in their own image.”

Every field of study has to be reimagined with the left’s agenda at its core. Even this.

FOX News reports:

‘Is God queer?’: University of Chicago offers ‘Queering God’ course to study reimagining of gender in theology

The University of Chicago’s 2023-2024 course catalog includes a religious studies course on “Queering God,” applying LGBTQ+ ideology to different religions and examining the ways gender is being reimagined in theology.

“Can God be an ally in queer worldmaking? Is God queer? What does queerness have to do with Judaism, Christianity, or Islam? This course introduces students to foundational concepts in queer and trans studies by focusing on queer Jewish, Christian, and Islamic theologies,” the course description reads.

“We will analyze the ways that contemporary artists, activists, and scholars are using theology to reimagine gender and experiment with new relational forms,” it continues. “Our readings will include a variety of genres: memoir, letters, scriptural interpretation, and a novel. There will be no presumption of previous acquaintance with any of the readings or topics discussed, or indeed with any academic theology or queer theory at all.”

Beginning fall 2023, students can take the course taught by Olivia Bustion, who earned her Master of Divinity degree from UChicago in 2014 and is currently working on a doctoral program in theology at the school.

“Progressive actors seek to conquer and remake God into some crude mockery in their own image. The Christian God is without gender, without sex. To think of Him in such human terms and reduce Him to these categories is deeply disrespectful,” Joseph Flores, a student co-president of a Christian ministry organization at UChicago, told the Daily Caller, who initially reported on the course.


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When people show you who they are, believe them.

Imagine the oh-so-serious meetings and email exchanges that it took to get this course approved by the various relevant administrators

Remember: We only see the tiniest percentage of the shark jumping that takes place at UC and elsewhere.

If you have what it takes to get admitted to UC then you have what it takes to succeed in Life without having anything to do with UC

henrybowman | July 28, 2023 at 2:52 pm

Women athletes could benefit from our defense, but we decline because white-knightism doesn’t result in the necessary internalized self-reliance resources.

It’s comforting to realize that God doesn’t even need our defense.

This is exactly the kind of thing that is destroying higher ed. It is not a “course” in the traditional sense but indoctrination.

I have no concern if schools/departments want to hold seminars/philosophical discussions about this (as well many other matters): my concern is about the “teachers” who grade the students’ exams; should a student write a paper that totally contradicts the teachers “feelings” and his/her view of the course matter.

“Reimagine”……thereby admitting the truth without speaking a word.

Wait until they find out that a rainbow is God frowning.