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The College Campus War on Men Continues

The College Campus War on Men Continues

“is it any wonder they are choosing to forgo degrees?”

Despite the common narrative, it is men, not women, who face some of the biggest challenges in higher education.

Jennifer Kabbany of the College Fix writes at the Spectator:

The War on Men Continues on Campus

Nowhere has the feminist goal of domination been more clearly realized than on the college campus.

At the front of the classroom, women hold an equal number of full-time faculty positions as men and surpass them in non tenure teaching roles. Three-quarters of Ivy League presidents are female, and 66 percent of college administrators are female.

Among those seated at the desks, the 2020–21 academic year saw 11.4 million women enrolled as college students, far outnumbering the eight million male students and continuing the trend of a female majority in higher education that has persisted for decades.

Men are also more likely to drop out of college. According to recent graduation rates, women between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-four are more likely to hold a bachelor’s degree, at 46 percent compared to men’s 36. Women also earn more graduate and doctoral degrees than their male counterparts.

Most observers agree that these female-majority statistics show no signs of abating, in part because the college degree, with its steep cost, has lost its luster for many young men, who instead opt for blue-collar jobs, tech pathways, apprenticeships, or the military.

But there is another factor less often discussed but just as vital to the big picture: men are browbeaten on college campuses with the mantra that masculinity is bad and that men who choose to identify as women are the real heroes.


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Colleges in America today are like the barroom scene in the original STAR WARS

But seriously folks, one of the most important aspects of mental health is avoiding toxic/dysfunctional no-win People, Places, and Things.

A mentally healthy person avoids dangerous neighborhoods — it’s just common sense. Better safe than sorry.

Likewise, today, a mentally healthy family avoids enrolling a son in an American college.

It’s just common sense

Better safe than sorry.

There are many wonderful alternatives.

Real men accept reality, as it is, and get on with it.

I remember reading about a guy who was in his final year of medical school in Iran, in 1979. Then, the revolution happened, and he fled to California with his family. He wound up running several successful restaurants.

Life happens.

Deal with it.

Don’t whine.

Be a man.

The sexual revolution has been disastrous for both men and women.

Watch Tucker’s interview with Andrew Tate. After explaining the bogus charges against him, he tears into the war on masculinity.

I can tell you about one college where there isn’t a war on men. That’s Wabash College, in Indiana: it’s one of three remaining all-male colleges left in the USA.