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Teacher Union Recommends Including ‘Gender Queer’ on Summer Reading Lists

Teacher Union Recommends Including ‘Gender Queer’ on Summer Reading Lists

“Great Summer Reads for Educators!”

It’s amazing that these people act shocked when anyone accuses them of promoting an agenda.

FOX News reports:

The largest teachers union in America recommended educators include ‘Gender Queer’ in their summer reading

The National Education Association (NEA) on Monday recommended that teachers include the controversial book “Gender Queer” on their summer reading lists.

The book was featured in the NEA’s “Great Summer Reads for Educators!” list that showcased 11 books. Among those books are “White Fragility,” a book that insists that White Americans use anger, shame and guilt to avoid taking responsibility for racial inequality.

Other sections included “books to help you forget about work” and “books to celebrate or help you understand Juneteenth.”

Under the “banned books” section, Gender Queer is recommended as a reading.

“Gender Queer” has as courted major controversy among America parents for being in public school libraries throughout the U.S. and has been challenged for its depictions and descriptions of oral sex as well as discussions on masturbation.

Fox News Digital previously reported on Gender Queer’s author, Maia Kobabe, defending the sexually explicit graphic images in the memoir during an interview with NPR in January.

“And I honestly think the book is a lot less explicit than it could be,” Kobabe told NPR.

“The topic of gender touches on identity… and it touches on sexuality,” Kobabe continued. “And it’s hard to fully explain I think what like how a gender identity can impact every facet of life as an adult without touching at least a little bit on sexuality. And I wanted to at least not to like shy away from that.”


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The teachers’ union wants our young to be groomed to be perverts!

If labor unions are organized with the object of working for employee rights and protections, such as salary, benefits, hours, and working conditions, why are teachers’ unions allowed to exercise any influence at all over the curricula used in schools? Or influencing admissions policies, for that matter?

Teachers’ unions have become organizations focused on advancing their own interests and agendas, and those of their executives, instead of shepherding the interests of their membership.

Teachers should not have unions.

These are the actions of seditionists from within, who should be treated as what they , so truly are: enemies of the United States, who are allowed to freely walk among us and who we are being forced to pay for their sedition against our country. We are thus, fools