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Pentagon Official Complains that Congressional Hearing on UFO’s Was ‘Insulting” to Federal Employees

Pentagon Official Complains that Congressional Hearing on UFO’s Was ‘Insulting” to Federal Employees

The truth remains out there.

I wanted to follow up on my recent coverage of the congressional hearings focused on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)/Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

The testimony came from three whistleblowers, retired Air Force Major David Grusch, Ryan Graves (a former pilot), and Navy veteran fighter pilot Commander David Fravor. The claims included that the US government is concealing a longstanding program that retrieves and reverse engineers UFOs and has evidence of non-human biologics that were piloting the craft.

To begin with, a Pentagon official complained that the testimony was “insulting” to federal employees.

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick’s letter, published on his personal LinkedIn page and circulated Friday across social media, criticizes much of the testimony from a retired Air Force intelligence officer that energized believers in extraterrestrial life and produced headlines around the world.

…A career intelligence officer, Kirkpatrick was named a year ago to lead the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, or AARO, which was intended to centralize investigations into UAPs. The Pentagon and U.S. intelligence agencies have been pushed by Congress in recent years to better investigate reports of devices flying at unusual speeds or trajectories as a national security concern.

Kirkpatrick wrote the letter Thursday and the Defense Department confirmed Friday that he posted it in a personal capacity. Kirkpatrick declined to comment on the letter Friday.

He writes in part, “I cannot let yesterday’s hearing pass without sharing how insulting it was to the officers of the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community who chose to join AARO, many with not unreasonable anxieties about the career risks this would entail.”

“They are truth-seekers, as am I,” Kirkpatrick said. “But you certainly would not get that impression from yesterday’s hearing.”

Unfortunately for Kirkpatrick, there are many reasons that Americans are distrustful of government-sponsored narratives on many subjects, including UAPs. You might say we are suffering from “long-covid memories”.

Personally, I believe the witnesses believe what they reported. I believe any attempt to discredit them on a personal level is now meaningless, as we have example after example of real scientists who were right about covid and its origins smeared by officials and the media.

However, whether what these three men shared was actually related to alien life and technology is a different matter entirely. Delving into what these UFOs/UAPs are is more critical to national security than the hurt feelings of a few federal employees.

That doesn’t mean the 650 sightings of UAPs don’t bear looking into—especially, many lawmakers and military personnel argue, if they represent advanced military technology deployed by adversarial nations like Russia or China.

“If UAP are foreign drones, it is an urgent national security problem,” testified U.S. Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves at yesterday’s hearing. Graves said he once encountered a UAP off the coast of Virginia Beach during a training exercise. “If it is something else, it is an issue for science.”

As a mother of a future Air Force officer, I do understand the need to keep military technology secret. However, if the biological evidence of life is available, that should be shared with the public. Humanity’s ignorance of extra-terrestrial life isn’t going to make such life any less real. I would press our officials in charge of these programs to share information on biologics.

There is currently a bipartisan move to get the UAP information to a review board to attempt to prompt immediate disclosures of such information.

A bipartisan group of senators led by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer introduced an amendment to the annual defense spending bill currently making its way through Congress. The measure, modeled off legislation aimed at revealing government records about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, would require executive branch agencies to hand over UAP records to a review board with “the presumption of immediate disclosure.” Agencies would have to justify requests to keep records classified.

…At Wednesday’s hearing, lawmakers of both parties expressed anger about their inability to get information about UAPs from the military and intelligence agencies, describing a system of overclassification that shields reports of incident from public view.

“We should have disclosure today. We should have disclosure tomorrow. The time has come,” said Democratic Rep. Jared Moskowitz of Florida.

“Several of us are going to look forward to getting some answers in a more confidential setting. I assume some legislation will come out of this,” said GOP Rep. Glenn Grothman, the subcommittee’s chairman.

If such a review board becomes a reality, I would encourage it to disclose all the information on biologics. I think that would be a proper balance, at least at the present time, between security and science.

Until then, I remain alien-questioning. The truth remains out there.

And, no, aliens did not build the Egyptian pyramids. Egyptologists uncovered the “pyramid-industrial-complex” in the 1990s, which has revealed a wealth of information on how the workers were organized to create these legendary structures.


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We the people know how you feel.

The lack of cooperation and transparency by Federal employees to our elected representatives is astounding and antithetical to a democratic republic. Using the power of the purse Congress needs to change it.

Really? From at least the late 1940s until the mid-20teens, the government and the press colluded to present anyone reporting a UFO as a tin foil hat wearing loony tune. Military, commercial, and private pilots who reported sightings had their fitness to fly, their psychological stability, and their very sanity, questioned, and their licenses threatened.

Project Blue Book became a government attempt to explain away sightings, not to actually investigate and seek the truth. (This according to Dr. Alan Hynek, a prominent scientist working on Project Blue Book.)

People who reported sightings were treated by the press as hoaxsters, escaped mental patients, or otherwise subjected to public ridicule. There are also numerous credible reports of civilians being threatened by the so-called Men In Black.

The efforts were so successful that the very term “UFO” acquired such a negative connotation that a new term, “UAP,” was coined.

But some federal employees had their feelings hurt?

2smartforlibs | July 31, 2023 at 10:06 am

I thought it was a convenient cover just when the Hunter story broke.

Of course the evidence for the “biologics” was hearsay. The witness did not see any of these things personally. And it is not a new story either. The original Roswell incident from 1947 reportedly had alien biologics.
If there really are dead non-human pilots in the USA’s possession, there is an awful lot one can learn from examining them. For one thing, an examination of their biochemistry will indicate immediately whether they originated on Earth or not. All Earth life has a common origin shown in the chemistry. If they are ultimately of Earth origin, body structure will indicate whether they are mammal, marsupial, reptile, etc…, which should show the approximate era and landmass from which they came.

OK guys, here’ s my take on UFO’s and Bigfoot and all the rest…

Re Bigfoot. I confess! I saw the way you smallfeet lived, shaved, put on clothes, got an education, found a job, and have been passing for decades! I was outed in Taiwan, where people take off their shoes when visiting. My host’s kid exclaimed, “Aiya! America really does have a bigfoot monster!” sarc off.

If there were evidence for bigfoot, it would be announced, and the cirtter would be placed on the Endangered Species list ASAP.

I doubt seriously that real evidence about extraterrestrials visiting us could be hidden for long. The US Government leaks live a sieve. We have been in a well-known project to find intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. Hence, all the excitement about Oumuamua, before it was determined that it was well within the perameters of a natural object, only travelling at such a speed to suggest it was from beyond the solar system and moving too fast for the sun to capture. So far, the SETI project has not turned up anything, but would almost certainly announce findings if it has.

On the other hand, just as simple medieval Christians witnessed visions of saints, angels, and Mary to confirm their faith, modern simple believers in evolutionary materialism see UFO’s and Bigfoot to confirm their faith that we’re evolving into something better and have come from some kind of subhuman. Hence, Uncle Kepha remains a skeptic about UFO reports.

What it was is an illustration of exactly how desperate the misleadia and the communists are to distract from how corrupt their pedophile-in-chief is.

I didn’t find anything to back up any assertions made in the Congressional hearings. It merely seemed like another episode of “Ancient Astronauts”.

nordic prince | July 31, 2023 at 11:46 am

There have been reports and rumors regarding ETs/UFOs for years (if not decades), yet they chose to hold a Congressional hearing just as The Misadventures of Hunter Biden are coming to light?

Can you say “squirrel”?

Three points:
– If there are aliens, Roswell and since makes a lot of sense to me, coming two years after the primitive species on Earth figured out how to blow up the place (with nuclear explosions, detectable from space).
– Lack of openness by DOD is consistent with there being something there and the potential of reverse-engineering major tech/materials advances being super top secret.
– I disagree with Musk. I have not read about how pyramids were supposedly done, but here is a method …. build a layer of stones, then build a road at the height of the first layer, add another layer, another road, and repeat until done; then dig away all the roads around the pyramid.

That said, where are the reverse-engineered major tech advances over the 75 years since Roswell?

“non-human biologics”. A dog or a chimp meets that definition, no?

Also interesting is the lack of UFO photos ever since every human biologic on the planet started being equipped with an 8MP or better mobile phone…

E Howard Hunt | July 31, 2023 at 1:40 pm

It is inconceivable that anyone of normal intelligence could take any of this seriously. It requires a stupefying lack of ordinary scientific knowledge, math, and common sense. Forget the science entirely. Just look at the story. This very undistinguished, poorly spoken, young officer has people crawling out of the woodwork to confide decades of ultra classified, earth shattering information to him -all second or third hand, unverifiable and anonymous! Only retards in their third generation of celluloid fantasies could entertain such patent garbage. This belongs in The National Enquirer.

I want to believe
But then the GOVERNMENT said they’re real… 🙂

The likelihood we are visited by bipedal beings from distant, interstellar, solar systems is o.o%. And if we were visited the beings would be more like the thing described by Jeff Vandermeer in Area X: The Southern Reach Trilogy.

Inexplicable, incomprehensibly foreign and impossible to communicate with.

I want to know which specific federal employees were insulted and exactly what was insulting to them.