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Former San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin to be Paid $210K in New Job at UC Berkeley

Former San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin to be Paid $210K in New Job at UC Berkeley

“It is about $90,000 less than he made at his job in San Francisco.”

We already knew Boudin was headed to Berkeley, this is just an update. Isn’t it amazing how progressives fall back into higher ed so often?

The College Fix reports:

Leftist prosecutor booted from office gets $210,000 job at UC Berkeley

A former leftist prosecutor in San Francisco who lost a recall election as district attorney due to voter dissatisfaction with his soft-on-crime policies is going to be paid $210,000 per year in his new job at the University of California Berkeley.

The College Fix obtained Chesa Boudin’s contract through a public records request. It is about $90,000 less than he made at his job in San Francisco.

The contract for his new role as executive director of the Criminal Justice Center at the university’s law school also includes a commitment by UC Berkeley of $400,000 in funds for the next three years. The goal is that the center becomes “financially self-sufficient” at the end of that time.

The new law center director is the son of Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, who both served time in prison for murder and robbery.

The original Berkeley news release stated Boudin was raised by his “adoptive parents,” but never names them – he was raised by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. The two couples were involved in the domestic terrorism group Weather Underground.

Boudin will report to the dean of the law school, Erwin Chemerinsky, who commented to The Fix on why he chose Boudin. The Fix specifically asked about other candidates considered and how the law school took into account Boudin’s rejection by voters.

“There was a national search and all who applied were carefully considered,” Dean Chemerinsky told The Fix via email. “Yes, other individual(s) were interviewed.”

“Chesa Boudin has extensive experience as a public defender as well as having been a prosecutor,” Chemerinsky said, in response to a question about criticism of Boudin for not keeping a criminal in jail who ended up allegedly drunk driving and killing two people.


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Thad Jarvis | July 24, 2023 at 8:00 pm

Boudin is a scummy little piece of human excrement. Hopefully his ultimate demise is as long, slow, and painful as his trash mother. It’ll be a great day when the last of the 60s garbage trust fund radicals are all smoldering in hell. Hope Ayers goes soon and he suffers horribly.

One might expect that getting voted out of office in the midst of your term … would disqualify you from finding employment in your chosen profession. Why? Because you’re incompetent. A failure.

But no. Not in today’s Upside Down World.

Kinda makes ya wonder who else they hire to teach law at this place eh?

Friends don’t let friends have anything to do with UC-Berkeley