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Trump’s Lawyers on Classified Document Case Quit on Friday Morning

Trump’s Lawyers on Classified Document Case Quit on Friday Morning

“I want to thank Jim Trusty and John Rowley for their work, but they were up against a very dishonest, corrupt, evil, and “sick” group of people, the likes of which has not been seen before.”

Trump announced on Truth Social that he lost two lawyers who had been working with him on the federal charges against him regarding the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago.

Todd Blanche will represent Trump now, along with another firm he will announce later.

“For purposes of fighting the Greatest Witch Hunt of all time, now moving to the Florida Courts, I will be represented by Todd Blanche, Esq., and a firm to be named later,” wrote Trump. “I want to thank Jim Trusty and John Rowley for their work, but they were up against a very dishonest, corrupt, evil, and “sick” group of people, the likes of which has not been seen before. We will be announcing additional lawyers in the coming days. When will Joe Biden be Indicted for his many crimes against our Nation? MAGA!”


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SeymourButz | June 9, 2023 at 12:48 pm

Who could blame them? They’re probably next

Such ethics and integrity from the legal profession. And courage. Makes me wonder why lawyers in general are despised.

MAN the TDS is strong here today… The two lawyers were Washington DC lawyers. The trial is being held in Florida.

Every lawyer in here should be standing up and admitting that they would recommend the same.

One of my oldest friends is a lawyer in Ky, for most general things and advisement matters, he handles for me. But he would be the first one to bow out and recommend a local Texas lawyer for any case that potentially requires a trial.

    Well, no, not quite. They were also representing him in the J6 witch hunt, too, which is a DC case (or will be if anything comes of it). Here’s what they say in their statement (via Reuters):

    “This morning we tendered our resignations as counsel to President Trump, and we will no longer represent him on either the indicted case or the January 6 investigation,” according to the joint statement from Jim Trusty and John Rowley.

    I’m looking for more information as this is pretty alarming whether you support Trump for the GOP nomination or not.

    Stuytown in reply to starride. | June 9, 2023 at 1:31 pm

    There is little or no TDS here. TDS is a disease that destroys a person’s ability to evaluate Trump on his own merits. Instead, anything Trump is bad, evil, a threat to democracy. Here, many people are happy about what Trump accomplished. Most of us recognize that he brought some
    much needed change. He called it right most of the time, while fighting the media and the Deep State the whole time. Some liked him, some didn’t. But most of us could evaluate him on his own merits.

    There is the opposite problem, too. That is the Always Trumpers. The Always Trumpers are the equal and opposite of the TDS sufferers. For the Always Trumpers, Trump is unlike other human beings. He is nearly infallible He is like a god and can do no wrong. These are different illnesses but have the same result: Both destroy the ability to think logically.

      Not a very good comparison. People with TDS are much more extreme and motivated by hate. They have other derangements. Many hate America, too. Would you parallel them to those that love America?

      Many always Trumpers, as you call them, are quite aware of Trump’s shortcomings. The TDS can find no redeeming values.

      By the way, can you name another human being like Trump?

        As I said. Equal and opposite. Some love America. Some hate America. But those suffering with an illness on either side cannot think clearly.

        And, no, i honestly cannot think of another human being quite like Trump.

        It might be helpful for you to read the late great Charles Krauthammer’s article in which he coined the term “Bush Derangement Syndrome.” Understanding the language you use can help you avoid making claims such as this that make no sense (i.e. Stuytown is correct, and you are not).

          Cosdescension and insistence on what is correct. Thank you so much. For your information, Krauthammer did not invent the concept of derangement by any stretch, despite what the language policewoman implies. And the derangement as it concerns Trump is in its own category. The better question here seems how to avoid the outright arrogance reflected in your comment.

          What a bizarre, cringey overly-emotional response. Are you okay?

        “TDS are much more extreme and motivated by hate.”

        Or maybe they just think he was a bull in the china closet, a liar that a 7 year old with a cell phone could fact check, a lousy manager, a narcissistic know it all and over all a crap president. America deserves a better Republican president than Trump.

      starride in reply to Stuytown. | June 9, 2023 at 1:49 pm

      I will tell you strait up,,, I do not like President Trump, But you know what, not one person that has stood up to run for the office on the conservative side can stand in his shoes.. I know a lot of people here like DeSantis, I dont… I think he is very fake…. If I thought he was genuine I would be so far up his ass that I would know what his favorite toilet paper is…. But in my heart I know DeSantis is a construct of the Bush/McConnell/Romney cabal and i want nothing to do with them.. Understand this I know McConnell personally he has had dinner at my grand parents and I have had dinner at his house…. If I ever meet him face to face again I will spit in his face.

      PODKen in reply to Stuytown. | June 10, 2023 at 9:31 am

      If you don’t like Trump you’re accused of TDS by the R’s … that shit is no better than the D’s calling the R’s that don’t agree with them racist or any number of foul names. There has to be a better road than the low road.

henrybowman | June 9, 2023 at 1:31 pm

But this is par for the course, isn’t it? The Swamp pressures the lawyers for the conservative client to quit, the client can’t find legal representation, etc. Hell, we’ve even had at least one case where rainmakers who had just won a major case for a conservative client were immediately cashiered by their firm.

The left have escalated from lawfare to threatening the lives of the other side’s diplomats.

E Howard Hunt | June 9, 2023 at 1:50 pm

Has anyone considered that the lawyers left in disgust, thinking there would have been no indictment had Trump followed their advice?

Suburban Farm Guy | June 9, 2023 at 2:57 pm

Same as judges who couldn’t find anything worth looking into in the many affidavits about vote fraud and election irregularities in 2020. They didn’t want the crooked media crucifying them for going against The Narrative. Also they didn’t want antifa burning their house down

Never a good look when your own lawyers quit on you Would have been better for Trump to let them go or fire them, or ease them out by saying he just wanted to hire new lawyers who specialize in these types of cases.

From what I understand, Trump often does not follow his lawyers’ advice, and sometimes mucks it all up. Remember, he let Hillary off? It often happens in normal life, that if clients don’t follow the attorneys advice, or if something makes it more complicated, the attorneys will resign, Trump is not good at firing. Maybe the attorneys felt it would be better if they resigned. It would prompt Trump to replace them sooner.

The timing of this is not the least bit suspicious.

This is far larger than Trump. It is a corrupt DOJ making a former President so toxic by going after him and his lawyers that the President can not get representation in a court of law which is his right.