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Questioning the Narrative of a Certain, Disturbing News Story in Canada is Now Called Denialism

Questioning the Narrative of a Certain, Disturbing News Story in Canada is Now Called Denialism

“part of a pattern of denialism and distortion that has coloured the discourse on Residential Schools in Canada”

The left loves to accuse others of being conspiracy theorists, but don’t you dare question their conspiracy theories. This story is fascinating.

From Quillette:

In Canada, Asking for Evidence Now Counts as ‘Denialism’

It’s now been more than two years since Canada was convulsed by claims that 215 unmarked graves of Indigenous schoolchildren had been discovered on the grounds of a former residential school in Kamloops, British Columbia. No actual bodies or human remains were in evidence—just ground-penetrating radar data indicating regularly-spaced soil dislocations. But you wouldn’t have known that from the breathless manner in which the story was reported at the time. A Global News headline announced the “Discovery of Human Remains at Kamloops Residential School Grounds.” Another, at the Toronto Star, declared, “The Remains of 215 Children Have Been Found.”

I was one of the many Canadians who believed these headlines. The racist abuses meted out by Canada’s 19th- and 20th-century-era residential-school system, which had been created to “civilize” Indigenous people and strip them of their culture, has been widely discussed for decades. Given this dark history, it wasn’t hard to believe that some of the priests and educators who ran these schools hadn’t just been cruel and negligent (this much was already known), but also had committed acts of mass murder against defenceless children.

Without waiting for the hard evidence to be sprung from the earth, flags were lowered, July 1st Canada Day celebrations were cancelled, Justin Trudeau took a knee for the cameras, and the whole nation went into an utterly unprecedented collective period of self-flagellation. Before the summer was over, Trudeau pledged more than $300 million in new funding for Indigenous communities, so they could complete the grim task of scouring the earth for child corpses. The Canadian Press later called it the story of the year

The desire to protect the unmarked-graves narrative remains especially strong among Canada’s ruling Liberals, whose Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations has taken the rather extraordinary step (for a liberal democracy, at least) of instructing reporters not to report heretical facts. In early 2022, when a few writers began saying out loud how odd it was that no bodies had yet been discovered in Kamloops, the minister, one Marc Miller, denounced these Canadians as being “part of a pattern of denialism and distortion that has coloured the discourse on Residential Schools in Canada. They are harmful because they attempt to deny survivors and their families the truth.”


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Halcyon Daze | June 24, 2023 at 11:03 am

What about citations, Is it still permissible to request a citation to support a statement?

Leftists don’t want the truth, they want to force us to accept their “truth.” Think what does to education, science, and governments!

I wonder where the story of the graves actually originated. It’s an easy leap to suggest that the indigenous community originated it to extort millions in government money, knowing nobody would dare suggest it was a lie.

My understanding of this is that they’d probably found the old town cemetery with the ground penetrating radar. If they’d been interested in doing an actual investigation, a few spots would have been dug up, and most likely most would have been the graves of adults who died of old age and other natural causes. But the “woke” don’t want to confuse their narrative with the facts, so there’s no evidence of ANYTHING actually buried there other than the pattern of holes dug and filled back in.