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Ohio State U. Appoints ‘Anti-Racist Dance’ Instructor as ‘Artist Laureate’

Ohio State U. Appoints ‘Anti-Racist Dance’ Instructor as ‘Artist Laureate’

“a nationally recognized culturally sustaining educator”

Which aspect do you suppose is more important? The anti-racist part, or the dance part? This is the left putting their agenda above everything.

The College Fix reports:

Ohio State University names ‘anti-racist dance’ instructor ‘artist laureate’

An “anti-racist dance” instructor is set to start at The Ohio State University this upcoming semester as the school’s new “artist laureate.”

The university named Nyama McCarthy-Brown its first “artist laureate.” She is also an associate professor at the university and has taught there since 2018.

She received awards for “developing anti-racist dance curricula” and “is a nationally recognized culturally sustaining educator,” the university stated in a news release. Professor McCarthy-Brown “is also an active consultant and workshop facilitator for diversifying dance curricula for organizations.”

She “will create a traveling dance production inspired by her book, ‘Skin Colored Pointes: Interviews of Women of Color in Ballet,’” the university stated. “The production, centered on themes of trailblazing, opportunity and allyship, will disrupt ideas of who gets to dance while inviting audiences to identify and demonstrate expressions of allyship and inclusion through words, movement or technology.”

The artist laureate declined to answer questions from The College Fix about what her curriculum includes, how community dancing supports inclusivity and how she plans to be a voice for underrepresented communities.

“The answers seem to be in the article written, I am unclear as to what additional information is needed,” she said, in reference to a student newspaper article. She also said she was busy in New Orleans at a conference.

McCarthy-Brown then followed up the next day on June 1 to ask The Fix to correct a quote in The Lantern story. “I would just say that the paragraph that starts with the quote, ‘We research the lived experience as a people…,’ is confusing to me,” the scholar wrote. “Please change to, ‘I research the lived experience of people, to better understand humanity, and the human experience includes the body and how we use the body.’”


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drsamherman | June 9, 2023 at 8:22 pm

In neurology, that’s called “epilepsy”.

Gotta have the correct kind of ” rhythm”. Doncha’ know…

She then shuffled off into the distance.