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“if they think that was not wrong, then who knows what else is going on at Missouri State”

“if they think that was not wrong, then who knows what else is going on at Missouri State”

In response to a challenge from the Equal Protection Project, Missouri State stopped excluding white males from its business boot camp, but its President asserts that “I still don’t think we did anything wrong,” so we are continuing to pursue this until MSU acknowledges its wrongdoing.

This morning I appeared on Varney & Co. on Fox Business, with guest host David Asman, to talk about the civil rights case the Equal Protection Project filed against Missouri State University.

You may recall that we recently wrote how We are continuing to pursue Missouri State U discrimination: “It’s not enough, when caught, to say ‘oops, sorry.’”:

As previously covered here, the Equal Protection Project ( of Legal Insurrection Foundation asked the Missouri Attorney General to investigate a business boot camp at Missouri State University that discriminated against white males, and only white males.

In reaction to substantial media coverage, MSU quickly told the media that it was changing the terms for future programs, and that future business boot camps would be open to everyone. We took that as a VICTORY – Missouri State U To Stop Discriminating Against White Males For ‘Business Boot Camp” After Equal Protection Project Complaint.

But in those public statements, MSU was not contrite and accepted no responsibility. To the contrary, MSU President Clif Smart was quoted as saying:

“Frankly, I still don’t think we did anything wrong … given that we have multiple cohorts of this going on and this was just one cohort that was limited. We won’t do that. We’ll do a better job on the marketing and information (and) dissemination side and review the process to make sure that everyone has a chance to participate, but we’re not going to exclude people.”

That sounds like MSU was upset for being caught, not for discriminating. While we were happy that the discriminatory program was changed, what good is a promise from a university that violated its own (and federal and state) anti-discrimination rules, when caught said it did nothing wrong, and appears only to have succumbed due to media attention? What will happen when the media attention fades?….

So we have taken a next step to hold MSU responsible, by filing a Civil Rights Complaint with the Office of Civil Rights of The Department of Education.

Our filing has been covered by numerous outlets, including The Heartlander (MO), the Springfield News-Leader (MO), Fox News Digital, and multiple Missouri radio stations.

My Fox Business appearance touched on the theme we will continue to pursue, the troubling nature of comments by the MSU President that MSU did nothing wrong. The school needs to acknowlege that what it did was wrong.

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Asman (00:00):

Next guest just filed a civil rights lawsuit against Missouri State University. William A. Jacobson, founder of the Equal Protection Project, joins me now. Professor, good to see you. Thank you for being here. On what ground are you suing?

WAJ (00:14):

Well, thank you for having me on. We have filed a civil rights complaint with the US Department of Education challenging a program at Missouri State University, a so-called business boot camp that was only opened to non-whites and to females. So the people excluded from it were white males. That violates not only Missouri State’s own policies, but federal and state law. It’s abhorrent that they seem to feel that discriminating against white males is somehow okay. And so we have filed that challenge.

Asman (00:46):

Now, were they also discriminating against Asian males?

WAJ (00:51):

No, because the program was open to what they call BIPOC, which is Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and females. So the only ones excluded by this program were white males. And when we challenged that, they quickly said, oops, we didn’t mean to do that. But they also said, the president of Missouri State said publicly, that we do not think we did anything wrong, and that’s why we’re continuing to pursue this. Because if they think that was not wrong, then who knows what else is going on at Missouri State,

Asman (01:22):

The reason I ask you about Asian males is because there are, there are Asians who are suing big colleges like Harvard, et cetera, because they feel discriminated against because they do so well, generally speaking on, on a lot of different tests at the schools and, and feel discriminated against. So I was asking, but the, the whole question comes down to meritocracy, whether we’re gonna finally get beyond this issue of, of using race as, as a determinant of ability and whether or not this country would suffer as a result of getting rid of any idea of meritocracy in our school system or in our country generally.

WAJ (02:00):

That’s right. And that’s really, you’re seeing the destruction of our standards because we are using so-called equity instead of equality. Equality means each person gets judged based on their own merit without regard to race or ethnicity or gender. Equity is racial balancing. It is using the color of someone’s skin to justify giving them favor or disfavor. That’s the opposite of what the American Civil Rights Movement was about. So at Equal Protection Project, we stand side by side with the American Civil Rights movement, which did not do what Missouri State and other colleges are doing now, which is judge people based on the color of their skin.

Asman (02:43):

Very interesting case. Professor, thank you very much for explaining it. Appreciate it.


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Perfect question. It defines the mentality. It was reinforced by earnest Jack Smith. They actually believe the narrative, that they have the answers and stand for what is right. It gives them the right to abuse power and dictate to individuals, and to treat resisters as terrorists. How unAmerican of them. How illiberal.

They are not even smart. Their ideas suck. Basically, anti-human. They are driving us over a cliff, fast. Recent events show they will go to all lengths to save us, at Missouri State and elsewhere, whether we like it or not.

How can they be so anti-individual to believe that freedom is slavery?

    Many of them believe that a baby… fetal-baby is not a human life. Some believe that an egg, a larva, a pupa, a butterfly is not an insect. Some believe that wicked solutions are necessary for social progress.

    That said, diversity of individuals, minority of one. #HateLovesAbortion

not_a_lawyer | June 9, 2023 at 9:51 pm

Kudos to LI.


We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat | June 10, 2023 at 1:45 am

Yes, it certainly does seem that most American universities have been infiltrated and taken over by administrators like those revealed by EPP.

It’s hard to avoid the feeling that going forward “we’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

I don’t have the resources myself, but I hope there are people out there who will fund young lawyers

Diversity: DIE… DEI (e.g. racism, feminism/masculinism, ageism, political congruence or “=”) is the root of class-disordered ideologies.

Missouri State’s administration is sounding a lot like Oberlin College’s, and we know how that turned out.

Suburban Farm Guy | June 10, 2023 at 9:53 am

All fascist programs begin with paranoia about an enemy that is so insidious and evil that there’s no stopping it with ordinary, usual and lawful means. The paranoid mentality reinforces itself by the repetition of resorting to extreme and unlawful means. It gathers followers by promising a catharsis, a chance to get back at the Enemy with violence and a chance to join a mob. getting vengeance for the supposed ‘injustice.’ On a primal level, it’s fun to break the law and get away with it. The Nazis were nothing if not sure that they were on the side of right, overcoming the evil inflicted on them by the greedy and antisocial Jews, through violence, mob action and stripping them of their rights and property and eventually, their lives.

We see that certainty about ‘white supremacy’ and ‘MAGA extremism’ — the new boogeymen of the new paranoid mindset. We see it in their abrogation of people’s rights and the one-sided application of the law. We saw it bigtime in the summer of 2020. We see it in these comfortable bureaucrats imposing illegal means and being proud of it and indignant at being called out or stopped — “we don’t think we were doing anything wrong” — at Missouri State University(!), of all places, in this case — but if you look for it, you will see it everywhere. You will see it in the rush to illegal means by one side and reticence to break the law by the other.

As for putting a stop to it…. we saw how they had to deal with Nazi Germany. The Jews had to get out of there or die. Luckily, they had somewhere to flee to. And a World War, with all its glories. Perhaps we’ll be able to slow them down with actions like these from the EPP and more public shamings, but some can’t and won’t give it up, too rich of rewards and power over their fellow man, the Enemy, their vaunted boogeymen they can’t exist without.

Expect more and more of the same. Nobody can know where or how it all ends. Paranoia is a mental illness and as such should be unsustainable, but what a mess we are in for in the meantimes.

Thank you, Professor Jacobson, for your efforts and courage. Maybe some of the worst can be avoided. Certainly worth a try.

“ We’ll do a better job on the marketing and information (and) dissemination side and review the process to make sure that everyone has a chance to participate, but we’re not going to exclude people.”

Having programs not open to white males is excluding people.