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House Approves Measure to Prevent Biden Administration’s Gas Stove Ban

House Approves Measure to Prevent Biden Administration’s Gas Stove Ban

180 Democrats are going to have to explain to their constituents why celebrities and super-wealthy get exemptions from climate cult rules.

The House of Representatives just approved a measure that would prevent the Biden administration from enacting restrictions or bans on using natural gas for stoves.

The House on Wednesday passed legislation to block the Department of Energy from implementing tough new energy conservation rules on gas stoves, an effort that was supported by more than two dozen Democrats.

Lawmakers passed the Save Our Gas Stoves Act in a 249-181 vote. Every Republican voted for it, and they were joined by 29 Democrats, a sign that many members of President Biden’s own party don’t support what his Energy Department is doing.

The vote is a response to a department rule issued this year that seeks to boost energy efficiency standards for gas stoves. The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Debbie Lesko, R-Ariz., argued that the department initially determined that 96% of gas stoves currently on the market would not meet the new standard, and that the department introduced new data later in an effort to make the standard look less severe.

This vote comes after the legislation was put on the backburner last week after conservative Republicans decided to block floor action in response to the recent debt ceiling limit battle. They also raised questions about Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) ability to control his conference.

On Monday, the conservative defectors announced they would stop blocking floor votes for now as they look to gain more power from party leadership and cut spending.

The gas stove vote comes after the suggestion of a ban sparked a firestorm in Washington. Republicans have sought to draw attention to the issue.

The legislation is unlikely to be taken up by the Democratically-led Senate. The White House said that it opposes the legislation, but has stopped short of a veto threat.

California’s antics were a significant part of the pre-vote discussion.

California lawmakers granted celebrity chef José Andrés’ restaurant a special exception to cook with gas stoves, and congressional Republicans are furious.

GOP politicians made that much clear on the House floor Tuesday afternoon as they repeatedly railed against California municipalities’ gas-hookup regulations — and what they described as California liberals’ hypocrisy — in a tense debate over their new favorite subject: gas stoves.

…In their remarks on the House floor Tuesday, Republicans singled out the Golden State. Several slammed Palo Alto for imposing a gas-hookup ban but allowing Andrés an exemption from the rule after a property developer threatened to sue. The chef obtained the exemption for his new eastern Mediterranean restaurant Zaytinya on the grounds that gas is necessary to cultivate his unique flavors.

GOP Rep. Gus Bilirakis of Florida called the exemption for Andrés “a carveout from the left.”

“This celebrity chef and his wealthy, popular, national Democratic friends who aren’t giving up their gas stoves … these are the same exact people lecturing my constituents about climate change,” Rep. Bill Johnson of Ohio said.

I look forward to seeing the campaign ads targeting Democrats who want the bans and restrictions and who allow celebrities and the super-wealthy to get exemptions from their insane climate cult regulations.

Likely, these Democrats will deny any such ban is being attempted.

The real science doesn’t support the Biden gas stove bans.


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“The legislation is unlikely to be taken up by the Democratically-led Senate. The White House said that it opposes the legislation, but has stopped short of a veto threat.”

So, just another empty gesture. It doesn’t actually do anything.

The US is a Dictatorship of the Bureaucracy. That is our actual form of government.

Unelected Executive Branch Bureaucrats, led by a political appointee of the President, write regulations that carry the force of law and impose them nationwide without Congress ever voting on them and without the President signing off either.

To STOP even one of these taking effect, you need a majority vote in both the House and Senate, and then POTUS to sign that bill into law – to overturn a regulation that his own political appointees in the bureaucracy wrote.

Turns the Constitution on its head.

The laws that Congress passed authorizing this are the root of the problem: Every one of them violates the “non-delegation” doctrine. Congress, supposedly, cannot delegate its legislative authority.

But, they have.

So much so, that the overwhelming majority of the “laws” that we live by, nationwide, are not laws at all. They are, instead, “regulations” written by the bureaucracy – which no Congress ever voted on at all.

I absolutely LOVE the graph!!

But where is the infamous Michael Mann “hockey stick?” LOLOLOL!

And if you plot, or better, overlay a graph showing the geological cycling of ice ages, it would show that ice ages happen regardless of the CO2 levels, and that we are at the end of the current warm interglacial period.

Wow, Impressive. My sincere thanks. This pressing national concern clearly takes precedence over the country’s lapse into a banana republic police state where your leading presidential candidate is targeted for political prosecution. Please move on to other more important things now. Like pointless committee meetings where you can vent against regime hacks…followed up with a bill to name a post office.

Gas stove / asthma study is blatant academic fraud. PAF methodology is worthless to isolate a single factor when there are multiple factors

Astonishing that anyone would defend the study

henrybowman | June 15, 2023 at 5:42 pm

Overheard at the DNC:

Democrat 1: House Republicans are going crazy, filing bill after bill to reverse our favorite laws and regulations, and investigate our officials! We have to find a way to stop them!

Democrat 2: I guess we have no other choice… we’re just going to have to let them win a Senate majority, too!