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‘Bidens are the Best’: Hunter Demanded $10M From Chinese Energy Company, Bragged About Connections

‘Bidens are the Best’: Hunter Demanded $10M From Chinese Energy Company, Bragged About Connections

Hunter demanded $10 million because $5 million “is not acceptable obviously.”

The House Oversight Committee released a Hunter Biden WhatsApp message to Communist Party-linked Chinese energy firm CEFC associate Gongwen Dong.

Hunter demanded $10 million because $5 million “is not acceptable obviously.”

Hunter then said his shell company Owasco “in consultation with Hudson” will determine his expenses along with the “BIDEN (loan 5M) capital.”

It also “baffled” Hunter if the “Chairman” didn’t think the relationship with the Bidens was worth at least $5 million.

Hunter reassured Gongwen that “The Bidens are the best I know at doing exactly what the Chairman wants from this partnership.”

Then Hunter told him not to”quibble over peanuts.”

Man, imagine having to complain about ONLY $5 million dollars.

In May, the committee revealed that nine Biden family members received over $10 million from foreign nationals and hid it in shell companies.


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Have they gotten their 100$ million from Bezos yet?

I’m still waiting for mine

How to become a zillionaire, self taught course by Joe Biden!!!

henrybowman | June 28, 2023 at 2:06 pm

“The Bidens are the best I know”

Hunter, Hunter, he’s your man…
He can’t do it, but Brandon can!

“If you think this is about money it’s not.”

When they tell you “it’s not the money,” take it to the bank – it’s about the money.

These Bidens are such dreck. They bring NO value to anything they might do. Except for themselves.

The funniest comment from Hunter Biden — not shown in the screenshot, above — is this ne’er-do-well, shiftless, lazy, spoiled, entitled, drug-addled and avaricious sociopath arrogantly proclaiming that he could make $5 million at any law firm in the U.S.

Well, no, he couldn’t — that would involve doing actual work, demonstrating professional competence, maturity and integrity and generally behaving like a respectable and responsible adult. Traits and behavior that the silver spoon-fed and coddled Hunter would know nothing about, given that he’s never done an honest day’s work in his miserable life.

The brazen avarice and entitlement exhibited by the lazy members of the Biden crime family are nauseating.

It’s Bidenomics, a catchword for corruption and fraud, celebrated by his supporters. Shameful!

    Come on, try finding a big international law without a few alcoholic womanizers. But I have nothing per se against Hunter. No one was doing business with Hunter. He was just a bagman being used by his corrupt, and now apparently incompetent, father.

      guyjones in reply to Concise. | June 29, 2023 at 9:03 am

      I’ll respectfully dissent. Hunter was an active participant the Biden crime family’s racketeering schemes. He’s certainly not fairly characterized as just a passive participant, “just the bagman.” He’s a grown adult and is capable of making his own business judgments and controlling his own actions.

      Hunter is an arrogant, spoiled, entitled, parasitic, lazy and despicable reprobate. That’s not merely demonstrated by his obnoxious extortion threats (as revealed in text messages and emails) and involvement in these decades-old racketeering schemes. He’s a man who treats woman as disposable trash and has disowned the daughter that he produced in an affair, having to be dragged into court in order to comply with what should have been his own freely-made, proactive obligations of financial and other support, as a father.

      The man is vile, totally vile.

Biden – the best presidency money can buy.

I’m stunned, STUNNED that the corporate media not to mention our intelligence agencies didn’t find this out until after Brandon was installed

Has anyone looked into why the Saudi’s “invested” 2 Billion Dollars with Jared? Just coincidence that top secret presidential documents were located at his father-in-law’s residences? Come on, guys, focus on where the real money came from.

    Yes, people have looked. It was not a secret.

    “According to the Wall Street Journal, Jared Kushner has raised USD 2 billion from the Saudi sovereign wealth fund to invest in Israeli tech companies, with two unnamed tech companies targeted.The amount is part of a USD 3 billion private equity fund, Affinity Partners, set up to invest in Israeli companies.

    The deal would mark the first known instance that Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund has had investments in Israeli businesses, according to the report.”

    Funny how it was reported in the press, without multiple shell companies, and all his relatives getting a slice. Not to mention it’s Kushner’s line of work.

    Funny how Hunter Biden sent an email to Devon Archer that was filled with info that appeared to be classified.

    The Bidens are on the up and up. Got it.

The judge that approves the Hunter-DOJ plea deal will have to be impeached.

    guyjones in reply to Q. | June 28, 2023 at 9:38 pm

    If the judge possesses an ounce of integrity, independence and ethical/moral probity, he/she will reject the plea deal as transparently being the product of an utterly corrupt process and personnel, and, list the specific reasons why that is the case.

Steven Brizel | June 29, 2023 at 8:58 am

“this is the business we’ve chosen” -the Biden family manifesto