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When it comes to CRT/DEI “red states are improving dramatically, blue states are getting worse”

When it comes to CRT/DEI “red states are improving dramatically, blue states are getting worse”

My appearance on the Speech First podcast with Cherise Trump: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is “the Marxist class struggle reformulated as racial struggle converted into action items at a corporate level.”

I was pleased to appear on the Well Said Podcast with Cherise Trump of Speech First.

We covered many topics in depth, including the structure and projects of Legal Insurrection Foundation ( and, how DEI has penetrated deeply into education, how it is how CRT is put into action, and whether there is hope or not.

I’ll post a partial transcript if I can get to it.

Partial transcript – auto-generated, may contain transcription errors

WAJ (38:24):Well, I witnessed in many ways the birth of critical race theory. So I graduated Harvard Law School in 1984, and that’s where it formed, it was critical legal theory at the time, but it had very racial aspects to it…. Nobody used the term at that time, critical race theory. It was critical legal theory. And critical legal theory was a very marxist view of the law, from a class-based perspective that the law does not seek truth. The law does not seek any real justice. The law is just a mechanism to maintain the class structure and the power structure.

Critical race theory took that Marxist class structure and substituted race for class. So critical race theory views our legal system and our laws while seemingly neutral on their face as actually just mechanisms to maintain a racial hierarchy in the country and to maintain racism. And that it’s embedded. You don’t have to be conscious of it. It is everywhere. You can’t get rid of it. And that’s why you have to constantly struggle against it. That’s Ibraham Kendi’s formulation that …

CT (39:45): You’re, but this is also like right out of the Mark Engles playbook. This is a constant struggle. Right. That struggle.

WAJ (39:53): But it’s race as opposed to [class] …

Now that, that is the theory. So they are somewhat correct when they come back and they want to argue over, well, is it critical race theory? Is it not? That’s a legal theory taught in law school? Well, yes, that’s true.

DEI is how critical race theory gets put into action. DEI takes those same concepts of racism embedded in society, of racism being everywhere, being unconscious of racism, and having to struggle against it, and puts it into action through training, through indoctrination, through other things…

WAJ (41:57): ….So that’s what DEI is, it’s the Marxist class struggle reformulated as racial struggle converted into action items at a corporate level.


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I was in college at UNC at the same time. Defining everything in terms of racial or sexual oppression without the possibility of debate was thriving in Chapel Hill and Duke.

Yup. This crap started to metastisize when I was completing grad school at PSU in the 90s. It’s gotten worse and worse. It’s embedded in most of the class instruction now, too, especially the liberal arts.

    n.n in reply to Virginia42. | May 31, 2023 at 9:52 am

    Progressive (i.e. monotonic) liberalization (i.e. divergence). Principles matter.

    Diversity (i.e. color judgment, class-based bigotry): racism, sexism, ageism, Maoism, etc.

I remember seeing the early stages of this at K-State and I went there in the mid-90s and lucky for me I was an engineering major because if you were in the humanities Department you were screwed.

You really need to look further into how this is being used. DEI is just the entry point for establishing a vehicle for control. It’s the same as was attempted with climate change, but racism is a much more potent poison.

Once the rules of logic and reason are cast aside, any action on the side with power is justified through this vehicle. The left can impose ANYTHING they want in the name of stopping systemic racism and bigotry. Again I will point to Olympia School District cancelling 4th grade orchestra by declaring music as being steeped in white supremacy. Never in a million years of logic and reason could anyone come to such a conclusion.

Earlier flavors of this from other schools were jumping the shark in cancelling honors courses and merit awards which tended to favor demographics putting in the work, which often does have ethnicity statistical backing. However OSD took this path to it’s logical conclusion (rather quickly). Using the Scott Adams (Dilbert) technique- anything in blue states will now be justified by placing “because racism” to the end of the sentence. This is not entirely new- they’ve been doing it with climate change for a long time, but now that COVID has established the level of control that will be tolerated w/out upheaval and George Floyd established how far society will go in the name of guilt and a sense of injustice, we can expect it to go into overdrive with a mania not seen since the cultural revolution.

They made this toilet bowl, and they deserve to swim in it.

I just know they are going to make the rest of us pay for their mistakes.

J.K. Rowling
You lie and smear, assuming you’ll live out your days as a hanging judge and never find yourself in the dock. No cultural moment lasts forever. Yesterday’s fanatics realise they joined the wrong mob. Populist movements shrivel and fall apart. Robespierre ended on the guillotine.

She has a point.

Critical legal studies did not start at Harvard in the 1980s. I was a young law professor at Wisconsin from 1971-76, and we already had “crits” as part of the faculty.

The woke anti-white ideology is taking hold

• In our sample of the public, we found a substantial amount of agreement
that “white people” are less moral and more shameful than other racial

About 6 in 10 Americans believe (at least somewhat) that Native
Americans lived in peace and harmony until Europeans arrived.

As to JK Rowling’s point re: Robespierre; Let’s hope that we don’t have to endure 17,000 executions before this radical, communist movement is destroyed.

Leftists prove their abject STUPIDITY, (as defined here: ) Every Single Day. Yesterday I watched as none other than Hanoi Jane Fonda declared that ‘The Global Climate Crisis’ was and continues to be caused by White men promoting capitalism and all of whom should be imprisoned. So here we have one of the most privileged White women of the last two centuries, who has enjoyed vast wealth by virtue of her being the daughter of a White capitalist, Henry ‘Hank’ Fonda. Never mind that he was a leftist himself. He amassed a fortune as an actor in a pure, meritocratic, capitalist enterprise. I cannot help but wonder if that Commie C***, Hanoi Jane, would be happy to see her father and brother sent to prison for, what, exactly? Making a good living at the thing they were good at and enjoyed?

Applicants seeking to join RAF described as ‘useless white male pilots’ in bid to hit ‘impossible’ diversity targets

Leaked emails show the pressure apparently being applied to filter out white male recruits and fast-track women and ethnic minorities. It can also be revealed 31 white men are to receive £5,000 each to compensate them for being unfairly disadvantaged by the approach.

    Whitewall in reply to catscradle. | May 31, 2023 at 1:48 pm

    Britain has the same problem as the US. The main national security threat is government and top officers who kow tow to cultural fads for their own promotions. One top officer resigned in protest. Just one.

The Marxists obviously didn’t put all their eggs in one basket. In addition to class and race they have also attacked via religious institutions. The current fad of satanism would be a good example.

Another is ‘Radical Theology’ which was fomented amongst the poor in post-colonial Latin America in the late 2oth century.

It infiltrated the Catholic church and used their comparatively poor socioeconomic conditions to stoke grievances blaming “sinful” inequities (presumably as compared to the Europeans and Americans). They made political struggle of the poor against wealthy elites an act of faith.