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Racial Activist Angela Davis Got $25,000 From U. Texas at Austin for Speech Trashing Capitalism

Racial Activist Angela Davis Got $25,000 From U. Texas at Austin for Speech Trashing Capitalism

“The real reason slavery was abolished was because it was no longer of service to capitalism”

It turns out that being a communist can actually be pretty profitable. Who knew?

The College Fix reports:

UT-Austin paid Angela Davis $25,000 for speech bashing capitalism

A prominent racial activist was paid $25,000 for her recent keynote address at the University of Texas at Austin. During her speech, Angela Davis bashed capitalism as exploitative and called the murder of Tyre Nichols by black police officers “systemic racism.”

Davis, the vice presidential nominee for the Communist Party USA in 1980 who was previously on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, was the keynote speaker at UT-Austin’s Eric Williams Memorial Lecture on April 4.

Davis, who supports reparations, started the lecture by promoting the theory that slavery in the West did not end because of Enlightenment-era ideas about liberty and equality, but because industrial capitalists wished to engage in more pernicious racial exploitation.

“The real reason slavery was abolished was because it was no longer of service to capitalism,” Davis said.

Davis went on to argue that capitalism “is at the very core of what we have come to perceive as structural racism.”

She also said capitalism “came to being through history, and will also cease to exist, however that happens, through history.”

Davis also said in her speech that Jim Crow laws were not an outgrowth of white supremacy after the Civil War, but a product of capitalist northerners who wished to exploit laborers.

“We tend to think that it was only the old white planters who were responsible for the creation of what became the Jim Crow system — no, it was the capitalists from the north who went down to the south,” Davis said.

Davis also criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his effort to keep critical race theory out of public school classrooms, arguing the theory should be integrated into educational curricula.

“Can you imagine turning critical race theory into a bad word, and removing queer theory from black studies,” Davis said.


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Steven Brizel | May 10, 2023 at 10:52 am

This is Marxist revisionist hogwash

This woman is a dangerous loon.

Davis promoted ‘prison abolition’ long before it became a mainstream political lever.

And can we stop feigning disbelief regarding Marxist greed? They looted the twentieth century and got away with it.

Old Navy Doc | May 11, 2023 at 7:55 am

Sad (but not surprising) that UT-A is promoting a philosophy that results in unfreedom, inhumanity, and economic devastation. Better to have a debate than a sermon on such a lethal topic.

Gee, Moscow on the Colorado’s very own UT hosts, and pays, a Communist. What a surprise – not. Wonder who invited her to speak? On second thought, it really doesn’t matter if a “club” or UT itself. N.B, no indication of any sort of disruption. While part of that can be attributed to conservatives observing common decorum, a large part was probably a lack, at UT, of activists other than on the Left.

Another great to take tax money away and see if Trump is right about their endowments—they certainly don’t use even 10% of their endowments for full ride scholarships. Just like all the rest of the piglets at the trough it i.s always about how much money THEY can get–not about teaching not about a better campus a safer campus

Wonder what HER net worth is. I’d bet she’s not taking food stamps or Medicaid. Where does this idiot think the money for her salary originates?