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Migrant Shelters in El Paso, TX, Already Stretched to the Limit Before Expiration of Title 42

Migrant Shelters in El Paso, TX, Already Stretched to the Limit Before Expiration of Title 42

“Federal officials say they are preparing for the number of migrants reaching the border to more than double, from about 6000 a day to 13,000.”

Remember when a couple-dozen migrants almost shut down Martha’s Vineyard and the National Guard was called in? Imagine if the streets of Edgartown were so crowded with migrants that traffic was shut down. Now you’re getting an idea of what the scene in El Paso, Texas, is like.

Title 42 hasn’t even expired yet, and the city is completely overwhelmed.

Julio Rosas reports at Townhall:

El Paso’s Migrant Shelters Brace for the Worst Once Title 42 Is Gone

“There’s alway been migrants here, just never at this volume,” Nicole Reulet, Rescue Mission of El Paso’s (RMEP) marketing director, told me as we walked across the street from the organization’s main building to the lot they recently acquired after the surge of illegal crossings that hit the city late last year.

Reulet recalled when there was a spike in illegal crossings last December, they had to put people in their main building wherever there was space, including conference rooms and the kitchen…

“For us, it’s just been, where are we going to put these people? For us, we have the capacity of about 225. We haven’t reached that capacity just yet but I’m sure by the end of the week we’ll be there. But that’s 225 when thousands are released a day, so it’s just a drop in the bucket,” Reulet explained. “So our biggest concern is just making that sure there’s no kids on the street.”

The images are just stunning.

The Daily Mail has more:

ICE officers scour the streets of El Paso to ratchet up pressure on hundreds of migrants to register or face detention as the city braces for the end of Title 42 and a surge in border crossers

El Paso’s shelters are already full. Two vacant schools are being readied for an expected surge when Title 42 — a Trump-era pandemic restriction that meant most migrants were sent straight back without even being allowed to apply for asylum —expires at midnight on Thursday night.

And a new Customs and Border Patrol processing center is being built just out of town. Its 150,000 square feet of warehouse-like building it can handle about 1000 people.

Federal officials say they are preparing for the number of migrants reaching the border to more than double, from about 6000 a day to 13,000.

Hundreds of migrants have already made their way right up to the border wall in Ciudad Juarez, a stone’s throw from El Paso. Tens of thousands more are reported to be ready and waiting for Friday.

For now, those that have already made the crossing are camped around the Sacred Heart Church. They stretch blankets between railings and garbage cans to provide shelter from the scorching sun.

Flattened cardboard boxes serve as beds.

This is already a crisis, but it can potentially become a disaster.

Featured image via YouTube.


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E Howard Hunt | May 10, 2023 at 9:20 am

Not to worry. Diversity is our greatest strength. Once this potential human energy is unleashed on society its power will amaze.

2nd Ammendment Mother | May 10, 2023 at 9:54 am

I’m having difficulty feeling bad for El Paso. This is what eventually happens with years upon years of Democrat control and policies. Even 10 years ago, the fastest way to be villainized was to even point out the eventual outcomes of their support for illegal’s immigration and lax attitudes towards drug trafficking.
Sometimes people have to suffer what they’ve supported and voted for “good and hard”.

    El Paso is covered by two CD though most of the City proper is in a light blue d district.. Currently one R, one D. Less than a decade ago the one d was a long serving opponent of illegal immigration.

    The politics of the City are….odd. I lived there for a decade departing in Jan ’21. Lots of r voters on the West Side and in the older affluent areas. The d/prof dominate elsewhere. So basically 3 GoP city districts of 8 but there actually are some old school ‘conservative’ d in El Paso who ain’t hip with the wokiesta weirdos. I suspect the still strong religious influences of the more traditional Catholic congregations as well as the growing evangelical churches is one reason.

    Not a huge # of folks in El Paso are for open borders. The city lives with consequences every day. I suspect the # of open borders supporters is less than 25%. UTEP serves as the ideological home for much of the wokiesta madness in EP. Plus Las Cruces and NM State Univ is less than 45 minutes away which adds to the number of ‘activists’ available, recruited from students, to show and protest and make a nuisance of themselves. The community, despite being largely d voting is pretty traditional overall. It’s an odd place. Glad I am back in Bama.

Gooder and harder.

RepublicanRJL | May 10, 2023 at 2:00 pm

Send them all to the Delaware town Biden resides and the spillover to DC.

henrybowman | May 10, 2023 at 5:07 pm

Next time I go east, I’ll be looking at going through Chaparral NM and connecting to El Paso’s east beltway. Hope that will be far enough out to escape the three-ring circus, because there isn’t any good way back to I-10.

    CommoChief in reply to henrybowman. | May 10, 2023 at 8:07 pm

    You could cut across to Midland and to Dallas and take the I 20. Then cut South depending on destination in the East. I always stayed off the 10 and took the 20 when going back to Bama. Much better route IMO. Not so much if you’re going to Brownsville or Houston though.

El Paso Mayor: “Did you know there are twice as many mirgrants in El Paso than in NYC?”

NYC Mayor: “Shhhh.”

How can anyone with two brain cells to rub together watch what is going on at the southern border and DOUBT that the marxocrats are chin deep in the ‘great replacement’ theory of governance?

As we continue to focus on these invades of this country some things I want included for us to think about. Before the border crisis became the item we talked about most often CPS and the State of Texas has been removing children in state care to place these “unaccompanied minors” in foster care facilities. This governor has to be aware of this because CPS reports directly to him. I would really like for this to be something that TEXANS are aware of—many times CPS doesn’t follow the law or their own rules and more often than not the removals or illegal–even when court ordered to return the children it might take a year or more. Even when the parents have been determined by the court to have done nothing wrong CPS demands that the PARENTS jump thru hoops to have their own children returned—CPS is as corrupt as any government agency–lost at least 2 lawsuits for almost identical reasons spend millions appealing and still lost but nothing has changed…Migrants are only making this worse especially since the money going to migrant care is so much more than the normal $$$ for foster care. These are Texas children sometime just days old that is paying a price in the ability to build a productive life as adults..